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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Serene Scenery Sunday

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me, Ammy! with my big brother Dave coming to you for Serene Scenery Sunday! We thought we'd try this together this week.

I've been wanting to share some of our lovely sunsets with you; watching the sunset always makes me feel serene! Some of them are from a few weeks ago, but I think they're worth seeing. Are you ready?

Look at all the yellows and oranges in this one!

25 JUL 09

A few minutes later, the whole sky was full of reds and oranges (the color, not the fruit!) and all kinds of other colors!

25 JUL 09 2

Davy really likes that second one, for the contrast, rich hues and depth of color. Isn't it lovely?!!?

Me, Ammy, admiring the sunset

"Did I get that right, Davy?"
"Yeah. That's real good, Ams. Show them the stormy-with-a-small-s looking ones!"

Ooooh, check this swirly one out!

2 AUG 09

Isn't it really captivating!?!? Mom and I stood out front for a long time, looking at that one! If you'd like to see more shots of it, we put some in an album at this link.

And here's one from another night.

3 AUG 09

It almost looks like a monster popping up from out of the Flint Hills! Hee hee hee. Oh... I guess that's not too serene, is it?

"A monster?!!? Ammy! Not for Serene Scenery Sunday!"

Dave said it wasn't really in fitting with our serene theme, then suggested we move on to a few quick garden shots. And yes, that's Mom's foot underneath his footy-foot. He said that's in complete keeping with serenity, as he feels best when he's touching Mom. Moving right along...

Our Day Lilies are bloom again, after taking a short hiatus:

Day Lily - 7 AUG 09

They do this every year, and every year Mom wonders why everyone else's are still blooming, but ours aren't. Then ours start again and Mom feels happy. Serene, even! :)

The Rose of Sharon are all still going strong:

Rose of Sharon - 7 AUG 09

Don't you love the mix of pink, purple and red? The white ones are blooming like crazy, too. Here's Dave, showing you the White Rose of Sharon.

Dave, with toy, admiring the garden

He still has the toy in his mouth. Really. As if I'd take it and rip it to shreds! Not on Serene Scenery Sunday! (Besides, Brice and Eva gave that to us!) Those are the Crape Myrtle on the left, by the way, and a Burning Bush right in front of Dave. (Yes, it is too early for the Burning Bush to be "burning". That one always looks like that. We don't know why.)

One last photo. It's of the Husky Red Cherry Tomatoes. Remember them? This shot makes both Mom and Dad feel serene. Mom calls this one...

Tomato Promises
Tomato Promises!

...Tomato Promises!

I hope all of the above helps make you feel a little more serene today!

Ammy (with luv from Dave, too!)

"How do you think we did, Davy?"
"Pretty good with the sunset colors and the flowers and all, Ammy. I'm just not real sure about that whole 'monster popping out from the Flint Hills' thing!"
"Hee hee hee!"


  1. Come on Dave, really? Isn't it a little unprofessional to be playing with a toy when you're hosting Serene Sunday? Get with the business!

    Ammy, you did wonderful! Just don't talk about Monsters and you'll be just fine.

    Don't worry Davey, we're not mad at you, just think you could have been a bit more professional.

    Storm & Jackal

    PeeS: Storm "Davey, you are soooo handsome and can do no wrong! Just ignore my brother."

  2. The sunset pictures are just magnificent! And mom loves those cheerful yellow day lilies!
    We are feeling very serene!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Good job guys, I wasn't too scared of the monster, so you did ok. Love the pretty flowers guys! We are hoping those tomato flowers turn into yummy tomatoes soon!

  4. How beautiful and the colour of the toy matched all those orange and yellows!
    We loved the sunsets. We were a bit scared when you mentioned monsters cos we could kinda see a monster in the sky!
    Thankfully the pictures of you guys looking wonderful and the flowers calmed us down again!
    Happy Serene Sunday.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  5. We loved your pix Dave! Your sunsets are just beautiful ~ even the monster rising 'cuz we love looking at all types of cloud formations. You have lovely flowers in your yard too.

