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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Testing Out Cute Poses

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  Maggie has been teaching me the importance of doing cute poses.  You know, like if you do something you really shouldn't like ... I dunno ... jump off a retaining wall or something ... you need to do a cute pose to erase that out of Mom's computer-like brain.

Mags showed you how she's been mentoring me and that I've mastered the "under the chairs" poses. I've even managed to expand on that with a couple of my own:

"Hi, Mom.  Look at how cute I am!"
"❤️ Oh, Ragnar!!!  ❤️"

Retaining wall?  What retaining wall?!?  Right?

And ...

"Must hold this pose until she forgets about me surprising her in the shower ..."
"❤️ Who's the cutest little Viking?!? ❤️"

(Have I mentioned Maggie taught me how to open the door to the bathroom? She's brilliant!  And wow, do I like splashing in water!  And the smell of Olay body wash.  Have I mentioned our shower doesn't have a door on it?  Does anyone know what "privacy" means?  Anyway ...)

I've also discovered not only do our windows have built-in chin rests, but we look really cute when we use them:

"I wonder what Tao's up to out there?!?"
❤️ Look at how cute you are!!! ❤️"

Who cares if there are smudgies all over the window, right?!?  It's nose art!

And of course, tops in my personal arsenal, as I showed you the other day ...

"Zzz ..."
"❤️ Mr. Smooshyface!!!  ❤️

Maggie said it's good just to toss a cute pose into the day, even if you haven't done anything on the "questionable" list.  She's the best big sister a guy could ask for!

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!



  1. OMD, Ragnar, you are the bestest at makin' your Moms forgets all the 'fun' you have been havin'! BOL!!! (oh, and surprising the Mom in the bathroom is my go-to trick too! BOL!! I don't knows why they even bother shutting the door, do you??
    You do have the cutest smooshyface evers!
    Ruby ♥

  2. You are doing a great job working on all those cute poses. We have some windows with really low sills here too and like resting our chins on them too.

  3. You're a fast learner, Ragnar! It's impawtant learning how to manage our humans.