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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Play Time!

Hello, everyone!  It's Cammie here today.  I think my brothers have told you that we get most of our exercise out on walks, but sometimes we get to go to a magical place to have one-on-one playtime with our mom.  That place is called The Backyard and I got to go back there the other day!

I did some exploring first (we'll share those pix later) and then I got to PLAY!

IMG_2421cps Cam
"Ooh!  Tennis Balls on a Rope?!?"

I was very interested in the toy!  I don't know why, but Mom won't throw Tennis Balls on a Rope for us in the house.  I wonder why not?  Anyway, she did throw it for me in the yard!

IMG_2422cps Cam
"Run!  Run!  Run!"

(I was on a very long leash, not attached to anything.  Mom said I have to learn about not jumping off the retaining walls before I can go leash-free back there.  Safety first!)

IMG_2423cps Cam
"I got it!  I got it!"

IMG_2424cps Cam
"I ... uh oh!  Brakes!!!  BRAKES!"

IMG_2425cps Cam

IMG_2426cps Cam
"Got you, you Tennis Balls on a Rope, you!"

I had tons of fun running after the toy, then chewing it, then running some more!  Oh.  Oh, I know what you might be wondering.  Do I play that Fetch game like my Davy does?  Is that what you're wondering?  Well... I do love my Dave... but let's just say I'm more in the Siberian camp and less in the Labrapuppy camp.



  1. Oh Camo! That photo of you flying is just so great!

    I am very glad to hear that you aren't fetching anything though. The fact that you cuddle is alarming enough.


  2. Cammy THAT is wonderful that you got to visit the mystical magical BACK YARD. The rope on a Ball toy is super fur that place...

    Glad that you had such a FUN TIME.

  3. BRAKES are impawtant to learn about, especially when there are walls you can fall off. But I'm glad you had fun!!

  4. That was a cool action shot. You have to stay limber to chase things.


  5. Those were some great action shots Cammie!


  6. Woozers, that looks like fun! Woo showed that ball on a rope a thing or two, and your newmom got a GREAT action shot of woo, Camo!

    puppy woos,
    Jack & Moo

  7. I love your breaking photos. Woo Wooooo. My boo boo is all healed now, butt next time I get an ochie you can come over and make it all better. I bet you are very good at that.

  8. You sure are pretty Cammie. Moms. Worry about the darndest things
    Benny & Lily

  9. Brakes are very important Camo! It looks like fun in the backyard!

  10. Good job on the breaks, you almost went right over. I love your toy.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. Wow Cammy looks like you were having a swell time in the back yard. Don't forget to oil those brakes with some fishy treats. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Anonymous3:56 AM

    That does look like the most fun! I should gets me one of them!

  13. That camo rope and ball toy was made for you, Camo! Great action shots!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. what fun....but you may need to have your brakes checked. MOL

    (whispers) and did you really call Dave a labrapuppy?? hahaha

  15. Your backyard is really pretty and we loved that action shot of your feet in the air!!!! Your toy was cool also.
    stella rose

  16. BOL - Sam's brakes don't work so well either - we've had him crash into the wall before!

    Maybe a parachute would help with the retaining wall?


  17. Nice face-plant, Camo! :D
    You know, Wriggley and our mom always play with soft toys in the house...only cause the way our mom throws, er, well, lets just say it isn't safe for anything hanging on the wall...or sometimes even us... Have fun not playing fetch :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie