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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Serene Scenery Sunday

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie!  Spring is blooming all over the place here in the great state of Kansas!  Of course, this being Kansas means our winds could shift and get all crazy and it could still get bitterly cold and snowy (yay!), but things are starting to bud out and bloom, so we thought we'd show you around our gardens a bit!  Ready to take a look?

Cam and I helped Mom take photos of some of the things out back.  Well, actually, we stayed on the deck and did this for the most part:


... but you get the idea!

This is the time of year when Mom actually likes our Texas Quince bushes.  They are in full bloom!

Texas Quince

Dad dug out a whole bunch of them (like ... 87 million, I think) last year and the year before, and they are thorny, invasive, nasty things.  Those red flowers sure are pretty, though -- right?

Moving along ... the Day Lilies are sprouting up:

Day Lilies

And so are the Irises!  Mom's friend Linda gave her a bunch of (oh, wait -- she's our friend, too) gave her a bunch of Iris rhizomes in September and I supervised her building an Iris garden.  (You can read the details here.)  She's excited that they all lived and are coming up!  Here's a look:

The Linda R Iris Garden

Isn't  that cool?  Mom and Dad did a HUGE re-do of the back gardens last Fall, and planted lots of new things.  In some areas, Mom knew the plants would go dormant and she might forget what was where.  To ensure that she didn't pluck things out, thinking they were weeds, she stuck little flags all over the place and drew a map.  With any amount of luck, this is a Hummingbird Mint:

Hopefully a Hummingbird Mint

There's always a chance that a weed popped up right where she stuck her flag in, but let's stay positive!

While we were out on the deck supervising the garden photo shoot, this guy came by and serenaded us:

Northern Cardinal in the neighbors' tree

Isn't he handsome?  I hope a female Cardinal heard his song and was impressed!  Mom loves it when the birds come to our backyard!

Oh! Do you know what else is out back? Our sunsets.

Sunset over the hills

God does amazing work, doesn't He?

Let's see what's going on out front, OK?  How about the Hen and Chicks?

"Check it out!"

Oh.  Right.  I meant the plant variety, not the birdie variety!

The Dragon's Blood Sedum is already looking good:

Really cool Dragon's Blood Sedum

And the tiny Grecian Windflowers Mom put in a few years ago are up and blooming!

"They're right here in front of m---oooh!  The neighbor kid is out!"

Sorry.  I got distracted.  Two things you should know - the Windflowers are the tiny, purple flowers right in front of me and apparently you're not supposed to eat them.  Who knew?  Are these rules written down somewhere?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your tour around our gardens.  We'll let you know how everything progresses!  Have a serene Sunday!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. What lovely pictures! Happy Sunday.

  2. God is the ultimate artist for sure.
    Hummingbird mint? Never heard of it but if it attracts hummingbirds we need some.
    Absolutely lovely photos. Our daffodils have popped through the pine straw and are opening. Our Forest Pansy Redbud and native red bud are just blooming. Woohoo lots of color
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom

  3. Beautiful post! We love seeing what's happening in your gardens!

  4. So pretty and your mom was smart to label things, those weeds can fool you sometime!

  5. Things are popping up very nicely there. Mom has always loved your Texas quince and the Snowball viburnum. She was out trimming the spirea today and found our hyacinths are just about ready to burst into bloom.

    Hope that hummingbird mint produces nicely.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. We are just barely seeing a few green bits popping out of the ground. Thanks for sharing your spring with us.

  7. We don't haf much here in Toe-p-ka yet - mom haz sum daffydilz butt that'z 'bout it. You'all haz sum purty flowerz.
    Lady Shasta

  8. Beautiful colour on the flowers and birdies.
    I wuz wondering, is that the Quince that goes in to the Quince jelly wot tastes sooooo yummy wiv a bit of CHEESE?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. What a grreat garden! We can't wait to see all your pretty irises. Momma loves those.

  10. Miss Maggie, I loved your tour! When I was growing up my parents had three Quince trees and they always made jam from the fruit. We also had non-bearing Pomegranate trees and I was always disappointed because I love the fruit. My bulbs are coming up too, but I'm concerned because we are supposed to get snow this week-drat-I'm ready for spring. Love your Cardinal, wish we got some here.
    Noreen and Hunter