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Sunday, March 07, 2021

Serene Sunday

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  We had a great walk this morning, and Maggie said it qualifies as "serene", so I thought I'd post about it!

We went up into the hills, into where they're putting in a new development.

"I love coming up here!"
"Me, too!  Who's idea was this?!?"

It might have been Maggie's.  Or mine.  We were both trying to mind-meld Mom and Dad.  At any rate, what FUN!!!

We went on one of the new roads - there was so much dirt everywhere!!!  We tried to walk in it, but for some reason, Mom & Dad nixed that idea.

"Look at all that dirt!"
"So much dirt, such strong leashes."

We did a little off-road exploring, too.  There were some great smells out there!

"See anything exciting, Raggi?"
"Well ... you've got a fur-nado going in your neck floof ..."

And the fur-nado.  We are having a very Kansas-y day.

After that, we walked on a gravel road for a bit and--oh.  Hang on.

"Hi, Mom."

I have to do that a few times during a walk.  It makes me feel serene.  Oh.  And my dirty feet?  Fear not.  Mom forgot about them, but then I joined her in the shower later.  It all worked out.

Where was I?  I lost my train of thought.  I have no idea.  Anyway, we meandered back down the hills and into Merced, one of the neighborhoods we go through pretty often.  They're building a really cool-looking modern house there.  Dad wanted to go take a closer look; Mags and I kept Mom across the street -- something was mentioned about someone getting into things they shouldn't ... I have no idea.  Probably Mom, though, since Dad said we should wait with her.  Here we are, waiting like good puppies:

Me and Mags

"Keep focused on Dad, Ragnar."
"I've got my radar on him, Mags."

Mom said you can definitely tell we're brother and sister in those pictures.  

Thanks for coming along on our walk with us.  We hope you enjoyed the photos!  Can you feel the serenity?!?



  1. That sure looks like a fun walk. Too bad you didn't get to walk in all that dirt.

  2. It was nice of you to break in the new road.

  3. Ohmmmmmmmm... Yes, I can definitely feel the serenity!