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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Storm Watching How-To

Woo, everypup and almostevercat.  It's me, Dave, here with another one of my very helpful tutorials.  We haven't had any storms here in quite a while, but we did have one rip through the area a couple weeks ago. Since a lot of you are experiencing lots of rain and thunder and lightning and stuff right now, I thought you might benefit from seeing how I deal with storms.  Ready?

Being the weather geek that she is, Mom is constantly monitoring her 10-million weather apps on her iPhone and checks in to see what the local meteorologists and storm chasers are saying on FaceBook.  If there are storms in the area, we often do this:

IMG_3487 Dave
Me, helping my mom storm watch

Yep. Head out on the deck and watch the storm blow in!  Check out the storm from a couple weeks ago:

IMG_3486 12 AUG 11 storm

Pretty cool, huh? Keep watching, it got better!

IMG_3489 12 AUG 11 storm

We asked the rain to go to Texas to help out our friends who need the rain even more than we do (parts of Kansas are in a drought, but not where we are... we're just "low") - but it wasn't listening. In fact, it not only didn't go to Texas, it didn't even give us any rain!

We did get some loud thunder boomers and a cool light show, though. You can see how excited I got about the whole thing.

IMG_3485 Dave

And that's my storm watching how-to.  I hope you enjoyed it!



  1. We prefer to spend storms under the bed covers...or the sofa covers.... But mom loves the pictures and does love to watch storms roll in. :)

  2. An excellent tutorial, Dave. I used that "watching it from the deck" technique during Irene, I must say, it got pretty exciting! If there's thunder involved, I go hide under mom's desk. Its a tight squeeze, but she lets me squeeze in!

    ~jack a-roo

  3. You are one cool dude when it comes to storm watching Dave! Our mommy would have been hiding in the basement! We don't have storms like that here but we did hear thunder for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was in the middle of the night so my kitty sisfur Angel woke efurryone up so we could all hear it and see the lightening too since she'd never experienced that before! She's a scaredy cat! Ha roo roo!


  4. That third photo is great! The Road Goes on Forever and the Party (Storm) Never Ends!

  5. yikes those clouds are scawy. All mom has to do is look outside...she sounds like this one over here.
    Benny & Lily

  6. Woah storm clouds look so dark and scary!
    Dave, I dont know if your mom could storm watch without you! You're so involved!

  7. You are very brave Davy. When there is thunder at our house (which is very rare, thank goodness) I have to go hide in my safe spot. And I want everyone in the house to come with me. Except Teddy.


  8. That is one angry looking sky! I would have been hiding in the bathroom!

    Love ya lots

  9. I think I would have run for cover from the looks of that sky....you are very brave and do you Storm Watching job very well!

  10. I think the weather channel could really use you. That was an excellent storm watch report. I can see that from your observation tower you are able to observe the weather when it is still very far away thus providing for the long term forecast.

    BTW - we have extra rain here in MA if you want to send it down to Texas.


  11. Very good job, Dave, very good!



  12. Thanks for trying Dave!! We will count on you to let us know as soon as the rain is on the way!!

    Dory, Jakey and Bilbo

  13. We would sure like to send a lot of our flood water to our friends in TX too. It's just crazy when so many parts of the country are flooding and the poor southwest is dry as sand.

    You guys are doing a great job though!