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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

This One's For You!

Tail wags, dear readers! It's me, Stormy. As many of you may know, our very sweet friends Martha and Bailey, those lovely Bassets, are getting a bit fed up with being followed around by the camera. We certainly understand this, as we have the very same problem. When they called us all into action to be uncooperative for photos, I knew we here at Ao4 Headquarters were just the pups to help! We had only two challenges - getting the boys to not cooperate and downloading the pix from the camera before Mom deletes them!

I'm all about not cooperating for photos! In fact, as a heads up to newer readers, I taught an on-line class on this very subject. (The final post is here, with links back to the lessons.) Once I explained to the boys we were doing this for Martha and Bailey, they were all for it - and Dave even offered to pin Mom down so she couldn't delete our, as she calls them, "out-takes".

"Umm... yeah, I've got her, Stormzzzzzzzz......"

You've got to admire his work ethic, don't you?

So I plugged in the iPhone and downloaded these masterpieces. Martha and Bailey - this post is for you! First up, Zim and I:

"But Storm! But the camera..."
"Look away! Do it for the Basset Babes, Zimmie!"

Yes, if you're wondering, it was raining. That made not cooperating even better. Here are Dave and Ammy:

Dave and Ammy

I love how Ammy's walking out of the frame. An excellent touch, don't you think?

How about the rest of you? Do you stand with the Bassets? Show your support!

Tail wags,


  1. Eish...I think Im first to comment on your 'mmm'pictures. Well done you guys for joining the strike.

  2. of course I stand with the Bassets! Although I think I kinda dwarf them a bit.......

    I have masses of photos on the computer here of me, blurred ones, fuzzy ones, me moving at great spead ones, upside down sky ones (oh these were taken by Jeannie when she fell over in the mud........;0D ), crooked ones, oh my, I have 'em all.

    Now after reading this post I have to go EAT. Mainly because you mentioned Oat Cakes. MMMMMMM! I lurve Oat Cakes.

    oh, no, sorry, on re-reading I see you wrote "out-takes". I must get glasses. Or a brain.

    Or both.

    lotsaluv, Marvn Who Has Been Missing In Action xxxxxxx

  3. also cannot spell "speed". Ha!

  4. We will meet you on the barricades guys!!!
    These were very impressive photos in pursuit of the cause.
    We will overcome...........
    Remember - We want treats - What do we want - Treats - When do we want them - NOW!
    These humans will have to surrender to the cause with all the dog blogging dogs joining the revolution!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. Great job! I still need to post my pics! :)


  6. We would support them but Jan hasn't been taking any pictures of us lately. Just things. And humans. We're starting to feel neglected.

  7. We are a house divided on this subject....Bobo is for the Bassets and loves the idea...I on the other hand understand the pain but just love the camera!!! I pose all the time and walk pretty when I have my picture taken.

    Good Luck,
    Mollie JO

  8. We were feeling harassssed by the camera BUT Mom has been busy the last few days and hasn't taken any pictures. We enjoyed the break but are now feeling left out. Good for the bassets -standing up for what they want.
    Ernie &Sasha

  9. I am really trying to show great support but I love the camera!!!! I will work real hard on it this week. You guys did an outstanding job!!

  10. Marge doesn't mind the camera TOO much, especially since she's realized that I always hold cookies in front of it... :)

  11. Wooos!Good for you guys! I stand with the basset girls always, that paparazzi with the cameras gets highly annoying!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  12. Hey our mom does the same thing. Guess it is a Mom thing deleting the best pics..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Well, I passed my class last year with flying colours but I have been a bit slack about avoiding the flash beast recently. I will have to do some extra study, I think.


  14. Those pictures are very good of you not getting your picture taken!! I know what you mean...mom always is flashing that funny looking box at me. I'll be sleeping, eating, going for walks...doesn't matter..she must have a million pictures. I think treats are in order for all of us!!

  15. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Wild Dingo definitely does NOT stand with the bassets! Afterall, I pay Wild Dingo staffers high wages for their modeling capabilities! afterall, somebody has to document that they're both "working dogs!"


  16. I most certainly DO stand with the bassets! I will have to post some of our recent pictures in a show of support.


  17. My God, you guys - and Martha & Bailey - really shouldn't complain...you should try living with MY human!!!!!!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  18. Hehehe. We used to have lots of those too, but now momma just deletes them all. What a sore sport.


  19. We all do the same thing but our mommy keeps our outtakes. My sisfurs like to look away and I won't put my ears up until she puts that flashy beast down. On our walks, I won't look at the camera either!


  20. Hi, friends!
    My mom deletes lots of not-looking-at-you pictures but I am sure I can find one or two!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Hey Brats,
    Well, we try not to cooperate for mom when she want's to take picture, but it's a different story with dad because he reverts to his military mode and that can get pretty ugly pretty fast. And dad tends to provide treat rewards for what he considers to be good behavior and he also with hold treats for what he considers to be insubordination. To quote dad "Are we clear?"
    - TBH&K

  22. Excellent work. We are always impressed with your photographic skills as models.

  23. Because I mostly move around in my photos, (when I hear the click, I move!). Its easy for me too. So today I did something in support that wasn't so easy. Read it in my blog tomorrow.


  24. Oh, yesh, we are with them and with you! When we see that thing coming we usually get under the coffee table or turn around or run to the bedroom. Works really good☺

  25. Ha-roo roo roo! Furry good photos! I hope the Bassets catch on quickly and thwart their camera! Mom says she has more than a few f those of us, too. Perhaps we'll post a few later this week!

    a-roos & woos,
    jack n' tori

  26. You are an excellent teacher Stormy! Pups and khats all over the world have learned sooo much from woo!


  27. Kool..i'll have to check and see if mom's deleted them..


  28. lol, funny shots, we should try that, oh hang on, we sometimes do...hehe

    ~Holly & Zac~

  29. bwahaha! You guys rock! I try and try and try to get away from the flashie beast, but Momster has some supernatural powers... as soon as I manage to get away from her, I'm going to show my support for the Bassets... I need to retake that online course of yours, cause I think I failed! BOL!