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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two! Two! Two Posts in One!

Woo, everypup and everycat. It's me, Dave. Sorry we didn't get a post up yesterday; time totally got away from us and so Stormy said I should make this post a two-in-one. What pressure! I think I'm up for it, though.

For Photo Finish Friday, I was going to post these cool pix of me playing with my Squeaky Tennis Ball. Remember you saw me about to catch a pop fly on Wednesday? After I caught it, I ran all over the yard with it. Here I am, running toward my mom. Umm... I mean toward the north.

DSCN5369 Dave
Me. Dave.

Then Mom moved, so I ran to her from the other direction:

DSCN5397 Dave
Me again. Still Dave.

It was so fun! She did lots of throwing and I did lots of catching and running and bringing it back! I love my Squeaky Tennis Ball!

Speaking of balls, the moon is shaped like a ball. (Stormy said I should go for a good segue into the second part of the post, and that's the best I could come up with...) It was full the other night - did any of you see it? Mom took a bunch of pix you can see in her FlickR set for sky stuff; here's the best one:

DSCN5487 27 MAY 10
Full moon from 27 May 2010

It sure looks like a ball, doesn't it? I wonder if the moon squeaks?
Ha woo.



  1. Our hu-dad said the moon was made of cheese, which would be even better than a squeaky ball. You don't think he is kidding us, do you?

  2. Dave, you have looks, athleticism and humor - you are the whole package! We didn't see the moon because of the rain clouds so thanks for showing us your moon!

  3. check out my blog, my Jeannie met a Husky, I am destined not to be loved any more, she loves this one so much...............

    Off with my spotted hankerchief now roaming the world, unwanted, unloved, a Husky has taken her heart.

    Marv xxxxxxx

  4. Gosh what a great full moon shot!
    We will go look at the others - it goes without saying Dave that the ones of you are stunning too!
    Good work coping with the pressure of two posts in one - we wondered what had happened to you yesterday.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  5. Brilliant collage! Some of those sunsets looked like the sky was on fire - lucky you to see such wonderful sunsets and capture them on camera.

  6. Dave, you are so funny!!! You look so happy with your squeaky ball! That is a very beautiful picture of the moon. Your mom has some great shots in the FlickR account! Thanks for sharing them! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  7. You were totally up for it. :) Awesome!

  8. Cheese? Really, Thundering Herd? You look like you had heaps of fun with your mum, Davy. I'm surprised you let her get that far away from you :)


  9. You're so cute Dave!

    The moon was so beautiful last night.

  10. We are fascinated with the moon here!! Ha!

  11. Dave, your mom takes the most beautiful sky shots. We love seeing your moon photos because we just can't see it the same way inside the city.
    You look like you were having a great time with your mom. Be careful, it has been plenty hot out ;o)

  12. Two in one! Great!
    I hope you all are having a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. weeek weeeek weeeek! (That's the moon squeaking hehehe!) What a beautiful picture of that full moon - yes we saw it - beautiful! And love those photos of you chasing (and returning) your squeakie tennis ball! Furry cool toy, Dave!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  14. Wow! That's some moon!
    Try catching that one Dave!


  15. Great moon :-)

    We could see it during the day last week, very cool !

    Wizz :-)

  16. When you say you were running north, were you thinking of the arctic and some nice snow?


  17. Hi!! Sorry we haven't been to visit again sooner! You are looking sooo awesome in your pics. Mummy and Daddy love huskies!
    The moon picture is very beautiful!
    Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  18. Funny how the moon is bigger and closer sometimes, huh. That is a great photo.

    As for your tennis ball action. I am impressed that you bring it back to mom when she is standing in different places. I thought that there was a "retrieve to" spot and always bring it there even if momma isn't standing there.


  19. Howdy and wooooo Dave(I've been studying up on my Siberian)
    Great pics of you, as always and you are right! that moon looks like a ball for sure. Golly, wonder who threw it out there so far? And how come it doesn't fall down here so we can catch it?? Oh, Mom says gravity, etc,etc.
    Anyhow great shot of the moon!
    And the ones of you are my favorite!
    Hugs and wooos

  20. Oh Dave we are so with you on loving the sqeaky tennis ball!....well any tennis balls really but the squeaky ones are extra fun! hehe

    The moon shot is gorgeous, well done to your mum! Ours still hasn't taken one.... one of these days she keeps saying.... blah, blah, blah....she does always have lots of plans but takes forever to get round to them....She should be like us, us pups always get things done we want/need to do don't we?...BOL

  21. beautiful pics of the moon! it was cloudy over in Seattle so we didn't get to see it!