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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Wednesday Afternoon Adventure

Ha roo, pups and cool cats! It's me, Zim! I had a really cool adventure yesterday and I just can't wait to tell you all about it!

Dad was out golfing and everyone was napping except for me and Mom. It was unseasonably cool, so she thought we could go up to The Top of the World and do a little hiking! Yeah! Sounds great!

Here I am, checking everything out:

Zim on the Trail

For those who asked before, yes, unfortunately we do have ticks here. I'm on Frontline Plus, and Mom makes me stay on the trail; she also goes over me very carefully both before I get in the car to come home AND a few hours after we've gotten home. I don't want to call her Tick-a-phobic, but she's real careful about those bugs.

Anyway, we saw all kinds of cool stuff! Purple stuff:

Purple wildflowers

Yellow stuff:

Yellow wildflowers

Fluffy stuff:

Fluffy stuff

Oh, speaking of fluffy stuff:

Zim heading down the trail

Ha roo roo roo!

I saw this Thistle...


...and thought of all my Scottish friends - the Basset Babes (Martha and Bailey), our buddy Marvin, and those cool Dughallmor Beagles (Alfie, Rosie, Gabbi and Snoop).

Zim and Thistle
Wish you were here!

When we were on our way home, Dad called and said he was heading to the Farmers' Market! Mom said we were close-by, so let's go meet him! How cool is that!?!?

Here are me and Dad, checking out the scene:

Zim and Mike at the Farmers' Market

I look like I'm off-lead, don't I? HA roo... trust me, I'm not. Oh, and the head down? Yeah... well, last week the Riley County Fair and the Kaw Valley Rodeo were here. I think you know what I'm checking for!

I scoped the scene pretty thoroughly:

Zim at the Farmers' Market
Lemme see.... tomatoes, zucchini, WATERMELON...

Dad bought some tomatoes and zukes for him and Mom and a HUGE watermelon for Dave. I'm pretty sure it's for him, anyway. It's our first local watermelon of the season! Dad also got something called a Sugar Melon, which is like a Cantaloupe only sort of more folksy-looking.

I decided the booth I really wanted to stop by was the "Tortillas & Tyes" booth. They had tye-dyed stuff and I didn't see any tortillas (I think they were just starting to set up!) but I DID get something great there! See that nice lady hanging up her wares?

Zim at the Farmers' Market 2

She gave me ear rubbie-dubbies! Oh, yeah, and that felt sooooo good! She also said I am a big flirt, but hey! as Bob Dylan sang, "It's only natural!" Ha roo roo roo!

What a great afternoon! I wish you had all been there!

Play bows,


  1. Zim - your tail is so darn fluffy!

    I liked the Scottish Thistle as well, thank you for thinking of me!

    Loads of ticks here too and I am on same medication for it as you!

    I was curious why you have to tye your tortoises down over there in Kansas, it is because of the tornados perhaps?

    Are you frightened the tortoises will be taken away just like Tonto, To-To and all manner of dogs, horses and other things were whisked away in the film?

    I am certainly a very puzzled Marvin with regard to Tortoises and the tyes scenario. Or do your toirtoises favour the more formal dress code and wear collars and tyes?

    I am learning so much about your Kansas culture from your blog you know, although not sure if I am actually learning it right?

    ha ha ha!

    lotsaluv Puzzled and Pondering Marvin xxxxxxxx

  2. Watch that leash or woo will be tangled up in blue!


  3. what great walkies - those are some really pretty flowers - and then the farmers market - wood gets to go with mommy to that every weekend but me and mj have to stay home due to a lack of manners!!

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  4. What a great adventure you went on Zim! A hike, seeing pretty flowers and then meeting up with your dad for the farmers market! Oh and the rubbie-dubbies! Wow! We didn't realize so many fun things can happen when you don't nap all day!

  5. Wow - was everypup else jealous when you got home and give you the sniffies? We always gang up on whoever gets to go on a special trip when they get home.

  6. Looks like you had a great afternoon out. We get lots of nasty ticks here in Scotland too.

  7. Hi Zim!
    It looks like you had a GREAT adventure! You are so lucky to see all those cool things in one day!
    :) Tibby

  8. What a great walk you had, Zim!!! Lots of pretty colors and oh, that fluffy tail. Mom so wishes she could find a good farmer's market here. They have them but they really aren't that great. We got some tomatoes today and some corn. She already taste-tested the tomatoes and loved them but she isn't so sure about the corn.

    Hope you get another good adventure soon.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  9. Sounds like a simply wonderful way to spend the day! Love your fluffy tail.

