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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Quitting Time

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  As many of you know, Maggie and I have spent our afternoons lately helping our mom in her quilting studio.  It's hard work, but we are JUST the right pups for the job.  I mean, we ARE Working Breed dogs, you know!  I thought you'd like a glimpse into just how hard we work down there. 

First, we help by playing with our toys. Mags likes to chew hers out on one of the beds down there, but I like being in my really cool Viking Ship:

"Hi everybody!"

You can't see it, but I'm laying on my Pickle there. I was already done with it. After that, Mags and I like to dive into whatever Mom's working on.

"Need help, Mom?"
"I think I've got it, Mags, thanks.  Wait.  What is ... where is ..."
"Ho dee doh dee doh..."
"Hi, Mom!"
" Oh, Ragnar!  "
"Good grief!"

Then, when I think Mom's worked enough for the day - in this case:

Mom's latest project

   ... I give her the signal that it's time to head upstairs and start making dinner.

"Quitting time, Raggi?"

Fortunately, Mom understands Maggie and me really well.  Sometimes TOO well, but that's another story!



  1. You two are excellent helpers for your mom. That's a very pretty table runner she made too.

  2. Nice work from Mom, and of course, with your outstanding help. Do you find like we do that quitting time is never early enough for dinner?

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. That is a spectacular. A tip of the tail to your mom

  4. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Beautiful runner!!! I just love your helpers, just amazing actually how good they are! Or are we not seeing the full picture?!?

    Take care and an early Happy Easter to all of you,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  5. You two are an inspiration to working breed dogs everywhere!