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Thursday, January 31, 2013

It Seems Like Just Yesterday...

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me - Zim!  And that's the way a lot of the conversations went around here yesterday:  "It seems like just yesterday..." and the bipeds talked about the warm weather and sun.  Remember the day Dave posted pix of him playing on the deck out in the 77-degree Kansas sunshine?  The local meteorologists were right - after midnight, our temps started falling and falling ... and the next thing we knew ... well.  You saw yesterday's post.  SNOW! As one of the Topeka meteorologists put it:
"Kansas....January 29, 2013 (the 152nd anniversary of the founding of the State of Kansas): 12:01 am - 71 degrees with high thin clouds....This could easily be mistaken for any summer night. 05:30 am - 54 degrees with scattered showers ....If the calendar said April, it would certainly make sense. 10:30 am - 42 degrees and overcast. If you were sitting in any of the hundreds of HS Football stadiums, looking down at the grid-iron with dozens of football players, you would think this is definitely Autumn. 10:30 pm - 31 degrees and heavy snow falling...There is a Winter Weather Advisory for the area, you guess what season this represents. Yes people, that is all 4 seasons in one 24 hour period..." 
We ended up getting 4" here at Ao4 Headquarters.  But let's back up to Monday!  Here's what I did while Dave was playing with Purple Panda:

IMG_3399e Zim

Mom squirted toothpaste in the Kong Jack for me; it was great!

After Davy went in with Double P, I thought I'd engage with Mom a bit.

IMG_3431e Zim
"Hold this while I chew on it, OK?"

She's pretty good at that.  I made sure to praise her.  For some odd reason, though, when I stepped back and gave a "Ha roo!" of appreciation, she threw the toy across the deck.  It was odd.  I felt compelled to go get it, though, so I could finish getting all that yummy toothpaste out of it.

IMG_3425e Zim
"This seems to have flown out of your hand, Mom..."

Here's a very short video:

If that won't play, please click here.

No.  I did not "fetch" the toy.  I simply brought it back to my mom so she'd hold it for me.  And she did.  Then we played the Creeping Fingers Game:

IMG_3423e Zim

I love the Creeping Fingers Game.  Sometimes we play that without any toys -- and the Creeping Fingers try to touch my feety-feet.  It's crazy-fun!  Only ... you know what's better than that, right?!?  Fast forward a bit ...

IMG_3460e Zim

Making a really cool snow fort!!!

It was tough sledding, as they say, as I had a lot of ice to deal with.  I was up to the job, though, and was able to get a decent fort built.

IMG_3470e Zim
"Dig my crazy snow nose, pups and cool cats!"

What a difference 24 hours makes, don't you think!  I Kansas!

Play bows,


  1. No kidding guys 24 hours and look it is all change. Love your games. I like ankle bitey ankle bitey and when in the mood bite the hand that feeds. Trouble is peeps doesn't but usually laughs so much that it makes me do it more. Silly peeps. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMD WE know the creeping fingers game!! It is grrrrreat isn't it?

    You got your teefspaste put on your KONG TOY??? THAT is a SUPER IDEA... Do you use Chicken Flavored paste? That is our favorite flavor.

  3. Wow, that's a big change!! I totally understand the difference between fetching and getting a toy. No worries.

  4. can we go back to Monday??? we got the colds here and we don't like it!! at least we didn't get the snow you guys got....we know you have fun building forts and all, but no thanks :)

  5. Wow I want toothpaste in my kong. What funtastic photo's..Someone nicked our snow :( xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. You know what zim and dave we also play a psycho game called, "wheres the mouse?" mom creeps her fingers up closer and closer and tickles under our chins...it gets us everytime!! our weather was just like yours, beautiful and warm, cold and windy!!!
    stella rose and maggie

  7. Mum throws my toys too. And I chase them, but then I just sit there and wait for her to come over and throw it again. I have her well trained.

  8. Anonymous3:50 PM

    MOUSES!! Snow after a play day like Monday!! And you do know how to build Zim..just sayin...(and how to fetch...shhhhh I won't tell)

  9. No you were not playing fetch, toothpaste in your kong toy, that sounds yum yum. Great video.Creeping finer games grumble thats fun. We loved the crazy snow nose picture. Enjoy your snow

    The silvers and more

  10. Oh Zim, I know you would never ever ever fetch. You just had to go and capture your toy. I hope you didn't let your mom accidentally let it go again!

    I am oh so jealous of that beautiful snow. You can barely see ours now. NO one even got to shovel the driveway =(


  11. We hope the same thing will happen to us! We had almost 60 degrees this morning and it's going down to the 20's tonight. We want snow!
    We loved your video, Zim!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. We loved your video and were clapping our paws too! That must have been some breeze to bring all that snow but we're glad it did!

  13. It was the same here this week. Tuesday was 66 and as I type this it is snowing out. Looks like you had fun with your toy.

  14. That crazy weather has traveled across the country to us too. We should start getting our snow back starting tonight. I can't wait!


  15. WE missed yesterdays post but went back and read it today. Oh my gosh, look at all that snow. I bet you guys had such a great walk in it and now today,

    Isn't life wonderful.


  16. Wow all four seasons in one day!! That is great. Are you sure you were not fetching? And that is a great fort! I am still working on mine. But going out and working on homeless stuff with MOM sort of takes a bite out of fort building.

  17. I love creeping fingers, but we just call it fingers. I get my Mommy to hold my toys sometimes, it is a good way to train them. It got real cold again here and we got more snow. We had bad blowing snow and there were some terrible big accidents on the freeway. My Daddy is safe thank dogness. This weather is crazy.

    Loveys Sasha

  18. 24 hours sure did make a difference. What a good idea mom had putting that stuff in your Kong. Better than brushing your teeth with it
    Benny & Lily