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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tales - And Tails - From the Weekend

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! It's me - Zimmie! Storm said I should fill you in quickly on what all we did for Thanksgiving here at Ao4 HQs. Let's get busy!

We did a lot of giving thanks to God for all our blessings - health, home, family & friends, our US Armed Forces, and many, many other things ... then we did the following:

IMG_4554 Zim
Ooooh, a green pea!??! I love those things!

I got to have THREE frozen peas. They were incredible! Storm and Dave got a couple, too. Ammy gave hers to me and got an ice cube instead.

Then we did this:

DSCN2791 Zim
Mmm... Sweet Potato Pie! Mom, don't you need to leave the room?

Sadly, Mom wasn't as forthcoming with the pie as she was with the peas. We moved on to doing this:

IMG_4548 Snooze fest
Stormy in the back, Dave on top of Mom's leg

Then we all did a lot of this:

DSCN2803 The Ao4
Left to right: Me (Zim), Dave, Ammy and Storms

Oh! And Mom has moved on to this stage in her Super-Secret Project:


She said she's getting there but still has a long way to go!

What all did you pups and kits do over the weekend?

Play bows,


  1. Great post!! I love the look of the pie too! It sounds like you all had a great time and your mom's project is really beautiful!! Mom went out to eat with her friend and I just stayed home and napped until she came back and then it was play time!! Treat time!!! Holly and her mom Deborah

  2. Yesterday we went black Friday shopping at Lowes and Petco. We got to go inside both stores! At Lowes, we bought some flashlights for the humans. We heard people whispering that we were beautiful and so well behaved and that made Mom really happy. Then we went to Petco for some presents for the kitties in our family. We weren't as good there because there were too many smells. Dad tried to get Steve excited about a hamster, but them Mom told Dad "No!", so he stopped.


  3. Great pics and that pie looked good enought to eat!
    You know Zimmie we reckon that is why us dogs are so healthy - cos we never get any of the really yummy stuff.
    It is very bad for you and the peas were a healthier alternative!
    Glad you had a good weekend. We have just come back from a nice walk and guess what? It didnt rain!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. Mum said that pie looked yummy and she could just tuck in.. Mmm peas, I like to have one to flick around but I never tried eating one.. Nice photo of the walk.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. Hey! Sorry mom didn't leave the room for that piece of PIE! I would have just gone for it, ya know! I've been doing some nice walks/runs and a little hiking....gotta keep busy, or I eat the house! We're heading out to some lakes soon, no swimming, just hiking around.... Have a fantastic day pals!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  6. That pie is making our mom drool!
    Peas are good too! We love peas!
    Mom and dad are still hard at work on the barn project and we've been busy supervising!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Marge has never had peas before. From the sounds of it, maybe she should try them - you guys seemed to like them!

    We stayed in most of the day yesterday, except for a romp down to the beach on the 50' leash.

  8. Looks like you guys all had fun! My parents left me home while they went to visit their parents so all I did was sleep, bark and watch chickens. :)


  9. Peas. I recommend fresh ones. They fall on the floor when they are being podded and are very tasty.

  10. OMDDDDDD!!!!!
    We're drooling watching that Slice of pie on the table!!!!
    PLEASEEEEEEE......can we have a slice for us???
    The pics of you looking it is GREAT!!!!
    Zim...you look soo sweet....
    and we love the pic of you 4 walking together!!!
    You're such a wonderful and special family and we're sooooo honored to have you as a friends!!!!
    today we had a wonderful walkie too with mommy and dad and they gave us an ice cream!!!
    Tomorrow we'll have a dinner with Maya's mommy and sister and their humans...
    Awwww...we would love present them to you!!!!
    HAve a wonderful weekend!!!

  11. Wow peas, we did get a few of those too only because mom is a slob and spilled them on the floor while making 7 layer salad.. hehe. See why we always help cook..
    Love the walk picture.. All color coordinated..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. Hmmm, Zimm...frozen PEAS? Never thought of trying those!

    The walk looked like the best part of the day to me!

  13. PS (I love the pic of you peeking up over the sweet potato pie!)

  14. We didn't have a holiday weekend so I just had my normal routine Zimmie. Mum did go and buy me some new ham yesterday so that was good.

  15. Frozen peas??? They are delicious!
    And my mom says that pie looks yummy too!
    Glad you had a nice time!
    I don't know what is your mom's new project but my mom loves those colors!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Anonymous6:54 PM

    wow... you guys were busy! zim, did you concentrate real hard and maybe that pie will crawl it's way to your tongue and bellay... yum!

    wild dingo

  17. With that puparrazzi around you will never be able to sneak a taste of the pie. Cute hineys
    Benny & Lily

  18. What a busy long weekend you have had. You guys will have to learn to work together to get those yummy things you aren't supposed to eat. You could have Ammy cause a distraction in the other room and then run off with the pie!
    PS: I have an award for you.

  19. That's a lot of fun for all of you at AoF HQ! The photos with the green pea and the pie is so cute!

    We are looking forward to your Mom's secret project. It's a holiday here in the Phils on Monday so we are enjoying a long weekend here so we're definitely looking forward to more playtime and dreading B-A-T-H time.

    By the way, what is black friday shopping? Princess' eyes sparkled at the shopping part. Usually means that Mommy brings home toys for us to enjoy.

    Thankies for the visit and we cherish your friendships.

    - Fudgie, Frappie & the Piappies

  20. Oh, by the way, Dave, hope it's alright with you that we also follow your Mom's other blog. Mommy really wants to get one of the wonderful bags. I wonder if there is one for me?! Weeeeee

    - Princess & the Piappies

  21. Minus the green peas and the sweet potato pie, we did the same. In other words, lots of hikes and lots of snoozing.

  22. Wow, busy weekend huh? but it sure looks like fun! Here there's been lots of rain but i still get plenty walks and tons of lazing around the house with bits of snacks...and tiny treats...and a long BATH on Sunday..!

    Thanks for sharing your day!!


  23. Yum! That sweet potato pie looks so delicious!!!

    I'm not such a big fan of peas, but I do love ice cubes! :)

    Mom had to work yesterday so no black Friday sales for us.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


  24. A PEA???? How did you ever survive the weekend on such scant foodables?


  25. well peas and me are not good friends, too delicate a subject for a pleasant comment on an excellent blog!!

    Suffice to say, apparently I do NOT digest them well.

    No idea.

    But I am very much in favour of peas. I like peas when I am snoozing, peace is a rare commodity around here, so a bit of peas - wonderful and condusive to a good snooze.

    or have I got confused yet again?

    Peas let me know if I have.

    My J has also replied ........but says she knows your Ma is one busy person, so as the Aussies say, "No worries about replying" as long as your Ma knows we have replied.

    Mucho love and peas. Or peace.

    Marvin The Confused.

  26. Woooo, that pie looks YUMMY!!! (We didn't get any pie either.) Our weekend looked a lot like yours, woo! Except fur our special guests - mom's boys!

    a-roos & woos,
    jack n tori

  27. Sadly, we did PURRty mucho the same thing as you - looking at the good food and getting the vegetables. Oh, well, there's always Christmas☺

  28. OMD.... the secret project looks FABOOLOUS! That pie looks to die for: my mommy was ready to lick the computer screen! BOL!

    I spent the weekend boarded (and bored!) @ the vet's office, but it's all good now that I am home!

  29. What a wonderful fun filled day...except for the lack of pie...what was up with that?? No Lattes, no pie...sheesh!