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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Vet Visits

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie.  As I mentioned the other day, Maggie had her annual vet checkup on Monday.  She was a good girl, got a great report, and other than having a follow-up for a booster in a few weeks, she's good to go.  Here is a picture of her out front, after her appointment:

"Wow.  Cheese on a stick.  Unforgettable!"

I had an appointment yesterday! I got the same student team that Maggie had, so that was very nice. We both really liked them.

"Mike and Kyle are going to be terrific veterinarians in a few months!"

Seriously.  They found my "tickle spot" in less than 10 seconds and gave me lots of scratchies there!  I loved it!!!

They (and my doctor) had nothing but wonderful things to say about me - and Mags, too.

While they were getting my Discharge instructions ready, Mom and I compared feety-feet:


Mom's are the ones on the left.

I didn't get Cheese Whiz on a tongue depressor (cheese on a stick) like Maggie did, but I did get a cookie!

"Wonderful people.  Wonderful care.  Wonderful cookies..."

Do all of you get tickles and treats when you go to the vet's?  I hope so.  Because of how nice everyone is at our KSU Vet Health Center, we aren't the slightest bit afraid to go there!



  1. Wow we need to drive to your vet, cheez whiz on a stick...wowzer..you girls are so pretty.
    stella rose

  2. I think you and Maggie need to go back so YOU can get cheese on a stick and SHE can get a cookie!

  3. we think it is great that they make it such a good experience for you girls (but no cheese??)

  4. We do get treats but there is no fooling us. They are just blood stealers and we no like. Glad all was A OK and you got a cookie. Should have at least been two. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh I love our vet too Maggie! I get little brown treats when I am good, no cheese on the tongue depressor though, I'll have to mention that next time BOL!! Oh, and there is a cat at my vet too! He's bossy and loud, pops won't let me get near him though...play bows,


  6. OH SUPER... you BOTH got GLOWING repawts...
    We think PEEP feet are strange looking thingys...Just sayin.
    WE both love our Dogtor Hustey.

  7. OH SUPER... you BOTH got GLOWING repawts...
    We think PEEP feet are strange looking thingys...Just sayin.
    WE both love our Dogtor Hustey.

  8. Wow - I'm really glad you told us which feet were your mom's cause it was a bit confusing.

    Peanut butter sticks and cookies? Too bad it's such a long ride from here but I'm gonna let our vet know about that.


  9. Tickles, treats and cheese all in one place!!
    Lily & Edward

  10. Mr Reilly LOVES going to the vet - he is always the happiest dog there. Mr Denny is on the other paws is always scared....he doesn't do the drop and freeze like some dogs we have seen, he will walk in but then immediately hides under the nearest chair :)

  11. I have had to go to the vet a lot this year. I'm kind of over it.

  12. Glad to hear you both are doing well. We usually get treats. Walter eats anything, but Millie is too nervous to eat at the vets.

  13. Bruce gets to wear a party hat (muzzle) at the vet! Glad everything went well!

  14. I visited my vet a couple of days ago for my rabies shot and I didn't get cheese whiz but I did get a cookie ☺

    Love ya lots♥