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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stormy Weather

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie!  As many of you know, we've been having some very bad storms here in Kansas for the past couple of days.  A few very powerful tornadoes have ripped through our state and have caused lots of damage; thankfully, there have been no reports of loss of life at this point.  We have been very blessed that the worst of it has missed us.

Here are some photos to show you what we've been up to and how we cope.  This is us getting a quick walk in between storm cells the other morning:

"I think we'd best step on the gas, huh, Cam?"
"Yes. No time for Crazed River Otter Games, Maggie."

We made it home just before the storm hit!  This was the scene yesterday morning:

"This is better, isn't it?"
"Yes, but Mom said stuff is going to cook up later."

Mom started college as a Meteorology major and is still a total weather nerd.  I think "cook up later" is one of those technical terms she learned.

Anyway, she was right, and things started getting pretty bad last night.  If you haven't heard the reports, you can click here for a good synopsis.  Once the storm hit Chapman, KS, where a tornado destroyed about 20 houses, we knew it was heading our way.  It's important to follow on radar (and we were) ...

The pin is where we are

... but Mom said she was taught that the first thing to do to know the weather is to do this:

"Look out the window, Mags!"
"Doesn't look too bad out there yet!"

That's right - look out the window.  Ha roo woo roo!  We were able to get in a quick potty break before the storm hit.  Thankfully, just the edge of that cell hit us and we are fine.  Our prayers go out to the people of Chapman and those in other areas hit by the tornadoes.

We anticipate more storms this afternoon, but this morning we were able to get out on a nice family walk!  Here we are, posing on the water tower trail:

"Smile, Mags!"
"OK ... but I won't look at the camera!"

We even brought something home with us today!

"Wow, was that thing heavy!"
"Yeah, but isn't it a cool rock?!?"

Actually, it wasn't so much "we" that carried it home, as it was Dad ... but we did our best to encourage him along the way. Especially during the uphill parts. Especially because it weights about 87 gazillion pounds. Won't it look great in our wildflower garden, though?!?

Please keep the Midwest in your prayers as we batten down the hatches again today!



  1. OMCs your mom's words sound like a Chef/Meteorologist combined. At least she has the knowledge to read between the lines on the weather.
    those are some of the angriest clouds we have ever seen. Jumpin' catfish I'd be under the covers with my head buried.Your Dad is strong!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Those are mighty scary storms! It's a good thing Dad brought that rock home. I think if you put it right in the middle of the living room it might keep your house from blowing away if more storms are "cooking up". Love, Your Pal - Melee

  3. We have had t-storms all night every night for what seems like forever. The air here today is very bad - so thick and humid. We are under a tornado watch now and severe t-storm too. We haven't walked yet because it isn't good for Ciara to walk when the air is this bad. She has been so stressed all week and especially today. We are going to cross our paws for all us Kansans to be safe and for everyone else too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. thank goodness you are all ok! OMD my Mom would LOVE your Mom!! My Mom always said if she had been good in math and science she would have majored in meteorology because Mom is OBSESSED with storms (of all kinds)..........my Mom would LOVE your Mom! Barks and licks and love, Dakota DakotasDen

  5. That's a big rock for your dad to carry all that way! Stay safe! We are crossing our paws for everyone in the path of these awful storms!

  6. I hope you stay safe in all those terrible storms!

  7. We are sending lots of POTP to those effected by the storms and hope things calm down in Kansas soon!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
    PeeEss...Cool Rock!!!

  8. yow! those storms and tornadoes sure are scary! we are praying you and everybuddy in your area stay safe! the rock reminds our mom of when she used to mountain bike. her companions would sometimes stick a rock in somebuddy else's back pack or bike bag when they weren't looking and then they had the extra weight to carry :D

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  9. Those clouds are beautiful, girls, but look very scary. Be safe!


  10. OH NOES! I heard all abouts those terrible storms in your state, and was hoping you gurls were okays!!! Glad to see that you are fine, butts sendin' tons of AireZens to those affected...gosh, so terrible. You gurls stay safe, and good things your MOms is on the case!
    Oh, and WOWSA! Your Pops must be the HULK or somethings!!! That is one big rockie!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Oh, your rain storms come in like ours...dark and quick! Stay dry my friends.

  12. WOW those were BLACK clouds... Our mom Loves Weather stuffs Too... butt NOT storms... We are keeping all of you in our prayers.

    WOW that is a HOOGE and HEAVY Rock... butt it WILL look Grand in the Flowers.

  13. Tornadoes can be skeery! We get lots of them down here in Texas. I'm glad you're staying safe!

  14. Oh my, that storm looked super scary, be safe!