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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Jaws of Steel

Hi everypuppy and everykitten! It's me, Ammy! Does anyone have big plans for the weekend? I think I might get to play with a stuffie today! I just love playing with stuffies! Here is a recent photo shoot Mom did of me enjoying one!

This is my "nose scrunchie" shot:

Amber 1

It's the best way to start enjoying one.

Here, I'm using my paws to push it away, while I pull it towards myself with my teethy-teeth:

Amber 2

That's usually highly effective!

In this next shot, I'm doing the ol' "chew it with the back molars" maneuver:

Amber 3

That usually gets things going. Do you want a peek? Here, take a look:

Amber 4

Not a bad start on it for a couple minutes' work.

In case you're wondering, Mom didn't use the sport setting on the camera, but she probably should have. I made pretty quick work of it. Hee hee hee!

Taking a Break

I don't know why Mom doesn't let me have stuffies more often! That was a fun minute or two -- and it still has some stuffing in it!



  1. Hey, you're as good with stuffies as we are. Probably why Jan won't buy us any more. Plus, she thinks Buddy ate a couple (dozen?) of the squeakers. He's fast!

  2. Woo are inkhredible!

    Just wait until MinnieSoda's male khounterpart to woo sees your impressive display!

    He'll be sure to get his momma to let him do his (de)'stuff'(in) as well!

    PeeEssWoo: He IS so HANDSOME!

  3. Darling Ammy,
    I use the same techniques - I do the nose scrunchie so that I can pick at things with my front teethies and then grind things between my back molars.

    We are made for each other.

    Bricey the Duke of Destruction

    p.s. Momma is very surprised that a recent stuffie actually lasted 2 whole weeks. The tail had to be amputated within 15 minutes but the rest held up strong.

  4. Ammy, you and Sam should have a race to see who is quicker! Although, I think you may be. I'm not going to tell him that!


  5. OOPS! Mitch would have done exactly the same thing, Ammy! He's tough on stuffies too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Great demonstration Ammy! Our mum sews the stuffies back together once Martha has had them - she seems to have a few of those moves herself.
    Still you looked like you were having fun and that's the main thing.
    Have a good weekend.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. Great job, Ammy! I learned a thing or two, thanks!

    A-roos to yous,
    Jack a-roo

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  9. What is with you stuffee-destroyers? Don't you get enough to eat? No bones to chew? My stuffees are perfect and I love squeaking them, but killing them? NEVER! I will admit to popping the buttons on them, IF they have buttons. But thats IT!

    Stuffee destroyers, change your ways!



  10. You has big teefies.. I could see them when you was trying to eat that stuffie. I think maybe my little mousies would be eaten whole with teefies like that. But I know you are a good woofie. Lovely photo's today..

    Hugs GJ xxxx

  11. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Ammy! A+ on the stuffie assignment!

    Loki and Juno enjoy "stuffless" prey like skunks and squirrels... they have the fur, the squeak, but no stuffing! and it makes my life soooo much less of a chore! :)

  12. Sadly, that is what we do to our stuffies, too. Our momma has started to buy us ones from yard sales that she brings home and washes up for us cuz she said she can watch 50 cents go down the drain but not 5.00. Don't know what that means but we think it means a lot to our momma.

  13. I just shake my stuffies around. I like to squeek the squeekie ones. I only shred the cats toys. BOL!
    your pal, Morgan

  14. Ammy you made short work of the stuffie. We have the same problem they tend to explode..
    Great pictures..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  15. Amazingly, we are never given stuffies. We are not sure why.

    Our cousin Tartok gets them and he has them for a few weeks before the squirrels invade the house and destroy his stuffie. No explanation for that either.

  16. Ammy, you look like you had a lot of fun in those two minutes! I don't get stuffies anymore because they don't stay stuffed very long.


  17. Looks to us like you are so very gentle and sweet with your stuffies and should get to have one all the time.

    woos, the OP Pack

  18. Hi Ammy! I have jaws of steel too, but a minute or two is quite impressive! Have you tried Tuffies? That should last you at least 15 minutes or so. :)


  19. Hi, Ammy!
    I can see you worked fast with that stuffie!
    Good technique!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Hahahahaha! Most of our stuffies are just the outsides with no stuffing thanks to Sushi and Zeke.

  21. Hahahahaha! Most of our stuffies are just the outsides with no stuffing thanks to Sushi and Zeke.

  22. Hi Ammy! cute stuffie you've got there, most of mine are de-stuffed!!
    Thanks for sharing the pawesome pics as always and have a great Sunday!


  23. That looks like a whole big bunch of fun. Have a great weekend.

  24. Oh Ammy - you are truly good at that! Mama takes mine away as soon as she sees I'm into tearing into the flesh of the thing hehheee!
    Huggers xo

  25. Stuffies are the best thing in the world!

    -Mollie Jo

  26. Hey there Sam
    Glad you are enjoying your time with your stuffies. We think that last picture (despite your reservations) is the best advertisement we have seen for your troops! Well done!
    Lots of licks and love from us all
    ps.We love visiting your blog!

  27. Did you get that squeeky thing out? That is the first task at paw.

    Paws and Fuzzez

  28. Great stuffy action Ammy!! Did it have a toy surprise inside?? I like when I can find the squeakie toy inside!


  29. I dont know ammy - we dont get stuffies for the same reason - still mommy doesnt she know better that we take the stuffing out for a reason
    she buys special toys that are only material lots of layers all stitched together - but not stuffing together

    Woodrow - Sweetie - Sherman

  30. Ooo! I love getting the stuffing out of the stuffies! best thing ever... except that my momster hasn't bought one of those for me in weeks... sigh...

    I gotsa say, though, that you have the best technique I ave seen so far!

  31. You and Tanner would totally have a blast together, for about 2 minutes. lol.

  32. I say you are a professional de-stuffer! I bet you could get a job doing that somewhere and could work for a lifetime supply of treats! I used to do that to my stuffies but I've mellowed out some with age.

  33. With your mom's sewing talents, she could have that stuffie back to as good as new in no time. Then you could play for another couple minutes. It could be an endless cycle of play-sew-play-sew, etc.