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Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Aggieville Showdown!

Hi everybody. It's me, Ragnar. Remember yesterday, Maggie told you about us seeing cows at the park?!?  That was SO exciting!  Mags also mentioned that Mom said she might have a surprise for us in the evening?!?  Well, guess what?!?!  We got to go to the cattle drive in downtown Aggieville!  It was so cool!  Mom took 10 million pix; I'll link to her FlickR album later but for now, here are our favorites!

At first, we hung back from the crowd a bit, so Mags and I could sort of get acclimated.  There were probably about 500 people there, and we haven't really been around crowds like that.

Me, Dad, and Mags

Eventually, we made our way through the crowd ...

We headed toward that brick building in the background

   ...and to the back part of the stage, where the cows were going to come in.

A look from the other end!

We made 100s of friends. Mom and Dad said they were so proud of us -- we were calm and quiet and friendly to everyone. I even got to meet tiny bipeds who like to giggle. That was very fun.

"Nice meeting you, lady!"
"Yeah.  And -- ooh!  I love your purse!"

We had a bit of a wait to see the cows. There was music, and vendors selling stuff, and a fashion show and all kinds of stuff going on! Dad even took a picture of us with Mom:

Me and Mags with Mom

 We did get a little bored after a while, so ...

"Might as well get comfy!"

THEN ... before we knew it ...

"Did you see them, Raggi?!?!"
"Yeah!  How COOL!!"

We had front-row seats! 

COW!!  (He might need a drool cloth ...)
Brown cow!!!
A spotty-faced cow!!!

That spotty-faced cow had my complete, undivided attention!

"Oooh, I really like that spotty-faced one!"

There were people walking past us from behind, so we made sure to let them know we were available for ear scratches and general petting.

"Hello people of Aggieville!"

Maggie has helped me learn how to work a crowd.  It was fun and the people were all very kind.

Then it was back to the cows!

"That's a handsome one!"
"He IS!"
"This guy could be his twin, Raggi!"
"He could be!"

We loved seeing ALL the cows ... but we both were kind of partial to the spotty-faced one.

"Mom?  Dad?  We'd like to adopt the spotty-faced cow, please."
"Yeah!  Can we?!?!"
"I ... uh ... remember how much room he'd take up in the bed!?!"

I forgot about that.    

What a great, fun evening, even if we didn't get to bring a cow home! AND we parked a mile away from the festivities, so we got a nice walk in, too! If you'd like to see any more of our pix from last night, please click here



  1. That is one of the coolest things I have seen

  2. It begs repeating, holy cow! what an exciting outing you had! You get to go on the greatest adventures!

    We haven't visited in a while, but glad to see that you are having fun!

    Your friends Rosie and Redford