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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Springtime In Kansas!

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  This being my very first Spring in Kansas, I haven't known quite what to expect!  I can now say I LOVE it!!!  Here's why!

Remember yesterday, Maggie said there was snow in the forecast?  Well, here's a shot of us at The Top Of The World yesterday morning:

Mags and me at TTOTW

... and here's a shot of us today!

"I'd say the view's improved, huh, Mags?!?"
"What a difference a day makes!"

 Is Kansas a great place or WHAT?!?!  Let's back up to the start of the trail! The first part of Hudson Trail was super muddy, but we plunged on through. The next couple legs are paved, so we knew they'd be OK!

"I wonder if Duke's out?"
"Better now, Mom?"

Duke is a shepherd mix whose house backs onto the trail.  He's a pretty cool dude.

Maggie did a little hunting along the way:

"I know you're in there, Mousie!"

Once we got to the Washington/Marlatt Park trails, it was paradise!!!

"So incredible!"
"Are you as happy as I am, Mags?!?"

Here's a cool shot of Mags out on the open trail. 

My very cool sister Maggie

And here's a shot of me.  Can you tell how happy I am?

Me -- Ragnar Jimmysson

You already saw the shot of Mags and me up top; here we are coming back around the other side:

"How does that poem go, Mags?  'April snow...'"
"...'makes your heart glow?'  Something like that!"

What a wonderful, snow- (and mud, by the way!) filled walk!

"Hold up!  I see something!"
"Me, too!"

It was a birdie.  Oddly enough, there weren't many people out enjoying the day.  I don't quite understand that.

Anyway, Springtime in Kansas gets a big high five from me and Mags!!!  What a great day!



  1. That does look like a perfect spring day. We're getting that snow here tomorrow and can't wait to do some snow zoomies.

  2. New snow is beautiful. Two day old snow is gross.

  3. whoa, that is pretty pawsome Ragnar! we'd have to go back into hibernation if we were there :D

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL