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Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Wind Finder 5000

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me, Ammy, resident meteorologist here at Ao4 Headquarters. Some of you have been wondering why I haven't posted much lately, where I've been, what I've been doing. Well! I've been working on my new invention - The Wind Finder 5000!

As you know, we meteorologists have lots of instruments we use in our work - thermometers, barometers, radar - all kinds of cool stuff. And fancy wind gauges. But what about a simpler wind gauge? One everyone could have in their home - or for the outdoorsman? I know when my daddy golfs, he needs to know how strong the wind is and where it's coming from! That's why I came up with The Wind Finder 5000!

DSCN6204 Ammy
Me. Ammy. In the Ao4 Weather Lab.

Here's how it works!

First, you need a
Wind Finder 5000 Fluff Gatherer.

DSCN6205 Ammy
Me with The Wind Finder 5000 Fluff Gatherer

DSCN6211 Ammy
"Oh, this ISN'T going to be used on ME!"

Seriously. I'm the meteorologist. It must be used on somepuppy else. Trust me. Now ... who could I get to donate some fluff. You know ... for scientific purposes? I asked Stormy and she recommended one of the boys.

DSCN6206 Dave and Zim
Dave and Zim with The Wind Finder 5000 Fluff Gatherer

Perfect! Now ... who to choose?

DSCN6212 Zim
"Oh, Ams! You wouldn't, would you? Besides... I'm not reeeeeeally blowing coat right now."

DSCN6214 Zim
"Nothing to see here, Ammy. Ohhh... is that a fluff-ball on Dave?"

Hmmm... Zimmie is ALWAYS so helpful!

DSCN6215 Dave
"Hi Ammy. Whatcha got there? Can I play?"

Hee hee hee... "Sure, Davy!"

DSCN6216 Dave
The Wind Finder 5000 Fluff Gatherer in action

The next step is to go outside. Some of us highly trained meteorologists know which way and how hard the wind is blowing by following our sensitive snooters ...

DSCN6218 Ammy
Me. Outside. Sensing.

... but here's how to work
The Wind Finder 5000 for those of you who can't!

Put the fluff you've gathered on a flat surface.

DSCN6217 Ammy
Me with The Wind Finder 5000.

This is where it gets serious. It's a calm day in Kansas - I hope this works!

Me doing my serious meteorologist look

Wait for the wind to kick in. All you have to do now is let The Wind Finder 5000 do its thing. Here it is, in action:


Did you see the path it traveled? Then it lodged itself under the Barberry Bush.

DSCN6227 Ammy

I'd say the wind is coming out of the north-northeast at about 10 miles per hour!

And that is The Wind Finder 5000!

(Patent pending. Not available in all 50 states. International inquiries welcome. The Wind Finder 5000 Fluff Gatherer is not to be used on certified meteorologists. See website for details.)

DSCN6221 Ams
Hee hee hee!



  1. er, have to say....dearest Ammy, that Dave looks kinda petrified in that photo!

    Otherwise well done on the Wind Finder 5000 invention. And I love the picture of you with your sensitive snooter too!

    My J always says she gathers up the discarded fur and intends to make another dog out of it. I reckon by now with the stuff she must have gathered over the years, that darn dog she is making will be HUGE!!!!

    lotsa laffing licks, Marvin xxxxx

  2. Great invention Ammy!! We do like the small print!! :)

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  3. Ammy, you are so funny! We enjoyed this post very much. We think The Wind Finder 5000 is a great invention! Does it work in the rain?

  4. Ammy, did you steal this invention from us? WE've been using bits of fluffs to track the wind for a long time now.. don't let Marge's short hair fool you.. :)

  5. Holy crap Ammy..so thats how it works. We are going to try it.
    Benny & Lily

  6. Great invention, Ammy! Mom just gathered my fluff while I was napping, so if anypup is fluff-less, I'd be happy to donate some high-quality Siberian fluff to the cause. (We inventors have to stick together!)

    jack a-roo
    President, Jack a-rooters exterminators
    and inventor of Holey-Moley products

  7. GREAT invention! :) Is it available in Hawaii? It was pretty breezy the other day!


  8. It's great how you guys work together on your impressive invention, Ammy!...You are all so gorgeous and we especially like the last photo where you look like you're smiling, Ammy=you look so happy, sweetheart!!...Have a fun day, hope you have great weather and stay cool friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Awesome, totally awesome invention. Too bad you were not here Ammy, I am doing a mini blow right now and I like to be brushed, plus you would get my excellent red tinted fluf.


  10. You know I love Ammy posts! And this one is great!
    We'll take a wind finder 5000 asap!

  11. Here, when we are trying to figure out where the wind is coming from, we just locate Kiska. Just saying.

  12. Great Job Ammy. You are quite the inventor... Does the fluff come with it??? Of do you send Dave??

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Wow, I learned something new today about the Wind Finder.

    Dave is such a sport for helping out. :)

  14. Brilliant Ammy! I'm pretty sure you're going to make a bazillion dollars with your invention.


  15. Ammy!
    The Wind Finder 5000 is pawesome!
    I'd love to have one of those... but... where I can get the fur??
    Maybe my mom would like to cooperate with me!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Amazing! I bet you could sell a gazillion of those if you advertised in the 3AM time slot when the humans are keen to use their plastics.

    I had thought that I could make my own, but I can see that the quality and crafty shift of yours is beyond me.


  17. LOL! Great post Ammy!


  18. Im so glad your invention worked! I'm sure in fluffing season it will be put to fantastical use!

  19. Ammy, you always make us laugh! We think we saw parts of the floof from The Wind Finder 5000 out in our backyard today!! You are so clever and funny! We love all of you!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly