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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Two! Two! Two Reviews In One!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags, here with our latest product reviews for the good folks at Chewy.com!

"What's in the box, Mom!?!?  What's in the box!?!?"

Boxes from Chewy.com are pretty much the only ones we get where I care more about what's IN the box rather than the box itself.  (Though sometimes the boxes are mighty wonderful, too!)  ANYWAY, let's get to our product review!

This month, our mom chose for us to review a brush. That's right, Sydney at Chewy.com gave us a choice of all these wonderful treats and a couple grooming products and what does our mom choose for us to test out? A brush. Fortunately, Sydney is a very kind, generous person and sent not only the brush but let Mom choose a treat for us to review, too. Let's take a look!

"Mags!  Come on in here!  Mom's got everything sitting on the ottoman!"

While Mom and Cam went to get scissors to open the blister pack on the brush, I moved in to check out the treats. You know, the ones our friend Sydney insisted we should have! (We Sydney!)

"Ooooh.  Nutro Ultra Oatmeal & Pumpkin Biscuits Healthy Digestion Blend Dog Treats.
These sound great!!!"

I read the bag thoroughly, then Mom opened the zip-top bag open and let me have a whiff.

"Great Dane in the morning!  These smell incredible!!!"

Let me just say this right now - there is no doubt in my mind that we will order these. Not only did I think they smell great, but Mom kept sticking her nose in the bag, getting all excited about how good they smell. In fact, she's still doing it.  (Note to self: Keep an eye on Mom and our new treats.)

Here's the scoop on the Nutro Ultra treats:  Made in the US of A.  Wholesome, all-natural fiber-filled foods like pumpkin and oats!  No corn, wheat, or soy.  About 1.75 inches in diameter and break fairly well.  Perfect for pups with sensitive tummies!  Please read more about them at this link.

Mom let Cam and me split one. Here is Cam's reaction:

"I LOVE these Nutro Ultra treats from Chewy.com!!!"

I was checking the floor for any crumbs we missed.  Don't judge.  You would, too.

Mom got us to pose with the bag, promising we could split another one:

Cam and me.  And the Nutro Ultra treats!

A serious 5 out of 5 stars for Nutro Ultra Oatmeal & Pumpkin Biscuits Healthy Digestion Blend Dog Treats. If we could give more stars, we would. We love them.

Moving on to the brush!

Eons ago, Mom tried a FURminator deShedding Edge "brush" (this kind) on our great sisters and brothers.  While it did get a lot of hair out of them, she did not care for it - it broke or cut the guard hairs.  It is a nice brush for some breeds, but not for Siberians.  She sent it to our aunt to use on our cousin-pups.  ANYWAY, when Mom looked at Sydney's list from Chewy.com, she saw that FURminator was offering a different kind of brush!  Since Mom spends one heck of a lot of time brushing us, she was anxious to give it a try!  Take a look:

The FURminator Dual Brush!

Check out the full scoop here!  Highlights include a pin brush on one side and a soft-bristle brush on the other!  It also has a cover for when it's not in use.  It comes in a blister pack.  Mom says to please be careful when you open it, lest you cut yourself on the plastic.  Not saying she did ...

She tried it out on Cammie first.  I helped.

"What are these nylon bristles for?  Is that side a giant toothbrush?"
"The pin bristles feel nice, Mom!  They aren't sharp at all!"

Mom actually tried the pin side out on herself first.  Her rule is that if it hurts her, she won't use it on us.  The "pins" actually have rounded heads and are quite nice.

"I like this!  Let's do some more!"
"Do I get a turn?"

We took turns for a while, trying out both sides.  The nylon side was good for sort of picking up the stray fluff, sort of as a "finish", but doesn't go through our coats at all.  It did OK on the short hair parts of our legs.  We Siberians have VERY thick double-coats, so even the pin side didn't get through some areas.

"We have very dense fur on our haunches."
"It's true.  Mine is even thicker than Cam's.  I have my daddy Juarez's jodhpurs!  Thick as lambswool!"