  6. hello there "Army of Four"
    Lovely to meet you all! and the sunsets are stunning. So are the day lilies and the cherry tomatoes... lots of those in Mum's tunnels> I do try hard to get in and tear the pots to pieces but being a responsible Lion dog, I do keep my distance!

  7. oops, I am new at this.. Mum is Simply Simon but I am Musole I will remember to sign off next time!

  8. My Mom got so serene, she went to take a nap.

    Ammy, don't worry about the Monster as long as he isn't thundering and pitching bolts! Its when he does that, I am not a bit serene!


  9. Ammy and Dave, wonderful job! I love the second photo... not so sure about the monster cloud one!

    The White Rose of Sharon is gorgeous. I wish I could sniff it through the computer!

  10. You both did a great job today although we're not sure about the whole monster thing. Dave, you did a great job of showing us the sights while holding a toy in your mouth. You are great at multi-tasking! Ammy, you are so pretty admiring the sunset!

  11. Wooos! I love the sunset pictures, nice and serene except for the monsters.... The cherry tomatoes look good, hopefully the promises will be fulfilled!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  12. WOW! Those skies are simply beautiful. I think we need to turn an eye to the sky and post some pics of the KY sky.

    -Mollie and Bobo

  13. We are really feeling serene now with all the beautiful sunsets, flowers, and of course, pups!!!

    woos, the OP Pack

  14. what beautiful sunsets - the colors are increible - and the garden pics are pretty too - we dont really see the monster - but clouds are intrepreted differently but everyone - its the fun of them

    Woodrow - Sweetie - Sherman

  15. As always you have the most beautiful sunsets!!!

    And sooo many flowers! We would be sneezing all over.

    Great job everyone!!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  16. Now me and my mom feel very serene!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Hey there Ammy and Dave
    That was a great post and certainly made me feel serene. Those sunset pictures are stunning!...not to mention the flowers! You guys have such a neat garden! (Is that the military precision shining through?)
    Take care and have a really happy week.
    Tons of licks

  18. Hey everypup! I'm back! Mum says thanks for the serene photos, she needs them after coming back to work from her holiday.

    Sounds like it's been a good week for you all!

    Huffle Mawson

  19. I like having you two post together! You did a great job and showed us some wonderful photos. Mom likes your gorgeous flowers!

  20. Great job puppers! You get much more interesting clouds in Kansas than we get in Washington. Ours are either fluffy or just flat.


  21. Very serene indeed! :) My favorite pics are the ones with the both of you in them! Those cloud pics are really cool too!


  22. Davy talking with his mouth full and Ammy talking about Flint Hill monsters - shudder. But we loved the serene sunsets.

  23. The Thundering Herd are sooooo spot on!

    PeeEssWoo: I think there was some Xterra Orange in the sunsets!

  24. Oh the swirly sky is really beautiful...

    ~ Bae

  25. We were thinking the same thing as Martha - the toy colors stayed withing the sunset theme.

    If Ammy was to get the toy and work her magic on it, we would forgive her. Brice may actually encourage her.

    We used to have a toy like that but it was red and black. Then Bricey played a little too hard with it.

    Princess Eva & Brice

  26. wow...the sky pics are beautiful and soo colorful as are the flowers! Thanks for sharing!! It really brightened up our Sunday!

    Maxx & Mommy

  27. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Herro Beautiful Ammy!

    Those vistas are superbly serene (even the monster one; I watch sesame street with my hooman pups and so I know that monsters are nothing to fear).

    I love your garden, Mumma and I always admire it. Our garden is a very slow work-in-progress.

    Mr Darcy

  28. great pictures looks beautiful there

  29. Those sky shots are wonderful, such lovely colours.

    Your flowers are very pretty as well.

    Great shots you guys.. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  30. Wonderful Pictures Ammy (and Dave) even the monster...and your yard is looking AWESOME!!