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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's My Big Day!

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave!  I almost forgot about what day today was.  I mean, there we were the other evening, about to settle in for some quality TV time.  Zim was doing his "mixing things up" thing, sitting next to our mom.  They seemed to be ... I don't know.  Being secret-like!

IMG_0095e Dave
"Mom?  What are you and Zimmie doing?"

IMG_0094e Dave
"Well, yeah, I mean other than watching TV.  Whatcha talking about?"

IMG_0099e Dave
"You're talking about me?  And my big day?"

It took me a couple minutes.  I mean, I just HAD my Adopt-a-Dave Day celebration, so it wasn't that.  So what could it ... WAIT!!!

IMG_0092e Dave
"Woo!  Tuesday is my birthday!!!"

That's right, everybody!!!  Today is the day we chose to celebrate my birthday and I am now 15 years old!!!  Woo!!!  

I'm fairly sure that means I'm allowed to get my driver's license here in the state of Kansas.  Mom ran it past my vet last week when I went in to see her.  Mom promised to keep me on a leash, of course -- I mean, yes, I'm 15, but I'm still a Siberian Husky!!!  My vet said it's just a learner's permit and maybe just back and forth to school or work.  That's going to be hard, since I'm home-schooled and work from home ... but we'll see what we can do!

Zim and I are doing lots of celebrating together.

IMG_3141e Dave and Zim
"Look, Zim.  Every last trace of your really cool snow fort is gone."
"I know, Dave.  Happy birthday, big brother!"

Sure, I like snow as much as the next guy.  But when you're 15, the bipeds get all concerned about you having good footing and stuff.  Zimmie understands that and is happy that I'm not slipping around.  He's really the best kid brother a guy could ask for!

I got to go on a walk with just me and Dad first thing this morning, then all four of us went on a walk together, then Zimmie and I took Mom around the block.  It's been a great day, and it's not even lunch time!  I hope all of you will take some time to CELEBRATE today!!!

IMG_3201e Dave and Zim
"This is the best 15th birthday EVER, Zim!"
"Can I ride shotgun when you get your license?  Mom can have the backseat!"



  1. Happy Birthday Davy!!! I'd trust that face to drive me to work and back. I see you and mom like to watch Person of Interest. Very nice. It's one of Mikey and Aria's favorite shows.

  2. A BIG Happy Bday to you, Dave!
    ...your comment on our blog today was cracking us up!!!
    ; ) Katie

  3. Dave my brother HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 15 really? Well you sure don't look it. Must be all those great walks you go on. As my birthday present to you I would like to hire you to drive Zim and you over here so Zim can teach me proper snow fort building. My MOM would love to hug you and rub your belly while Zim and I build a couple of real cool forts. And then we could go on a real cool birthday walks around my hood. I've told the birdies all about you guys and they can't wait to meet you. So after you have family birthday fun hop in the car and get yourself over here. Plenty of snow for every dog.

  4. Sending some Texas-sized Birthday Wooo-shes to Dave! Have a wooo-nderful 15th birthday celebration. (Don't forget to nap too!)

    --Rubi, Holly, Sprite and Casey

  5. 15!! This should be a national holiday. Have a happy happy birthday sweetie
    Benny & Lily

  6. Wow Dave today is your birthday...i bet your mom is baking you some goodies like she always does...congrat's i wouldn't have guessed over 5 years old!

    Now as far as the driving do you think you could mapquest where i live and see if it within your driving distance that you can go, cos i sure would love to see you guys!
    stella rose

  7. Oh sweet Dave a big warm Happy 15th Birthday. My lovely Pip is 15 too. We wish you the best of days. Have fun, eat lots of treats and enjoy. Big hug and licks.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Happy Birthday Dave!! Treats all around.....

  9. you're really 15?????

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Happy 15th Birthday Dave! We hope your afternoon is as great as your morning was! Enjoy your day and many, many more! Smooches from all of us!

    Angel & Isabella

  11. Happy Birthday Dave!!!! Hope that you have an amazing day with your family and friends! Much Love from The Lone Star State! Peggy and Charlie..woo woo baa roo!

  12. Hi Dave, Happy Happy Birthday buddy! I can't believe you are 15-you look like you are still a kid. Maybe 7 or 8 but not 15-your mom and dad must take good care of you. Tell mom I homeschooled our daughters, so if she needs ideas with you, I can help. Who am I kidding, I need all the help I can get with Hunter.
    Have a great day!
    Woofs, Noreen & Hunter

  13. “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece but not too much.”
    ― George Harrison, I, Me, Mine

    Happy Bithday Dave, you are the MAN !!!!

    Remy and Flash

  14. Happy 15th Birthday, Dave! We think that's pretty special!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Happy birthday! Now that you can get your license you can come to Ohio and we can play squeaky toy games.

  16. Happy Birthday, Dave!You don't look a day over 5 :-)

  17. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAY to you DAVID. I though I should call you DAVID since you might want to put that on your DRIVER's LICENSE.
    Dave Ernie and I hope you had the bestset birfday EVER..
    Think... BACK ROADS..

  18. Oh my heck Dave. Happy Birthday. You know, you have been around three times as long as me. very impressive..

    I hope you have had the most wonderful wonderful day.


  19. Happy Birthday, Dave! You look so puppyish, if you didn't say you were 15, we'd never guess it! Yow! so cool that you are legal to drive :D well, ok...mostly
    hee hee!

    Have a great day today!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie
    (and Wriggley!!!)

  20. Happy birthday Davy! Here's to a wonderful day and many more to come.

  21. Happy Birthday Dave! You are one of the coolest dogs in Blogville.


  22. Hey guys, just read you're pawwsome interview with savvy! Happy birthday Dave!

  23. Happy Birthday, Dave!
    15! Wow! Here in Mexico you could have your "Quinceanera" party!
    Similar to the sweet sixteen celebration!
    I enjoyed a nice... and cold walkie in your honor!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. Woo Buddi!!!
    On behalf of Momma and the rest of the Iowa Crew....Happi, Happiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Birthday!!!
    Glad you had a Dave-tastic day!!
    Your pal,

  25. Happy birthday! Walkies all around!!


  26. Happy Birthday Dave!! Gotta say you look marvelous. Hope you have lots more birthdays!! If you need some distance driving come on up and visit us, we're really not too far from you and you can run around our ranch with no leash :)

  27. Happy Birthday to woo...
    Happy Birthday to woo...
    Happy Birthday dear Davy
    Happy Birthday to woo!
    and we made it before your birthday was over :)
    Bryn, Dolly and Maui

  28. Wow wow WOW! An Adopt-a-Dave Day AND a birthday so close together?! How can you handle all the excitement? Cinderella and I wish you a very very HAPPY birthday!! Maybe when you get your license, you and Zim can drive down to visit us! (With your momma holding your leash from the backseat, of course.)

  29. Happy Birthday Dave, I hope you have a most excellent day!!

    Loveys Sasha

  30. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Happy birthday Dave, you don't look a day over 14!! BOL

  31. HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY! That is AWESOME! I hope you have a fun day filled with lots of treats and many hugs! Enjoy!

  32. Walks are a super way to celebrate your birthday. Mine is coming soon...sure hope I get a bunch of walks that day!


  33. Oh wow! Happy Happy 15th Barkday Davey!!! You are still a sweet pup for us Piappies, you see.

    We are happy to celebrate this special with you. We love all your poses today. So are we all going for a ride when you get your license? Yay!


    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie