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Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Finish Friday: New Furniture

Ha roo, pups and cool cats.  It's me, Zim.  As Dave and I have been telling you, we got a shipment of new furniture in here at Ao4 HQs.  Oh, no, it didn't all come at the same time or even on the same day - that would be too easy!  Anyway, the last of it arrived yesterday.  I thought I'd share my reaction to some of it with you today for Photo Finish Friday.  Ready?

Yesterday's shipment was a mattress to go on Mom and Dad's new bed frame.  The guys who delivered it seemed to have some sort of aversion to Siberian Huskies, like the other furniture guys.

IMG_3993z Zim
"Can you believe that?"

I mean, seriously:  no hugs for Dave, no ear scratchies for me, no exclamations of "Oh, they're so handsome!"... nothing!  It was enough to make my brown  eyes  eye blue.  (And of course, Dave's blue eyes got even bluer!)  After the guys left, Mom gave me some chin scratchies and sweet talk -

IMG_3994z Zim
My schmoopiest schmoopy look

- and that certainly helped.  THEN she said she needed my help putting the bedding on the new bed, and that really did the trick!

IMG_3997z Zim
"Ha roo!"

I'm sure she said she needed my help.  Either that, or she asked me to stay in the living room and not to help.  One of the two.  And really, how could she NOT want my help?!?

IMG_3999z Zim
"CHASE ME, Mom!"

Who would want to take 5 minutes to make a bed alone?  With my help, it takes a good 15 to 20 and is tons more fun!

The new bed is higher than our old one and the mattress is lots different.

IMG_4001z Zim
"WHOA!  This feels way different!"

It may take me a while to get used to it.

One benefit I've discovered is the higher the perch, the better the view!

IMG_4002z Zim
"Wow.  I can see everything out back from here!"

It's a crazy-good view from up there now.

IMG_4004z Zim
"Hey!  Hey, Schnauzers!  I see what you're doing out there!"

Pretty cool.  I think it's a keeper.

Play bows,


  1. oh your bed is very pretty..mom would like a new bed big enuf for all of us, mom and dad suck at being parents when its time to go to bed in our own bed...eheheheh
    stellla rose and mags

  2. Hi there, I'm glad your(pawrents)new bed provides a better lookout place for you. Can't wait to see the other new furniture. I'm sorry the delivery people didn't give you any loving but I know your mom and dad made up for it.
    Happy Easter to our friends!
    Noreen & Hunter

  3. Make sure you wear a parachute before you climb up there - it looks like a long way down!

    (P.S. - Mom is sending both of you hugs and chin scritchies to make up for those people!)


  4. I sure wish you were here to help us around the house. Imagine how long we could make simple chores! It would be so much fun.

    Did you get one of those fancy mattresses where you sink in?


  5. Ooooo a new throne for Zim. Very nice. But seriously do youhave to be afraid of dogs to be a delvery person? It would seem to me that it would go much smoother if they hired guys and gals that love dogs and would want hugs and would trip over themselves to give ear scratches. Yea that would be much better.

  6. where do they find those furniture guys?? sheesh....but we are glad you got to help make the bed. for some reason we get shut out of the bedroom....

  7. Yeah...people are always scared of us. Mom says that's ok with her. I ALWAYS help mom make the bed - I just love spending that little bit of extra time with her!


  8. Zim you are always such a good help to your mom. I just love your schmoopy face.


  9. yoW! you could take over the world with your schmoopy look, Zim! Really, who could resist?!?!? You have a pawsome new post for your neighborhood watch, too!

    hey, before we leave, we'll chase you...ready...set...GO!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  10. We have never been on our mom and dad's bed but we'll take your word for it that higher is better, Zim!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  11. OMD, where are they finding all these crazy furniture guys who don't like Sibes?! I know your momma was really glad to have you there to help her out, though. It would've been a boring time without you.

  12. How can furniture moving guys not want to give you scritches? Unthinkable!


  13. Big Carl also likes to "help" make the bed

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. That's great that you can see out the window! Wilbur says it looks like the new mattress would also be a great place to catnap in the sunbeam.