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Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Real Quick!

Hi everypuppy and every cat! It's me, Ammy. Just a quick word about Zimmie's post from yesterday!

Many of you really enjoyed the photo of him all camouflaged behind that huge stalk of grass. In fact, you were very complimentary of his camo job and said you could barely see him. For those of you who might have been hesitant to say anything, I thought I'd provide a little visual aid:

DSCN2669_2 THERE he is!

Can you see him now? Whew, it took me a while to find him - I don't mind admitting that!

And now - as FaceBook friends of our mom know, I made a weather prediction last night; I smelled snow and said we'd get a minimum of snow flurries within 24 hours. The flurries started just around 0145 this morning. Now all the weather bipeds have us under a Winter Storm Warning until 0600 tomorrow, calling for anywhere between 2-8 inches, depending on the forecaster. I need to get to work and see if we're really going to get as much snow as they're calling for.

DSCN2682 Ammy
Hmm... flurries changing over to a wet snow...

The local radio bipeds are calling for more than the local TV bipeds, and those bipeds are calling for more than the national TV and webcast bipeds. Mom's waiting for my forecast.

Have a great day, everypup and everycat. I'm off to work!

Resident Meteorologist, Ao4 HQs


  1. Ammy - you are top class.

    I predict sun here in Gibraltar, but that is hardly difficult :D
    Pippa xx

  2. Ammy! You look so squeezeable and kissable in those flurries! You are such the Meteorologist! They should really just insist that you do the local news. Imagine how high ratings would be!

  3. Ammy thank goodness you clarified that for us. We were wondering where Zimmie was...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Ammy, thanks for showing us where Zimmy was. We couln't be sure with ALL that camo!!! ;)
    SNOW????? Mom just went ACCCKKK. She says she had enough snow to last her a lifetime when her Dad was stationed in Mass., Ohio, and OMD Utah......Dry cold my foot she says!
    Denton had NINE inches March 08. I Sunny, thought it was grat fun, Scooter said ewwwww, and Mom did her AAACCCKKK again.
    So, I guess it will be me, Sunny, coming to visit you and your snow!
    Little Guy, who knows, he is so clueless and slap happy, he'd probably like it too.
    Hugs and I hope y'all get your snow AO4!
    Shout out to Dave. Howdy Dave :)

  5. Awesome! Can I come over?

    Thanks for showing us where Zimmie was hiding! I couldn't find him!


  6. oh Zimmie! there you are!!!

  7. Woooo - that was superb showing us Zim. We feel relieved. We thought it was one of those trick photographs at first. Where is Zim-o?

    You can help us find Qannik if we EVER get snow here.

  8. Ammy, I wish woo would make a weather prediction for snow for us too! After much looking, we spotted Zim yestrday. He sure does camoflage well!

    a-roos & woos,
    jack n'tori

  9. Hey Ammy! Thanks for showing us exactly where Zimmie was hiding!! He blended in really well but he sure shows up now!! Snow? Oh my. It's sunny here and 60 some degrees so far but that's in Virginia. We hardly ever get snow..we get ice! Keep us informed please on your weather...you make a great meteorologist!

  10. We never would have found Zimmy!
    You are such an expert meteriologist Ammy - if you can spell it Ammy let us know!!!
    Martha & bailey xxx

  11. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Ammy, you're really good at search! you should try it when you're not predicting weather!
    wild dingo

  12. You are a very good meteorologist Ammy!! Good for yoy!!
    Animal lover

  13. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
    We had guessed where Zimmie was!!!!!
    Thanks for clarified that for us!!!!!!
    We had betted with mommy where he was!!!
    And we have won!!!!!!!!!!
    Tonight tons of biscuits for us!!!!
    What a great great Meteorologist you're!!!!!!!!
    CAn you predict if we'll have smnow here???
    If no............Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......can we come over?????
    We love snowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!
    And we could have tons of fun playing all together!!!!!!!!!
    TAke care of you!!!
    Do you need someone who warm you????
    US us us!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAve a great day!!!!

  14. I think I can see tiny bits of snow on you in that photo Ammy. I hope you had snow overnight.


  15. Ammy you are definitely one talented pup.. Love the camo shot...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  16. Wet snow is NO FUN!!!! It may as well rain!

    Here's hoping for REAL snow at the AO4 HQ.

  17. Share pictures of the pretty snow when it's done. :)

  18. Wow! You actually were in that photo? The Mango is relieved.


  19. Ammy you are a star.. Of course you all can come to my birthday.. Hugs GJ xx

  20. Hi, Ammy!
    Thanks for your help with that picture of Zim!
    I know you are the best Meteorologist!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Thanks for showing us where Zimmie was in that photo! How did you know the flurries started at 0145 this morning? You are one hard working forecaster if you stay up all night watching the weather!

  22. Oohhh snow! Im hoping it snows here in Seattle so Darwin can experience it!

  23. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Oooh! Any chance you may know when Chicago will get some snow? It's hard to snowshoe without it... :-)


  24. Your mom has a darned good snow sniffer!

  25. Thanks for that help, we had a hard time finding Zim too!

  26. Anonymous8:10 PM

    We think Ammy should be promoted to Master Chief Aerographers Mate (AGCM). Her talents are being wasted in the Army. She needs to transfer over to the Navy and be stationed on a flattop. That's where the best AGs are sent.
    We still can find Zimmie, just a yellow drawing of a dogs head.
    - TBH&K

  27. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Ohhh Ammy! Look at you with the wet snow on your back! Thanks for showing us Zim in that photo. Almost missed seeing him, ha roo!