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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making Progress

Tail wags, dear readers, it's me - Stormy! As many of you know, Zim and I have been trying so hard to win over the Calico Cat who lives in our neighborhood! Way back in the Spring, Zim spotted her posing on our side-yard steps and I met with her just a couple weeks ago just down a few houses. We know she's getting more and more comfortable with us, and I think we're starting to make great strides toward being friends!

Yesterday afternoon, I took Mom out front and look who was in our garden!

DSCN6401 Stormy and Calico
"Hey, Calico! It's me, Stormy!"

She stayed there and we did a bit of communing while Mom shot some photos.

DSCN6396 Calico

Isn't she just beautiful? Here's a portrait Mom took:

DSCN6400 Calico
Callie-co Kitty

I just slowly walked around, not getting too close, but letting her know I was there and wanted to be friends. I gave very slow tail wags to her to let her know I am gentle. Here is a collage of her, as she was studying me.


Then we got a tiny bit closer ... and she meowed at me and did
Malamute ears!!!

DSCN6402 Storm and Calico
Callie doing Malamute ears

Whoa. I was confused; I've never seen a kitty do Malamute ears before! She ran off before I could ask her what she was trying to say!

I emailed my friend Huffle Mawson for advice. She had some wonderful words of wisdom for me about why a kit-cat would do Malamute ears. She said it could be for all kinds of reasons and named a few and then said that she does Malamute ears when her mum gets in her face with the flashy beast! Ah HA! It must have been because of my mom and the camera! I hope it's that and not something I did. (Not that I'm trying to break bad on my mom, just that I thought I was making more headway with Callie than that!)

Just thought I'd update you! Since she's out there posing by our Support Our Troops sign (like another furry friend does), I'd say she's starting to feel at home! We're making progress!

Tail wags,


  1. Stormy, your Miss Callie is very pretty. I do believe she loves your yard and you will soon be good furrends!

    We had a kitteh dat lived on our front porch furevers. My momma named her "Veranda" (get it, Porch = Veranda....heehee) Anyways, she loved living there and moms feed her and watered her and she was happy there fur a long long time. Butt, she never wanted to come lives in da backyard with all da wienerdogs....hmmmmm wonder why?


  2. Huh! Cats! Making progress indeed. I am trying to make progress with chasing Marmalade Harvey.

    Leave those cats alone. (Misery says, sung to the tune of leave those kids alone.....)


  3. Stormy, Miss Callie is very pretty. I'd say since she is in your yard resting next to the Support Our Troops sign, that means success! The cats in our house do that thing with their ears when I chase them. It's the strangest thing to see! Love, Holly

  4. Call me a party pooper but from the look on that cats face I'd say be afraid. Be very afraid.

  5. You be careful Stormy. Those things spit , claw and hiss. Sometimes all at once
    Benny & Lily

  6. Hi, Stormy!
    Sure it was pawesome that you could come closer to Callie-Co!
    It is a matter of time. I know she will let you come to her someday.
    Happy Saturday
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Malamute ears for the flashy beast, eh? How curious. I think you are making a great friend there. You are like the dog ambassador into kitteh world.


  8. Keep up the great work. You will have a new BFF in no time at all.

    What beautiful green eyes. :)

  9. Great photos and a lovely collage!...Callie is a real beauty and we know she will be your buddy before you know it, lovely Stormy=you are a total sweetheart and we certainly love you!!...kisses, gorgeous friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Judging by that last photo, Stormy, I'm guessing you're right about Calico being annoyed with the camera. I know you will make friend eventually!


  11. Callie-co Kitty is very pretty and we think she is feeling very much at home there. Do you get to keep her if she keeps coming back?

  12. Hmmmm, I do Malamute ears all the time and it just means I'm relaxed. I wonder why it doesn't mean that on every one?

    I'm glad you are making progress though Stormy!


  13. Good for you guys! It looks like she could use a friend - don't give up!


  14. Miss Callie is such a pretty cat!
    Now Martha would like to be friends with the cats who visit us but I say no way!!!!
    Happy Sunday
    Bailey xxx

  15. That's a pretty calico kitty cat. I hope you continue to make her feel comfie and earn her trust.

  16. Oh my, I think the cat looked kind of upset but I don't speak cat! Good luck making friends!

  17. aww Callie is a cutie! Maybe if Ammy told her a joke shed relax even more around you guys!

  18. It must have been your mom with the flashie beast! :)

    Great pics! I'm sure you'll be friends soon! :)


  19. Oh - how exciting to meet the Calico Cat again! And you do seem to be making progress - she seems so relaxed!

    That close-up shot of her face is just beautiful!

    Honey the Great Dane

  20. Airplane ears ARE like Malamute ears! haha!
    ...I can flatten mine down even farther!!!
    ; ) Katie