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Monday, July 05, 2021

Road Trip!

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  On Saturday, I got to go on my first really big road trip -- other than when I went from Polargold HQs to Ao4 HQs!  I've been on short trips, but not a long one and it was really exciting!!!  We went to a place called Quivira National Wildlife Refuge -- Maggie said it's been a couple years, but she and Cammie showed you photos from there before.  It's one of Mom's happy places!

We made stops along the way and I got to explore a bit.  The rest-stop on the big highway was exciting - there were so many people and lots of cars and trucks!  Mom and Dad said we were really good puppies.  Our next stop was at a place called the Kansas Wetlands Education Center.  Here's a shot of me, Mags, and Dad out in front:

Me, Mags, and Dad.  Dad's the tall one.

We got to have water and snacks there. 

After that, we drove more, then Dad started driving really slowly. At first, it was because there was a truck blocking the whole dirt road. The guy eventually moved his truck over and he had a HORSE in his trailer! I LOVE horses! That was one of the huge highlights for me! Also, we drove past a lot of cows, which I really liked, too. 

Anyway, Dad crawled along these dirt roads, and every now and then, Mom would go, "OOOH!" or Dad would say, "LOOK!" and Dad would stop. Mom would either get out for a while or she'd roll her window down and start taking pictures. It seemed to make her very happy. 

After we did that for a long time, we headed back toward home. We stopped in a place called Ellinwood; Maggie has stopped there before and promised me it would be fun. We got to walk around for a bit and have water & snacks.  Mom brings really good snacks on road trips!  

Here we are with Dad:

"I'm having so much FUN!!!"
"Why aren't the good people of Ellinwood out milling about?"
"Dad?  Hi, Dad.  I'm having a blast!"
"Maybe it's too hot for people ..."
"Try to look at your mom and smile, you guys."

   We tried:

Me and Mags in Ellinwood

We walked around a little more and found another shady spot to stop and have some more water:

Mags and me

It was really fun!  We headed back to the HR-V (Husky Recreational Vehicle) after a bit. 

Mags said we were going to go straight home from there, but that it would take a while. She recommended I get comfy and set a great example for me:

"Like this, Raggi."
"She's REALLY good at relaxing in the HR-V!"
It was so much fun and Mom and Dad said we'll go again since we were both such good puppies.  I hope we see more horses and cows!  Oh.  And birdies to make Mom smile!



  1. That sure sounds like a great adventure you all went on. We can't wait to see some of the birdie pictures your mom took.

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    what a wonderful time you had! thanks for taking us along! XOXO

  3. What a fantastic day. I know you are great traveling companions