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Monday, November 09, 2009

Working For My Mom

Woo, everypup and everycat. It's me, Dave. As many of you know, I serve as my mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind. She's been incredibly busy in our Studio lately - which means I've been busy in there, too. She's been making bags like crazy (really exciting news to tell you soon reference one of them!), and is currently working on a really big project I'll tell you about eventually - and is re-writing a tutorial as she goes. Woo. And who has to make sure all the fabrics go together? That's right - me. Davy.

I told you about some of my duties last week; today I'd like to impart the importance of looking at things from different perspectives. Colors change in different lighting, different settings, and depending on how you look at them. So when Mom asks me to check things out for her, I have to view the fabs at different angles.

DSCN2483 Dave
Looks good this way... let me try something else...

DSCN2482 Dave
I like it from here, too.

DSCN2484 Dave
I think some tummy rubs might help me see things more clearly...

DSCN2485 Dave
Ah... sweet bliss!

Err... I mean...

DSCN2486 Dave
Yeah, that looks real good, Mom.

That's for the tutorial she's doing. I don't think she'd be making much progress if I wasn't helping her.

We're back to work this afternoon. I better rest up. Have a great day, everypup and everycat.



  1. Oh Dave!! You are just the best worker!!! I can tell you need some rest after all of that work! Probably more tummy rubs too!

  2. Dave, you are the ultimate working dog! You help your mom do such good work. That's a cool design.

  3. Oh, Dave! You are probably the guy they got the title Working Dogs from.

    Thats a cute little Christmas runner your Mom made. Did you pick out all of those?


  4. That's great work, Dave!

    You really work as hard as your mom with the bags and it seems like you got lots of exciting things going on in the workplace. We'd love to hear about it. Do we see Xmas stuff today? Weeeeee

    - Princess, Mocha & the Piappies

  5. Dave you are the hardest working pup I know!!!! Mom has also enlisted me in helping with some knitting...xmas prezzies.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. You definitely have the right idea. A different perspective is always important when making such big decisions. You are doing a wonderful job Davy!!


    PeeEss: You look soooo handsome in those photo's! I want to give your snooter a big smooch!

  7. Dave, we can see you leave no dog unturned in your quest to match colours!
    Your mom is lucky to have you to help.
    We hope she fully appreciates the work you put in to helping her.
    We thought you were looking adorable by the way.............
    love and kisses
    Martha & bailey xxxx

  8. Dave - You are our working dog hero.

  9. Dave, not only are you a hard worker but oh so handsome while you work! Mom loves the pickle nose. mmmuuaahh she says-right on the nose.
    big old Texas hugs
    Sunny,who has a new brother

  10. Anonymous1:19 PM

    oh My dave. I sure hope you get top dollar for your work and creativity. good help isn't easy to find these days. tell yur mom that!
    Wild Dingo

  11. Oh Dave, woo are the bestest! And so cute to loo at, without a doubt she wouldn't get nearly so much work done without woo to inspire her! Beawootiful project there, too!

    a-roos & woos,
    jack n' tori

  12. Oh my cat, just when I think you cant get any cuter you go and show these.. swoon Plus you are a great helper too.. Hugs GJ x......

  13. Dave, you are such a cutie!!! :) Don't work too hard!


  14. Really Davy, whatever did your mum do before you came along?


  15. Hah Dave, woo read mom's mind. Tex or Big Tex are 2 of the several she is mulling over! Didn't know that you were telepathic in addition to working colors for your Mom!

  16. Dave you are doing such an awesome job helping mom out.. Tummy rubs always help with the decisions..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  17. You are the bestest worker ever Dave! It's so good you're able to help your mom make her fabulous creations. You're just so handsome too!

  18. Woooos Dave! You are working hard there, I can tell. You certainly are helping Mom a lot!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  19. Hi, Dave!
    I wonder how you do to handle all that work!
    I guess the tummy rubs help too, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  20. I'm certain the tummy rubs improve your perspective, Dave. Mom's Deeve looks real good, and I KNOW you approved all the colors used in it. Imagine what things would look like if you DIDN'T help her! On second thought, DON'T IMAGINE THAT! You might hurtcherself.

  21. Dave you are obviously great at coordinating colors! Thats a great quilt your mom has made with your help!

  22. Dave you sure are handsome and a real ham in front of the camera.
    Benny & Lily

  23. I'm sure she would only have one block done without your help! She should give you even more tummy rubs.


  24. You are totally wicked cute.


  25. Aw how cute you look when working!

  26. That quilt looks very good!! And very Crisp massy! Hurray!!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  27. Oh Dave, you are such a cool helper. Tummy tickles are the bestest aren't they..hehe

    Holly & Zac xx

  28. What a great job you are doing Dave...Hope your Mama is giving you lots of belly rubs as payment!


  29. Don't work too hard, Dave!


  30. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Hey Dave,
    What would that woman do without you to guide her along? Service is s tough job but someone has to do it. Any job worth doing is worth doing well.
    OBTW; we have been unable to decipher the Ao4 rank insignia and would like to know your chain of command structure and rank within the unit. We generally use chronological experienceto determine seniority, but occassionally we have temporary spot promotions to facilitate leadership "discussions" within the ranks.
    - TBH&K
    - TBH&K