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Friday, May 05, 2017


Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  Our neighbors are getting a new roof, so about every hour yesterday, I told Mom I needed to go outside to use the yard.  Once out there, I did this:

"Ooh, look!  Roofers!"

I love watching people work! Isn't that why we're called "Working Breed" dogs?  I could be onto something here.

Anyway, that reminded me of an old joke. I'm not sure, but from what I've heard about my great-sister Amber, it was probably one of hers. So this joke goes something like this:

A guy walks into a bar with a small dog under his arm and sits down at the counter. He puts the dog on the stool next to him. The bartender says, "Sorry, pal. No dogs allowed."
The man says, "But this is a special dog -- he talks!"
"Yeah, right," says the bartender. "Now get out of here before I throw you out."
"No, wait," says the man. "I'll prove it." 
He turns to the dog and asks, "What do you normally find on top of a house?"
"Roof!" says the dog, wagging his tail.
"Listen, pal..." says the bartender.
"Wait," says the man, "I'll ask another question." 
He turns to the dog again and asks, "What's the opposite of soft?"
"Ruff!" exclaims the dog.
"Quit wasting my time and get out of here," says the bartender.
"One more chance," pleads the man. 
Turning to the dog again, he asks, "Who was the greatest baseball player that ever lived?"
"Ruth!" barked the dog.
"Okay, that's it!" says the bartender, and physically throws both man and dog out the door and onto the street.
The dog looks at the man, shrugs and says, "Maybe I should have said Joe DiMaggio?"

"DiMaggio!"  Ha roo roo roo!  No jokes like the old jokes!

OK, the roofers are still here today.  I need to convince Mom I need to go outside.  Have a great one, everybody!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a few years ago our roof was replaced and I sure wish I could have gone outside...boy were they L O U D
    MOLMOL love the joke.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Maggie, I see you kept a close eye on them and made sure they were doing a good job !

    Inca xx

  3. Thank you for the laughs, Maggie. We can sure use them today☺

  4. BOL! It's grreat for you to keep an eye on those roofers for your neighbors. Expert snoopervision is impawtant.

  5. MOL! Excellent joke. And it's wise of you to keep a close eye on those roofers.. can never tell what they might be up to.

  6. We know how much fun it is to watch people work. We've been doping it for the past two weeks.

  7. We watched neighbors move out. It was sad - a very nice young couple with a lab mix rescue, a coonhound rescue and the sweetest pittie rescue, just the nicest people and dogs who have lived by us three years. But they both got jobs closer to aging family and it was too far to make the commute. A young couple with a new baby bought the place so Mom made a pecan banana bread loaf to take to them when they move in. That joke is hilarious. Mom is so going to tell that to her Dad tomorrow when she does her daily phone call.

    Abby Lab

  8. hahahaaa! good joke
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. I understand you wanting to watch the roofers. Cute joke too

  10. BOL!!!! OMD, too funny! Yeah, you gots to watch those roofers gurl, they likes to bang thingies and make loud noises and wake nice doggies from our naps. trouble makers, I say!
    Ruby ♥

  11. BOL! That was a good one! I think you do our breed proud - you are a natural-born snoopervisor! Look at that form. You are perfectly at attention. Hey, somebody has to keep an eye on those roofers, right?! Enjoy!

  12. Hahahaha, good joke! I'm sure you wanted to check out the roofers because we are sure they were making a lot of noise! Bang Bang!