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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Oh, Deer!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags!  The four of us headed out on our walk this morning just like normal.  Cam only wanted to take a short one, so after a bit, she took Mom home:

"C'mon, Mom.  A Stinky Goodness Treat for me and coffee for you - what do you say?"
"Lead on, Cam-a-roo!"

For some reason, Mom and Dad think I need more exercise than Cam (???), so Dad and I went for a nice, long one. You'll never guess what we saw as we headed up the Water Tower Trail!!! Check it out:

"Oh, DEER!"
"What is it, Mags?  What do you see?" 

I mean ... it WAS a deer!!!  Standing right there, looking at me looking at him!  Zoom in, Dad!!!

"Umm ... oh.  Hi."

Isn't he magnificent!?!  I didn't get crazy or anything - I just stared.  I love to do that.

Believe it or not, once we got back in the housing area, I saw MORE deer!

"Something's different about these two.  Some...thing's different."

Well, yes, of course it hit me after a minute.  They were smaller.  Not quite as exciting, either.

Anyway, it was so cool!  I just loved seeing my new deer friends!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. That buck was a beauty. How cool that you also found more deer on your way home.

  2. What a great find on a frosty morning.

  3. That must have been so exciting (and what a beautiful picture of the deer on that frosty morning!)

    Kiki and Rosie