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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stormy and Dave's stormy Walk

Tail wags, all. Stormy here. Can you follow that post title? We had lots of storms starting early yesterday morning. They continued throughout the day and most of the night last night. Dad and Mom got us out during breaks in the action for a little exercise and I thought I'd take you along on the late morning walk Dave and I took. It was an exercise in great timing! Let's go!

Here's what the sky looked like to the north, as we headed down our street:

Did I mention we were heading north? And here's what it looked like a bit to the west:

I do much better with small 's' storms during the day than I do at night, so this didn't really phase me. The lightning was way off, and even though we could see it, I felt relaxed.

We went around a couple corners and down the street, then Mom said it was time to turn and head home. Here's Dave near the crest of one hill:

Are you doing OK with all this, Storm?

He's a nice, calm guy to be around. Mighty considerate, too. I assured him I was doing fine.

Here's a shot up one of the side streets, looking north toward our water tower:

We quickened our pace just a touch and turned the corner to head home.

Here's the view, looking down our street toward Ao4 HQs:

Dave started to doubt Mom's timing a bit, and I tried to get a little wager going with him.

I'm not sure.... what do you want to wager?
If we get wet before we get home, I owe you two Happy Hearts cookies. If we don't, you owe me the same.

He wouldn't bite. So to speak. I'm not sure if it's because he'd never bet against Mom or he didn't want to risk having to give up any HH cookies!

If you look at the bottom, right-hand corner in this next shot, you'll see our "Support Our Troops" sign. If you look at the sky in the shot, you'll understand how close we cut it!

Not one minute after we got back inside, the sky opened up and poured BUCKETS of rain, and the thunder and lightning came our way. Too bad I couldn't get Dave to take that bet - I'd be munching down on some Happy Hearts right NOW!

Tail wags,

Photos courtesy of Mom's iPhone


  1. I bet Ammy told woo BEFUR woo left!

    I do hope woo shared these grrrrreat sky pikhs were her!


  2. Skyler would have been in the bathtub!

  3. Wooo! I like going for walkies in the rain, why didn't you wait for it?
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. Wow, that sky sure looked nasty! You are both very brave to go out in that!


  5. Those are some stormy skies!!!!

  6. Whoa! You just made it in the nick of time! That sky sure does look angry!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Great timing! But did you not check with Ammy before you left?

    Princess Eva

  8. Whoa! Beautiful skies, though! I would walk like you, just a little in my neighborhood so I could make a run for it if I had to.

    ON the other hand, if it was thundering and lightening, I would be scared out of my mind!

    Stella, who hates Boomies!

  9. Storm,
    Maybe you can get some cookies for being brave! Sophie won't even go out if it looks like it might thunder. She gets awful scared.

  10. You sure got some good storm cloud pictures there. I am glad you made it back safely.

    Hugs GJ xx

  11. Thanks for the stormwalk, Storm. We had it here overnight so it didn't really bother us. We had some sharp lightning but only for a short while. We were hoping to see the sun today but none so far.

    Dave, you are so considerate of your sister - you know how to play it just right. We hope you all got some cookies when you got in.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  12. We are so glad that you made it home before the buckets got holes in them..
    Mom's are always right!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Good thing you got home before the rain since your mom had her camera. How does she take those pix with you guys attached to leashes? Jan won't even carry her camera most of the time since we're "antsy."

  14. I didn't like the odds on that bet either, you guys got lucky! We actually got some rain at about 4am this morning, so nice to cool things off for a little bit.

  15. Your mom probably checked with Ammy before you left so she knew exactly how much time you had to get home! Those sure were scary looking skies though!

  16. Hi, friends!
    Yes, those skies were saying "storm on the way"!
    Glad you came back in time!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Those are some pretty impressive skies. We got lots and lots of rain that we needed, but nothing too bad. I'm glad it's over because I'm getting tired of hearing Mom complain about muddy paws.


  18. I am so furry glad woo two didn't get wet! Tell your mom to check with Ammy next time, before risking the weather!!! Hope woo enjoyed the cookies!!!


  19. Whoa, those are some cool sky pics!!! Sounds like your mom had perfect timing! :)


  20. There's no sibe I'd rather be out in a little "s" storm with than Dave! Cool pics!


  21. Lucky! Glad you made it home before the storms hit.

    Huffle Mawson

  22. Hi guys!
    Can you please let Zim know that Bark hasn't been ignoring his calls since the wedding, she has just been furry busy with work.
    Big licks to you

  23. Dave - We bet against our humans sometimes because, well, sometimes we have gotten furry wet when they mistimed a return trip. We try to tell them, but . . .

  24. You were very brave to venture out when the sky was a little stormy. We tend to pre-empt the storms by hiding in the cupboard! MOL!

  25. That's some fierce sky pics! We had heavy rain too this morning but luckily it poured just as we reached home! Bet you enjoyed them cookies!


  26. Nice walkies - we actually like thunder and lightning - the deafies could care less - but me and mommy sit on the porch and watch it.

    We are eagerly awaiting our first delivery of HH cookies - cant wait to see what all the hype is about

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  27. Wow, those are some nasty looking skies! I hope you all stayed safe!