    -Mollie and Bobo

  10. Sounds like fun times Zim!!

    I also think ear rubbies are THE BEST!!


  11. Hi Zim

    What a great walk. We loved the pictures - colours were amazing.

    We were especially pleased that the thistle made you think of us and our pals in Scotland. Of course it is a nasty prickly plant and you have to be careful.

    We also have a problem with ticks - like you we are on frontline but have to be careful to have it on every month - even then we get the odd one.
    We have a wee thingie for taking them out.

    Our mum is also pretty obsessive about them cos they can make you really ill.

    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  12. What a great afternoon you had Zim, we agree - ear rubbie dubbies are the best.. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  13. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. And I don't blame your mom for being paranoid about the ticks. You can never be too careful. Ticks have caused a lot of pain and grief in my life.

  14. Oh what lovely flowers you saw on your walk..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  15. Oh no Oswald just peering into the neighbors yard..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  16. Woowowowoooooo dear Zim...what a great afternoon you had!!!!
    So many wonderful flowers....colours...blue sky....off leash...mommy....daddy....ears cuddles...
    wish were there with you!!!!
    Top of the worls is bestest place we have never seen!!!
    Thanks for sharing your great walkie!!!
    And your super special fluffy tail!!!
    We love you a lot!!!!
    Sweet kisses and licks!!!

  17. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Wooo wooo woowzer...how is it you're able to only walk ONE of your four? There would be a rebellion at Wild Dingo if one was left behind.

    That royal blue looks beautiful with Zim's colors and his tail is gorgeous. Sigh. They sure are pretty to look at. Just like super models... ;) All the glory just for being pretty.

  18. You guys get special one-on-one time with your Mom and that is so nice in a big family. For me, I have my Mom to myself all the time, so I feel lucky. I am glad you got ear rubbies from the nice lady. Thats the best!


  19. Ah Zimmie, you have the coolest adventures. Mum says she would give you ear rubbies any time you ask.

    Huffle Mawson

  20. You had the best time there and ear scritches from the lady too. Scotish thistles, I am impressed. I loved all the flowers.

    Your fluffy tail is lovely kinda like mine..

    Hugs from your pusscat friend GJ xx

  21. Woo there! I saw your blog over at the 'splorin wolfhounds...you guys sure seem to have pack-loads of fun! Ear rubbies are wooftastic...almost as good as belly rubs.

    hope you don't mind me snoopin on your 'ventures! woofs and wags,

    Abby the mini-schnauzer

  22. Looks like fun and that watermelon sounds delicious! Mom got us a watermelon last weekend and we've really been enjoying it. We let Mom eat some too.


  23. Hi, Zim!
    Sure you had a pawesome hiking with your mom and then joining your dad there too!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. You guys have such adventures.

  25. omdog I wish I could have been there too!! We have farmers markets here but other parts of the year because its too stinkin hot here now. Enjoy that wallymelon, I bet Dave shares!

  26. The flowers are so beautiful, Zim, and our mom freaks when she sees ticks too!
    Did you guys get any of that sugar melon?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. Love that fluffy tail!!!

    What another great adventure to the Top of the World!!!

    Did you find any of those good "treats" that you were sniffing for?


  28. Hi Zim
    Yes, I do hear that Bark and I look furry similar a lot :)
    She said to say hello and she will be in town soon and wants to know if you want to catch up fur coffee?
    Big licks to you

  29. oh so cool!! I wish I could come there. The ear scritchies were the bets, all though, I does not let people I do not know touch me, so I not a flirt like you.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  30. hi i´m back!!!
    I´m all better now :)
    Your walk looks very cool :D
    That yellow stuff looks yummy :)

    miss you a lot!
    hugs and kisses from kikos world :)

  31. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Yeah! I am glad you got to the top of the world again! And to the farmer's market! What a lucky pup. That Thistle photo is AWESOME!

  32. yes! you saw some very pretty things with very pretty colors! well done! lovely pictures!

  33. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Hey Zim,
    What a wonderful day. You and your mom and dad on a special outing at the farmer's market. Did you buy a farmer?
    We are having a very bad tick season. It's hard to go over all ten of us but dad tries as best he can. He says he could easily handle four or five but ten is a lot to cope with. We are on Sentinel because most of us react badly to topicals. We need new Flea & Tick collars. Dad has some powder he rubs into our coats but that just gives him dead ticks to pull off of us. They were talking about having an exterminator do the paddock and pen but they were worried about the puppy Radar not having a strong enough immune system yet. Well you stay on the path and give the rother 3 big woofs from us; that's 10 a piece.
    - TBH&K