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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Quick Garden Tour

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  This morning, after our walk, Mom and I explored the gardens a bit together.  I thought I'd show you how things are going out there!

Let's start in the Friendship Garden!

"Hello, everyone!  Welcome to our garden!"

The ornamental grasses are HUGE this year, the sedums are doing well, and the coneflowers did well, but are almost done for the year.

"Can you see the sedum behind me?"

The blooms aren't pink and red yet; they're still in what Mom calls the "broccoli phase".  I wonder if I should give them a little nibble to see if they taste like broccoli?

If we go further down in the yard, you can see the Wildflower Garden:

"It's there behind me!"

Mom loves the Black-Eyed Susans!  And to the left of them, in the photo above, see the really tall plant?!?  That's our Maximillian Sunflowers!  They are probably 8 feet tall!  We can't wait for them to bloom!

Let's walk along the path a bit!

"I like these sedum best!"

The bright sedum right in front of me are the Dazzleberry Sedum - but I like to call them D'Azulberry, since I'm D'Azul's Girl From Ipanema!

That's the quick tour for now!  I hope you enjoyed your walk through the garden with me.  We'll try to get more photos soon!



  1. Your garden is looking so pretty!

  2. What a great tour by a beautimous model!
    Arty, Rosy & Jakey

  3. You are the perfect model for your beautiful garden, Cammie!

  4. Your garden looks fantastic. We love all the grasses you have and can't wait to see the tops of the sunflowers when they are in bloom.

  5. Your garden is so lovely, thanks for letting us see it!