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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Clip, Clip Here, Clip, Clip There...

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  I got to have my dew claws trimmed over the weekend!  I love being groomed.

IMG_3295d Dave
"Do you want me to do some smoothing, Davy?"
"Thanks, Mom, but I can do that part!"

It always reminds me of that part in the Wizard of Oz.  You know, the "... Clip, clip here, clip, clip there, we give the roughest claws that certain air of savoir faire in the merry old land of Oz ... " ?!?  I love that part.

IMG_3296d Dave
♩"Buff, buff here, buff buff there..."♩

I know what you're wondering.  Did Zimmie get to have a little trim, too?  Well, he doesn't have dew claws -- and the rest of his nails get filed down nicely by all the sidewalk walking we do.  Besides ... he seemed to disappear when the nail clippers came out.

IMG_3299z Zim
"They can't see me here, right?"

I have no idea where he was.



  1. Oh Dave, you are brave. I do not have dew claws but if MOM gets out the trim your nail stuff I try and hide. I don't know why. I have always been that way. So on the rare occasions this has to be done the vet has to do it. We tried a grooming place but all four adults could not hold me down. But I will let MOM use a nail file without much trouble. But the clippers, that's scary. And where is Zim in all this. I tried to find him, but.... he must have been wearing his camo gear. Oh AND MOM says aweeee and your feety feet. What is it with mom's and our feet?

  2. HEY Dave... WHERE IS ZIM today???

    WE don't have Dew Claws... BUTT MOM HACKS our nails... every MONTH... It is true torture. then to try and make up to us... she uses this special GLASS file thingy that she has fur us.

    WE DO like that thingy.
    So where did you say Zim is????

  3. Hi there Dave, So glad you make it easy for mom to cut your nails. We've had lots of dogs that have dew claws that we need to trim-but it was always such a pain to get them to hold still. Looks like you are a perfect pup in this area. Hope you have a wonderful day-it feels like spring here.
    Wags,Noreen & Hunter

  4. I stink at letting my mom cut my nails, so i have to go see my stupid vet, who also stinks at cutting my nails,,,its usually a bloodbath before we are finished...oh know this reminds me that i have to go this week!!
    Maggie is letting mom do it so far.
    stella rose

  5. Your a good dog Dave. Lots of dogs wont allow it. Since I have to go to the groomer every week, I let my favorite groomer keep mine filed down but I am a lot like Zim, mine get worn down pretty good, the file is to make them soft in case I put my paw up on a patient (at their request of course)

    OK My Vickie, I'll quite rambling again....

    Better go now.


  6. You are brave Dave. My Pip runs for it and it is a bit of a battle. I like Zim don't need it , lucky pups. Hope you had a great groom and pawdicure. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Dave? You file your own nails? Truly impressive. We didn't see your brother...does he have invisibility furs? Ruby has invisibility furs. No one can see her when she's laying in the middle of the big bed!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. Momma hates to clip nails. She once clipped my Aunt Kaitlin's nails a long time ago and they started bleeding! It freaked her out so much she won't do it again. She uses a Dremel tool on me to file my nails down quickly when they need it. I don't mind, because I get to snuggle up next to her and get lots of treats. But like Zim, Cinderella's nails stay trimmed from our walks. I don't know why I have such fast-growing nails!

  9. We didn't see Zim either. Mom says most of us are good for our pawdicures - except that Ivy chick....she is a screamer. :)

  10. Hi again, I just want to tell you I sent the recipe to your "bags"email. Let me know if you didn't get it-I lost your other one.
    Have a great afternoon.

  11. Baily and Mesa love nail trims, Big Carl screams bloody murder, Tori's are too hard for me to do myself

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. Anonymous4:12 PM

    ummmm...Zim, like your butt...well...it's kind'a hard to miss guy...sorry 'bout that...but the truth sometimes is tough to hear...next time, try under the Sitzbank thingy if you can squeeze under

  13. I said it on Facebook and I'll say it here again - that looks some kind of torture device.


  14. i won't let mom cut my nails. every time she has my nail positioned to snip, i pull my paw away BOL. it's a riot! she has given up trying, so she takes me to the local groomer.
    wags, bailey

  15. Ugh. I have dew claws. It's the only trimming I need. It's my goal to only have it done once a year or so. BLECH.

    Maybe I should try filing my own like you do. It's gotta be better than what the humans put me through.


  16. We get pawdicures too Davy! Our sisfur Sadie hated them though so we think you are very brave!

  17. Pawticures are very exhausting
    Benny & Lily

  18. So far we have let the groomers at PetSmart do Millie's nails. She did well for them so I think we will stick with that for now.

    You are very talented to file your own nails Dave.


  19. I don't like having my nails trimmed. You are very brave. When I do have them done, I go to my Vetlady, cause Mommy is too chicken to do me.

    Loveys Sasha

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  21. Mom takes Molly to PetSmart to have her nails done and Molly does have dewclaws. My nails get worn down pretty much on my daily walkies too, Dave, and I'm lucky - I don't have dewclaws and glad of it because I don't like my feets messed with!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  22. i love it when Mike does my nails! Feels so good to have that done.... Aren't we lucky to have people who take such great care of us!