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Monday, May 16, 2016

More About Yogurt

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Do you remember my complete guide to yogurt that I posted last week?  If you missed it, my summary is "Greek kind bad; regular kind good".  I thought that was the end of the story, but our dear friend Princess Leah left quite the interesting comment!  She wrote, "Cammie, haf you tried coconut milk yoghurt? It is the BESTEST I promise, non dairy and just the yummiest thingy ever. Mum freezes it in ice cube containers as a treat fur me in the summer when its hot."  I had never heard of this, nor had Mom!

Then, the other day ...

"Cammie!  We have something new to try!"
"What is it, Mom?  Do I have to get up?"

Dad (AKA The Super Shopper) found some and brought it home!   Frankly, I was a bit hesitant to try it due to the great Greek yogurt fiasco.  I'm sure some of you know where I'm coming from on that!  But, since Princess Leah recommended it, I was willing to give it a try.
"OK, I'll try it, but I'm not getting up... OOOH!  Oooh, this is pretty good!"

I like it!  Not as much as our regular yogurt, because it is so yummy good!  But I do like it - and it was fun to try something different!  We like Princess Leah's mum's idea about freezing some for a Summertime treat!  Thank you for the heads up on that, Leah!!!

Have you all tried this?  It's much better than Greek yogurt -- and it's dairy free!



  1. Cammie I do admire you willingness to try new things! We have never heard of that either.
    But we all know Princess Leah has royal tastebuds!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. We have never had this before. Mom is heading to the grocery store tomorrow so we'll be asking her to please be on the lookout!

  3. Hmmm, that sounds like it might be worth a try AND it is good for us too. Mom has been wanting to try us with some coconut oil, but she says it is too expensive at Costco if it turns out we don't like it. We are going to check for this yogurt. We get plain nonfat yogurt in our breakfast kibble.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Oh how momma loves the coconuts!!
    Lily & Edward

  5. I need to have my Mom let me try some of that! They make an ice cream that's also really yummy out of the coconut milk.

    Abby Lab

  6. We hope we get to watch you eat an ice cube of that!

  7. I have tried coconut yoghurt, and I was not impressed. But it is much better than greek yoghurt, no doubt about that. ~ Auntie Trace

  8. Ooooooo! I must've missed that! That is a FABulous idea! And I bets it's good for the tummy...I'm gettin' Ma right on that!
    Oh, and I likes how you have snacks in bed, and your staff trained soooo well!!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  9. MOOOOOMM!!!! Come here and read this!!! Can we try it?? Can we??? Oh, hi Cam. I actually like greek yogurt. I get to clean out the containers when mom's done, but I'm always up for a new treat-experience...Thanks Cam and Leah!!


  10. we boys like that one too

  11. we'll have to have our momma look for that. She is actually hoping she'll like it and we won't. hmmmm...that doesn't sound very nice of her...

    ditto, sharpie

  12. I have not tried it. But as momma says, "Buddy will try anything."..

  13. Hmmmmm...Dory says, she might have to give that a go! Thanks for the heads up Cammie (and Leah too)!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. Why get up when Mom will bring it to you ?

  15. OMD we have never heard of this stuffs before so we are gonna tell mom about it. Thanks to Princess Leah and to YOU fur telling us about it.

  16. You are the yogurt QUEEN, so we will trust your opinion! Though Momma the weirdo still loves Greek yogurt.

  17. oh we must have missed that post, we would love frozen yogurt, ummmmm coconut...stella rose

  18. Akchually me an'mom love our kind of Greek yogurt - it'z really creamy an'vanilly tastin'yummy an'it iz good fer ya with no fat or sugar. Butt like u - me an'mom like tue try new thingz tue so I haf instructed mom tue b on the look-out fer this.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  19. YAY, you scored BIG time there Cammie. Oh I luffs the stuffs and can't get enuffs!!!!!!
    Roll on summer and the icey cube thingy
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx