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Friday, April 02, 2021

KP - Kitchen Patrol

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  Maggie and I don't do everything together, but some things are best done as a team.  One such thing is KP Duty!

"Like this, Mags?"
"Exactly.  Spread out as far as you can.  Make Mom stretch!  And pretend you're sleeping so she doesn't ask you to move!"

The way Maggie explained it, our job is to make Mom walk around us, or stretch to get over us; between the two of us, we can cover most of the kitchen floor!  The more we help this way, the more prone Mom is to drop something!  That's when we can step in and help with cleanup!

"Wait!  Did I just hear some chicken hit the floor?!?"
"False alarm."

Mags knows these things without having to even look!

"You're amazing, Mags!"
"Thanks, Raggi; you're no slouch yourself.  I've just had more practice."

Mom didn't drop anything that time, but we did get our dinner afterwards, so that was awesome!

Do you like helping in the kitchen, too?  Do you enjoy KP as much as Mags and I do?



  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    you two are just the best! XO :D

  2. Kitchen floor cleaning is very important and under appreciated.

  3. Walter is our KP helper and will come running any time he hears someone whipping something up in the kitchen. Millie only joins after the meal so she sometimes misses out on cleaning the baking dishes. Her loss and Walter's gain.