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Monday, January 28, 2013

Who's Hungry?

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim.  Wowzers, have I been busy on KP Duty lately!  Would you like to see some of the assists I've been in on?  Let's get cooking!

A lot of the hubbub started the other day when Mom and I got some new baking dishes in.

IMG_3357e New baking dishes!

These babies can go from the freezer to the oven to the table!  What to make first, though?!?  Dave, being from Texas, suggested burritos. Smothered burritos!  Great idea, Davy!

I had already helped make some yummy shredded pork, so we decided to put that and some cheese in the middle.  And more cheese on top, with some of the juice from the meat.  Here's how they looked before we put them in the oven:

IMG_3363e Smothered burritos.  And Zim.

As you can see, I'm right there, supervising.  (Oh, sure, Mom says I'm the "sous chef", but we all know who's really in charge here!)

And here's how they looked after baking:

IMG_3368e Smothered burritos

Look at that goldeny goodness!  You should have seen it all bubbling and stuff!  Oh, wait -- check out his video:

If that doesn't play, please click here.  Yeah.

Mom decided to whip one of these up this weekend, too:

IMG_3359e Cinnamon Streusel Bread
Cinnamon Streusel Bread

I think if I was a bread, I'd be Cinnamon Streusel Bread.  What do you think?

Last night, Mom made French Onion Grilled Cheese sandwiches.  Basically, you make onions like you're making French Onion Soup, but you only put a splash of wine in as per liquids -- not any broth.

IMG_3379e Onions.  And Zim

Note I'm in the background supervising.  I'm a Working Breed - it's in my blood to be engaged at all times like this.

You stack the onions and cheese up on some sourdough bread, then pan grill them like grilled cheese sandwiches.  Here's what you get:

IMG_3381e French Onion Grilled Cheese
French Onion Grilled Cheese sandwiches

Well, that's what your bipeds get.  Pups and kit-cats do NOT get onions!!!

And me?  I don't get people food at all, being on a restricted diet.  I still help out, though.  It's my duty and I do love my work.  So ... until tonight when we cook again ... you can find me here:

IMG_0120e Zim

Unless I'm out on patrol or on an adventure or doing zoomies or something!  (I have no idea why I look so bleached out in that photo!)

Play bows,


  1. We do like how you appear in so many food oriented pictures. How does that keep happening?

  2. I know you are on a restricted diet but Zim how do you resist just sampling? Will of steal that's what you have. I love to help my MOM cook. I mostly on food dropped on the floor duty and pre-dish wash duty. But these are very important too. Maybe some day I can move up to sous chef and then one day CHEF. I think I will see if I can help make a grilled cheese for lunch right now. Ooooo cheesy goodness. Oh I almost forgot that bread is my MOM's favorite. She doesn't get to have it too often, so when she lefts herself it is like heaven. And your mom's looks heavenly. Good thing we don't have smell-o-computers, I think she might have snagged a piece.

  3. Cooking with mum is great Zim. We love it when the peeps drop stuff on the floor and we get to hoover it up. Yummy, Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Oh.....our mom wants to know if your mom will share the cinnamom bread recipe with the other moms. We don't get to taste, either so don't feel bad.
    Dolly & Maui

  5. Wow, those look yummy! I'm going to make sure Momma tries the French Onion Sandwiches. I can't have the onion, but I can sure have some of the cheese! Mmmmmm.

  6. Zim! Great job sous cheffing!! I'm the kitchen assistant here. I like to lay right in the middle of the kitchen OR where ever mom is standing in order to provide the speediest possible clean-up!


  7. maybe our mom would cook more if she had a great sous chef like you!!! and she kinda drooled over the bread.... MOL

  8. Hi buddy, Those dishes are pretty cool; the burritos look great as do the sandwiches. I bet you are staying inside so you can stay warm today. Glad you don't eat people food-you are probably much healthier because of it.
    Have a great evening.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  9. We are starving ..just starving after we looked that those pictures..your mom is a cooking genius she should open a cooking school and my mom needs to sign up really FAST!!
    stella rose

  10. I think you are looking pale because you haven't had enough stinky goodness treats! Go ask your mum for one from me.

    Auntie Trace

  11. I am SO hungry now....best get to the kitchen! Everything looks YUMMY!

  12. BOL!! Pops is drooling at that sandwich! Play bows,


  13. WE just ate our supper... butt are HUNGRY all over again after seeing THOSE Delicious thingys..

    We think the Cinnamon Bread would be HEAVENLY. Drool Drip drip

  14. What a superduper cook your mom is, guys! We've been drooling all the way through your post!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Oh my gosh, do you have to do that to My Vickie. That all looks sooooo good.

  16. We think you and your mom should have your own show on the Food Network! Those foods all look yummy so great job Zim! And your mom too of course!

  17. My mouth is watering from those burritos and the streusel bread. I can live without the onions though. I think I need to go get a snack.


  18. Mom loves those burritos. But she said N-o to us. We can only taste the cheese
    Benny & Lily

  19. Glogirly was hungry BEFORE we came to visit. NOW you've done it!!!
    ; ) Katie

    ...she keeps muttering cinnamon streusel, cinnamon streusel...

  20. Mommy is seriously drooling all over me right now. That cake, are you kidding me??? That looks pawsome and the burritos. Mommy loves the dishes also, she is ready to start cooking, so I will talk to you later. Thanks.

    Loveys Sasha

  21. Oh Zim,

    I think aside from their love of all things Sibe, the women in our lives have much in common. Mrs. Master loves Le Cruset. If your mom doesn't have one of those dutch ovens, tell her to get one of those next.

    Both my humans also love all things that involve caramelized onions. They smell good but I can't ever have them either!!! Boo.


  22. I'm coming to your house for dinner!! I'll be there soon :)

  23. Anonymous10:10 PM

    quick Zim, send your address...I have to text it to Mom ...she is on her way to the airport as i type and I only have paws...she was, well...drooling???