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Thursday, March 28, 2013

But ... We're Siberian Huskies!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats.  It's me, Zim.  Remember Tuesday I told you we were having furniture delivered?  It finally got here yesterday.  Hmm.  Anyway, Dave and I were right there to supervise everything.  We put Mom on a leash so she wouldn't run out the door they kept leaving open.

IMG_3967z Zim
"Ha roo!  I'm Zim!

One of the delivery men mentioned he's afraid of dogs.  Actually, more like "terrified" rather than "afraid".  Mom suggested to me that I get into a down/stay.

IMG_3971z Zim
"What does him being afraid of dogs have to do with me?  I'm a Siberian Husky!"

He was especially afraid of "the big one".  I think he meant Dave, not Mom - just for the record.

IMG_3973zd Zim and Dave
"Hey, Mister!  How 'bout a hug?"
"Maybe he's Hug-a-phobic, DaveDave."

Dave was pretty upset about the whole thing.  I mean - someone coming into our house and not wanting a hug?  It was pretty upsetting for him.

IMG_3974dz Dave and Zim
"He's come mighty close to hurting my feelings, Zim."
"Try not to take it personally, Dave.  He has mistaken us for dogs."

Oh, yeah.  All of our beds from the bedroom were piled up there in the living room to get them out of the way.  One of our friends suggested that I should pounce on it - sounded like a great idea to me!

IMG_3979z Zim
"Ha roo!  I'm the King of the Bed Pile!"

Not as fun as a really cool snow fort, but it was a good substitute.  And it helped pass the time.

This is the activity Dave chose:

IMG_3981d Dave
"Zzz... hugs... snuggling... tummy rubs... zzz..."

I guess Dave IS pretty scary.  Ha roo roo roo!  

When the guys were leaving, Mom asked the one guy if we had changed his mind about dogs.  Or about Siberian Huskies.  He said we were really impressive and well-behaved ... but "no".  Oh, well.  We did try.  And I still don't get what we have to do with being afraid of dogs!  We're Siberian Huskies!

In other news, did you see the full moon last night?  Dave took Mom for a walk right around moon-rise and helped her take these pix:


IMG_1188 full moon

I think I feel some howling coming on.  Ha rooooOOOoooooOOOO!  Catch you guys later!

Play bows,


  1. WELL this is just terrible... WHAT was up with that Crazy Peep guy??? How DARE he insult you in such a way?
    We are glad that you put your mom on the No Runnin out the Door String. THAT was a good move... No TELLING what the Crazy Peep would have thought of THAT.


  2. Oh Zim, I feel the same way when we are out and about exploring and we pass someone and they don't want to pet me. It is especially frustrating at the pet store...everyone should love me in the pet store.


  3. Dogs? Hmm...maybe your mom needs to buy you some of your own furniture so he can come back and learn more about the greatness of Sibes.


  4. haaaaroooooo

    Sheesh - well we guess some people might have reasons to fear a certain dog, but ALL dogs? And Sibes??? we don't get it. mom says she is sending you both a long distance hug to make up for it....

  5. How could anyone be afraid of you two? Such lovers! We get the same reaction too. Mom always tells everyone that Myshka and Sasha are the greeters for our pack just like Zim and Dave.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Phoebe, Lily, Punkin, Paris, Annabelle, and Lucy.

  6. Afraid of YOU guys?? Nope, I just don't see it. He's just kerazy!

  7. Wow the guy can't help it if he is afraid but well done guys for giving the Sibes a good name. Ha ha the big one.......not mum but Dave. Oh Full Moon its Remington time for us. In tribute to the Remington Research Center going outside to howl a big haroooo to dear Rem. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Such pretty photos! The delivery guys were so silly!


  9. I just don't get it. Afraid, terrified even?!! I think he must have "dogs" mixed up with a badger or something. AND not wanting to hug Dave. Crazy I tell you. I bet on his way to the next delivery he thought about it a lot and I bet you just might have helped he change his mind. I mean you are Sibes after all.

  10. Our hearts are breaking because you didn't get a hug Davy! Our mommy would be there in a second to give you one if she could! We forgot there was a moon since we haven't seen it in like forever.

  11. Zim, you and Dave are both great ambassaSibes. The delvery guy sure is missing out.

    We have never howled at the moon before...hang on... MeoooooOOOOwooooeeeeow!

    How'd we do?

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  12. One problem with your down stay, looks like you are going to attack, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  13. If they took the time to get to know you, they wouldn't be scared of you. You guys are too sweet!
    Your moon shots are gorgeous!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Hee! Hee! That picture of Dave being the "scary" guard dog is just hilarious!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  15. You are both great ambassadors for Sibes. Maybe he had a BAD experience once. Great moon pics. Those look like some very comfy beds.
    Ernie and the furkids

  16. Well that's his loss I tell you!! Hello hello friends!! Missed you guys Iots!! Mom's been super busy but we will visit much as we can, as for the posting, mom' s still got to workout her timing and prioritizing and get back to her blog duties! I'll make sure she does that but in the meantime we'll be visiting best we can! Take care!!

    Maxx and mommy

  17. Hello there Zimmie and Davey,

    We could not help but see the many comfty beds you go there. How could they be afraid of you? We so want to cuddle you in all the photos you have posted!

    By the way, we dropped by Holly's blog and her Mom posted some of her photos when she visited you a few years back. Such lovely photos and great memories.

    Enjoy the Easter weekend!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  18. You pups are so right, Siberian huskies are not dogs! Mom says no dogs in the house or on the furniture, but of course, that doesn't apply to us!