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Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Finish Friday

Hello again, everyone.  It's me, Camo.  We did some special photos this week for Photo Finish Friday!  Are you ready to take a look?

The first ones are of Zim in The Backyard.  You remember - that magical place I told you about yesterday!  Here is a collage of Zim doing some Rin Tin Tin poses:

Rin Tin Zim

He looks very strong and handsome, doesn't he?  Here's another pose that I especially like:

IMG_2417cps Zim
My brother Zim

I think he looks kind there.  And fun to play with.  Especially on walks when you're supposed to be walking and not horsing around.  Umm... not that I'd do something like that or anything.

Here I am, checking out The Backyard for the very first time!


I walked all around our special path then checked under the deck and around the whole perimeter/fence-line.  It was very fun exploring!  Here's my favorite photo:


Mom already put that on FaceBook, but I put it on a special background for all of you.  Do you like the caption?  I AM Camo-flaged!  Zimmie and I fit in real well with our limestone walls, don't we?

Davy likes to play in the front!  Here's a collage of him with one of his favorite toys, Squee Kee Moose.

Dave and Squee Kee Moose

Squee Kee looks fun.  I wonder if Dave would let me play with him for a while...  I'll have to ask!

I hope you enjoyed our photos and collages!  Have a great weekend!



  1. What beautiful pictures. Camo you are looking more and more comfortable and happy
    Benny & Lily

  2. Wow, what beeYOUtiful collages! But I guess it's easy to do them when you have such fangtastic pictures to work from. Cinderella's over here sighing over your brothers, sheesh! I had to look REAL hard to find you when you were Camo-flaged. I thought it was just a picture of a wall at first!

  3. Love the pix and Camo-flage made us laugh. Clever! Nice one. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. You guys look like you're having so much fun! Sure wish I could go on a walk with you and Zim!

    I would love to play squeekee moose with Dave too!


  5. Cammy you are not only CUTE you are FUNNY. Loved the Camo FLAGED Pun !

  6. All three of you are gorgeous! Camo-flage! Hee hee! That's funny!

  7. I love your photo finish Friday. Loved it. Camo-flage haa wooooo. That's a good one. I bet Dave would let you play with Squee Kee Moose, as long as he still squeeks after you were done. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Zimmie and Dave are so handsome! And, of course my Aunt Cammie is gorgeous! Looks like you all had a nice day!

    Khady Lynn

  9. What beautiful photos! You really are camo-flaged by the limestone walls, Camo!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Camo, where are you? We can't see you! BOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend!