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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whatcha Got There?

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave!  How many of you have asked that question lately -- "Whatcha got there?"  I did just this morning, 'cuz I just knew my mom had something behind her back!

It went something like this ...

IMG_3862d Dave
"Whatcha got there, Mom?"

IMG_3869d Dave
"Big Mean Kitty!!!"
"Dave!  Catch me, buddy!"

IMG_3872d Dave
"Gotcha, pal!"

It was really fun seeing him; he doesn't like to come out and play in the snow or cold, so it's been a while!

We did some wrestling around ...

IMG_3863d Dave
"Shake, shake, shake... shake, shake, shake... shake Big Mean Kitty!..."
"That's not how that song goes, Dave!  Lemme go!"

... and I even let him get the jump on me once, just to make things fair and stuff.

IMG_3868d Dave
"Gotcha, Davy!  Oooof!"

We hung out for a while and got caught up on everything, then Big Mean wanted to go check out the neighborhood.

IMG_3864d Dave
"Let's go over there and see if Fluffy Black Cat's home!"

I didn't think Fluffy Black was out, or Zim would have let me know, but I humored Big Mean anyway:

IMG_3875d Dave
"Sorry she wasn't out there, Big Mean!"
"That's OK, Dave; thanks for trying.  Hey, does everything look upside-down to you?"

I think maybe he was getting a bit swimmy-headed from all the activity, so we decided to go in the house and take a break for a while.  It's supposed to be nice for the next couple of days, so I'll get to spend more time outside with him and my other friends!  Woo!

I hope you're starting to have nice weather where you are, so you can get out and about with your friends!



  1. I am so so so so so glad for extra walks and the light and the *ahem* warmer weather.

    Really, just the warmer weather b/c it makes my people so happy.


  2. I think we skipped right over spring and hit our summer - we've been touching 90+ degrees!

    It was really nice of you to take Big Mean on a walk, Dave!


  3. How sweet of you to take Big Mean Kitty on your walk. That is just a heart warmer.

  4. we have a real "big mean kitty" at our house and he would jump right on our heads also if mom would let him. its sunny here but not warm, maybe tomorrow.....
    stellie and mags

  5. I'm glad you and BMK were able to spend some time together. I know he missed you!

  6. OMD DAVE.... Big Mean Kitty is a grrrreat FIGHTER.
    Our weather has been up and down like a Yo Yo...

  7. Hi Dave, Looks like you two had a wonderful time together. Today it is so nice here; in fact I just took Hunter for a walk and he was hot & tired when we got back. I think we are supposed to get into the 70's tomorrow-yippee!!!!
    Happy Day to you!
    Noreen & Hunter

  8. Wow warm weather with Big Mean, Dave. Enjoy your time in the sun. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. You should kitty who was boss!
    Benny & Lily

  10. I don't know that Big Mean Kitty is quite as mean as you say :)

  11. Does Big Mean Kitty mean that spring is almost here? I sure hope so.


  12. That's nice that you got to spend time with Big Mean Kitty! Wanna spend time with some Little Sweet Kitties?

  13. You sure had fun with Big Mean Kitty.


  14. Big Mean Kitty looks like a ton of fun and yes, we have gotton rid of most of our snow and the weather has been beautiful.


  15. Dave!
    I know you and Big Mean Kitty had a super duper time together!
    You two sure deserved a good nap after that!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Big mean kitty seems like a great pal to play with. I am glad you are getting to take him out for some fresh air. It is kind of cold again here and it is supposed to snow tomorrow. I will send you some.

    Loveys Sasha

  17. We got some great snow on Sunday, but now the weather is getting all warm and it's almost gone. I think winter is coming to a close.

    Looks like you and Big Mean Kitty had a great time! So nice to see you still so spunky and playful!


  18. I'm impressed with Big Mean Kitty's wrestling skills. Maybe I should send Wilbur to play with him because Wilbur is a horrible wrestler!


  19. Anonymous2:41 PM

    whoa!! I thought that BIG MEAN was gonna strangle you or somethin' Dave!