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Monday, March 01, 2021

Serene Walk, Part 2

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar, here with the second part of our walk from yesterday!  When Maggie left off, we were just about to go up a new-to-us trail!  It was so exciting!  Here we are:

"This is so awesome!"
"It's the BEST, Mags!"
"Nice, wide walkway!"
"Mom, are you having as much fun as we are?!?"

It was a very long, hilly walk, but I think you can see the smile on my face in the photo above.  Check out Maggie in this next shot:

"Show everyone how happy you are, Mags!"
"I'm having a BLAST!!!"

It was in the 30s -- not too hot for Mags and me and not too cold for Mom and Dad.  It was PERFECT!

"And the whole thing is uphill!"
"I know Mom likes that!"
"I'm thinking about the view we'll get at the top!"

Speaking of which -- here we are at the top of the trail!

"Check this out, Raggi!"
"Look at that VIEW!!!"

It was pretty cool!  If you look way out on the horizon and see a sort of light blue blob -- that's the water tower very near to our house!  Here's a shot on the way back down the trail:


"Let's head back down!"
"I can see for miles up here!"

I helped Mom take this shot on the way down the hill; it's very Kansas-y:


"This has been one awesome walk!"
"We need to make this one of our regular routes!"
"Yay, downhill!!!"

Thanks for coming along with us!  It was so fun going somewhere new!



  1. Wow, you two have the BEST walks!

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    yes! it was Fun! thanks for taking us along! xoxo

  3. That looked like a great walk for you two. At least it was downhill on the way back.

  4. If we ever need to travel by sled dogs we know who to call.

  5. It WAS a beautiful day for a walk yesterday. You had a lovely one. Our Mom would not be crazy about the uphill, but the downhill would have worked just fine for her. We like it ALL. We wonder where today's adventure will take you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber