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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Too Hot

Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar.  Yesterday morning was too hot to go on one of our normal morning walks.  When you wear a thick fur coat like Mags and I do, humidity over 90% and no breeze means a much shorter walk!  We hung in there for just over 2 miles and that was enough.  Mom thought I might need a bit more exercise, so she and I went out back to play afterwards.

She brought a couple different toys out and would throw them and expect me to chase after them.

"You want me to what?!?"

She started running after the toys herself, so I followed her and all, but frankly - I think the heat was getting to her.  It seemed kind of crazy to me.

I proposed we just hang out for a while back there and maybe do some exploring instead of running around.  I even offered to do some posing!

"How 'bout a profile shot, Mom?"

She seemed OK with that idea, so we went with it.

"Did you get the Blanket Flowers and Salvia in the shot?!?"

I really like those flowers.  So do bees.  Did you know bees are "NoNoRagnarNoNo"s?  It's true.  Interesting.

We checked on the Friendship Garden:

"Hey, look!  The neighbors are out!"

Mags and I both love staring at the neighbors.  For some reason, Mom doesn't think it's a good idea.

Here I am in front of our new-this-year Succulent Garden:

"Hi, Mom!"

Mom and Dad worked really hard on that garden and are quite happy with how it looks!

I surprised Mom with one last pose on one of the northern tiers before we headed inside!  She wasn't expecting me to jump up there.  Ha!  I felt pretty regal up there, so I thought I'd make a formal statement:

"I am Ragnar Jimmysson!  AKA Polargold's Einherjar!"

Maggie was watching out the window and gave me extra points for leaping up onto the retaining wall!

So ... yesterday was too hot for a long walk, and too hot to play "chase the toy", but not to hot to have a little fun with my mom!



  1. Thanks for taking us on a tour around your garden, Ragnar. You sure pose nicely.

  2. That is a long trip on a hot day. I know you mom keeps an eyes on you. Wishing you cooler days.

  3. Stay cool friends. It is cool here today - only about 50.

  4. We had horrid heat and humidity yesterday and today feels like might be 105 or 107.
    I'm ready for FALL
    Hugs cecilia