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Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Post is for the Birds!

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! It's me - Zim! One of the things I really love to do is lay on the deck and do some bird-watching. I'll bet you kit-cats can especially relate to that - am I right? Today I thought I'd share some of the cool pix Mom has taken lately of some of our feathered friends. Ready?

Here's a little Bluebird up on our roof.


I think you can tell from his feathers it was a tad breezy that day. He didn't seem too thrilled about that - which would probably mean he isn't the Bluebird of Happiness. Ha roo roo roo! (By the way, Ammy is helping me with this post... but you may have figured that out.)

One of my favorite birds is the Cardinal. They're so cool - and RED!


This guy has a great singing voice and often serenades me. We need to work on getting a better photo of him. (All the bird pix are in our FlickR album, if you'd like to see them larger.)

This next guy - I'm not sure what kind of birdie he is, but I think he's young - was almost flirting with the camera!

bird 1
Hey, look at me! Aren't I tweet?

(I told you Ammy was helping...)

bird 2
Are you looking at me? Are YOU lookin' at ME?!?

bird 3
I thought so. Aren't I cool?

Something about that guy's attitude really appeals to me.

Speaking of young birds, here's a very young Swallow.

Swallow 1

Ammy wanted me to point out that Stormy on many occasion has come VERY close to demonstrating how the Swallow got its name. Ha roo roo roo! Wowzers, is she fast!

This guy was very hungry and was calling out for dinner!

Swallow 2

Dave said he could relate to that guy. He was happier after he had a snack. That always works for Dave, too.

Swallow 3

Pretty cool little guy, isn't he? I could stare at him forever.

I also have some cool bird photos to show you from my latest trip to the Top of the World, but I'll share those with you tomorrow. For now, I think Am's getting a little bored.

Don't you think this is cool, Ammy?
I think it's for the birds, Zim. Hee hee hee. Not really. I just wanted to say that.

Like our friend Stella said yesterday in her comment on our blog, Mom forgot to put "stand-up comic" on Ammy's nickname frame! Ha roo roo roo!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our birdie friends!

Play bows and meow,
Zim, Honorary Kitty Cat


  1. Great post. We love birds....sigh.

    D'Azul, Where Siberians Rule

  2. Birds of a feather . . .

    Your birds are very pretty but we like seeing all of you too.

    woos, the OP Pack

  3. Did you taste any? We try a lot and Natasha catches some.

  4. What beautiful birdies! I like to sit on my front porch and bird watch too!

    -Mollie and Bobo

  5. very tweety of you this morning gang! and oh yes, come on over - we'll find room for you wherever livy and i are sitting!

  6. We love your bird photo's Zim. You get some very pretty birds there.

    We look forward to seeing more of them.

    Holly & Zac...XX

    PS.. have a great weekend you guys! :-)

  7. Wow the post shows that you arealy are a honary kitty cat. I love the birdies but would love to chase them even more.. Sorry.

    Hugs your kitty cat pal GJ xx

  8. Those are great and you reminded me of the pictures my Mom got of a little blue jay she found. I'll post it for you in a few minutes.


  9. This was my sisfurs favorite post Zim! They love birdies and could almost taste them with your wonderful photos!


  10. We have a hummingbird that keeps coming up to our window. It will look in and have it's beak open.

    Fargo wanted me to have you ask Ammy if she knows why hummingbirds hum.

  11. I agree, that post is for the birds. Where are the food pictures? Actually, those are great photos...your Mom is quite skilled with her camera. We get lots of different kinds of birds too.
    Love and hugs,

  12. You all are great birdie watchers AND picture graphers!

    TeeHee for Ammy Jokes~

  13. With all those birds around, I think you better not invite Wilbur over for a visit. He came inside the other day with feather on his face.


  14. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Greetings Army of Four!
    I saw your link over on Honey's blog; and definitely wanted to say hi!
    Wow you guys can take great photos! And we both share a love of birds :D
    Aaahhh I do love birds. I once had a conversation with a baby magpie, and I was sure it was play-bowing at me!!!

    Anyway I would love you to come and visit me at my log and to be my new friends :D

    slobbers and squashes,
    Mr Darcy

  15. Not a problem about the picture thing. Take your time. And no it wasn't Jasmine, it was one of the others. :)


  16. Hi Zim,
    You do have some lovely birdie friends. We only have crows, pigeons and sparrows to look at on our walks in the parks around here. The crows are sometimes so distructive as they perch on the balcony rail and pull out any newly planted herbs etc. Mum does not like them! The red bird you saw is indeed very cool - never seen one like that before.

  17. Koool birds pics!! Me luv birdies!! Thanks for sharing them!!


  18. I knew I was doing the right thing when I made you an honorary kitty kat Zimmie.

    Huffle Mawson

  19. Everything is beautiful there where you live!
    I love the birds!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. What a beautiful bright cardinal. We love to watch the birdies, too :)

  21. Thank you for sharing your bird pics! :)

    Aunty Ume used to catch a few doves in her younger years.


  22. We loved your pictures - how do you manage to post them so big?
    We are back for a few days as two soggy bassets is not good!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  23. Hello Army of Four!
    Hee hee.. we like watching birds in our backyard too! But they rarely come when we are outside because we always scare them away.
    Those are really neat pics! Swallows are soooo cute!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  24. My mom LOVES ALL THOSE BIRD PICTURES! 'Cause she's just like that. We have a cardinal couple that live in our neighborhood..he's so beautiful. And I'm sure he'd be very tasty, too!

  25. I love the birdies too. Especially when a whole bunch of them go into a big round bush, and then I stick my head in it and whoosh! they all fly away.

    So much fun!


  26. Very cool birdies!
    Made all the better by your Mom's pawsome camera skills!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  27. what cool birdies - and comedy filler too - a great post - we have lots of birdies in our yard - but sweetie scares them all away like stormy does - those girls dont understand the birdies are our friends

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