Mom found the handle to be comfortable and the compact size good for reaching into smaller areas.  She likes changing out what she uses to brush us, and though it has some limitations due to our thick coats, it will be added to "the fleet" of grooming tools.  From our perspective, we think it's very comfortable!

"Do me again?"
"No, I'm next!"

We give the FURminator Dual Brush 3.5 stars out of 5 FOR SIBERIANS.  For other pups, with shorter coats, we would give it a 4 or 4.5.  Comfortable grip, the pins have rounded heads, and that side has utility for us - except on our haunches.  We found it comfortable, from our perspective.  Mom is insisting on dinging it a bit for the blister-pack.

Many thanks to Sydney at Chewy.com for this opportunity!  AND thank you for insisting on sending us some treats, too!  Those Nutro Ultras are heaven in a bag!  Try them out, pups -- you won't be disappointed!  And for those of you with shorter coats, this FURminator Dual Brush might be just the tool you're looking for!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

DISCLAIMER: We received no payment for this post, but did receive both products free of charge - in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. And mom's. Especially the part about having to split a Nutro Ultra treat instead of having our own.  And the whole "blister-pack" thing.  Let it go, Mom - that's what Band-Aids are for!


  1. We are glad you liked everything.
    stella rose

  2. We think you want the box and not the contents, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  3. Oatmeal pumpking - oh yes, we are on board to try those too. We also have that razor-edged Furminator that sits in the drawer - Mom really needs to pass it along to someone with different furs from us. We got that same brush and it is nice, but maybe a little too short on the pin length. We have another Furminator brush that is like a slicker brush -works pretty well. But Mom's favorite is the gold pin brush that D'Azul Sibes Mom and human sis helped us pick out at a local show. It works wonders on our furs.

    Enjoy those treats!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. We just placed our first order from Chewy's earlier this week. I bet it's going to be great!


  5. Pawsome girlz and can you ask Chewy to come over to this side of the pond. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. WE did Chews the SAME brush from Furminator and WE love it.... Our Mom tired it on HERself furst, ALSO.... Are ALL mom's Alike???
    WE think this is Pawfect fur US... butt DO understand about your super Special type of Furs Coats... You are VERY right about the HANDLE being Fabulous and the shape just RIGHT for different areas... WE love it... and Miss Sydney and CHEWY.com

  7. Okay - we were seriously jipped - everyone got the brush and treat - we only got the brush :( It didn't work at all on our fur though

  8. OMD, you girls got a FURminator brush too! hehe The best part of the Chewy box was the treats, right! Isn't Miss Sydney the bestest ever!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Mmmmm...pumpkin oatmeal treats sound good we FiveSibes love pumpkin! Thanks for the reviews...and you two look gorgeous!

  10. Anonymous7:25 PM

    You said jodhpurs! BOL! I use a flea comb on Juno. It's edges are round as well, niot sharp. While she doesn't love it, she doesn't run from it like she did the furminator, it takes a while to get through the entire coat with just a comb so I do a little every day until shedding season is done!

  11. I don't know if I'd trust your mum around those treats. Did she have to sit and offer a paw before she got a good sniff of them?

  12. Something about that treat bag made us figure the cookies would smell good :) and no taboo ingredients even! we'll have to try those...for Wriggley of course...
    that brush would be dual purrpose here - we'd like the bristle side to rub our head and cheeks on and the pin side would be good for brushing Wriggley. Isn't it great getting brushed? we especially like transferring our furs onto our mom in the process, mol!
    Thanks for sharing the review!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  13. Those treats do look yummy.
    And did Mom's furs look good after she groomed HERSELF wiv your new brush?
    I haf to say you twos always, always look pawfectly groomed and gorgeous to me
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  14. Those treats look great! And too bad about the brush, we agree with you on the original furminator, and have yet to find a brush that little Miss Princess Kiki will tolerate!
    Thanks for trying things out for us!

    Kiki and Nala