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Monday, April 29, 2013

Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

Hello, everyone - it's me, Cammie.  I just have a couple quick updates for you today.

First off, I have my very own Army dog tag now!  Check  it out:

IMG_4461c Cameron

It has my name and address and phone number and all kinds of good information on it!  I think that means I've completed Boot Camp and am in the Army forEVER!

I also have a leash to match my Lupine collar now!

IMG_4495c Cameron
"Hey, Cocker Spaniels!  Are you down there?!?"

Isn't it pretty?

My mom also ordered some webbing so she could make a collar for me to match the green and blue leash I have (the one you can see in this photo) and some pink camo with bones on it!  She got some webbing for my brothers, too!

IMG_4462c Cameron
"How do I look?"

I just can't wait to wear all my new outfits!

IMG_4493cz Cameron and Zim
"Do you Cockers like me in purple?"
"Seriously.  Is she cute enough or what!?!"

Like the Kinks said, I'm a "dedicated follower of fashion"!

That's all I have for you today.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday!



  1. Tres chic, Miss Cami! Woo look mahvelous in purple, my dear!

    I love my purple collar & leash too, plus its my Mom's favorite color!

    Miss Moo

  2. Camo, this is Cinderella, and I have to say, grrl to grrl, that you look FABULOUS! A girl can never be too well-dressed, you know! I think I like the pink camo print the best, just because I can never resist a pun on names. (My favorite collar has crowns on it, because I'm a princess!) But the purple looks lovely with your furs too. The Army could definitely use a woman's touch!

  3. Cammie I think you could make a brown paper bag look good. Dave you just might have to keep an extra eye our for all the dogs who will be stopping by to check your sister out.

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

    The pups are precious but the link to The Kinks? Amazing! :)

  5. Oh Zim! You are proud of your little sister, aren't you?


  6. Will you have your mom post a tutorial on how to make the collars?

    Mrs. Master is a FREAK about the kind of collar I have and blah blah so I'm still wearing the collar I came with and it's boring.



  7. Cammie, you are so lucky to have your own in-home design team at your paw-tips!!


  8. You are very fashionable Cammie. The colors look pretty with your furs
    Benny & Lily

  9. Hey Camo you sweet fashionista you are looking real good. Pawsome you have passed boot camp and are now officially one of the AO4. Have a marvelous Monday.
    best wishes Molly

  10. Nice gear! Love the patterns!

  11. Hi Camo, I think you are beautiful just as you are; but I do love the webbing for the new leash and color. You have a very talented mom!
    Noreen & Hunter

  12. My sister Starr has that same Lupine collar, very pretty! :)

  13. WE agree with Nora (who truly would like a NEW Collar) that your mom should do a Stitch by Stitch tutorial.. starting with Where you got the Webbing material.

    Cammie you are gonna have all the UNATTACHED guys of Blogville lined up at your door. And We don't mean Off Leash type of Unattached either. Just sayin.

  14. You're so beawootiful Camo! You have more outfits than our mommy does! We don't wear collars cause we prefer to be nekkid.

  15. Purple is my favorite color, you will look beautiful!

    I love the look on Daves face

    Loveys Sasha

  16. You are gorgeous, Camo!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Camo! Concats on passing boot camp :) you look mighty stylish in your new leash and collar outfit. You will need to take your folks on lots of walkies so you'll be able to use the new leashes you'll soon have :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  18. I love your new collar and leash. How cool that your mom is going to make you all some new outfits. It's great to have a crafty mom isn't it?


  19. Your closet is going to be full of beautiful collars, Camo!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  20. Ohhh! She is such a beauty!!! Purple really fits on you! :D