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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Armed Forces Day - and Birthday Treats!

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags! Before Ragnar tells you all about some of his birthday treats from yesterday, I wanted to thank all those who served or who are serving in our military and wish them a very happy Armed Forces Day!!! OK ... over to Raggi:

Thanks, Mags -- and hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  I had a great birthday yesterday, full of wonderful surprises! After our walk, Mom had me and Mags pose for a treat on the stairs:
"How's this, Mom?  Sort of my casual, relaxed look!"
"Say ... is this when I get to give Ragnar his present?!?"

"Umm .... I'm just going to slip on down the stairs ..."
"Don't let him leave, Mom!"

I thought she was going to BOOM! me right then and there!  I was wrong, though.  She had something incredible for me!!!

"An APPLE?!?!?"
"I know how much you love them, Raggi!  Happy birthday, little brother!"

We each got to have a slice.  It was SO GOOD!  Mags really surprised me with that!  We celebrated with some snooter jousting and zoomies.

After a bit, Mom said she had a special birthday treat for me.

"Oh, great Balto!  Special COOKIES?!?!?"
"And he can share, right, Mom?"
"If he wants to, Mags."

"Carob with peanut butter filling?!?"
"You ARE going to share, right, Raggi?!?"

Of COURSE I shared with Mags -- we like to share everything!  Those cookies are aMAZing!  I'm hoping we can each have another one this afternoon!

Thanks for all the happy wishes on the day -- and happy Armed Forces to members of our military, past and present!!!



  1. Happy Birthday darling Ragnar! I missed the big day. but I LOVE your treats!
    and the cold front was a real treasure! we got it too. huge hugs to both you and Mags! XO

  2. You sure had a great celebration for your birthday, Ragnar. Those cookies look delish!