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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Serene Scenery Sunday

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave, here with Serene Scenery Sunday.  Most of the pix this week are going to include a special little somepup because ... well ...

IMG_4265c Camo

... yeah.  Doesn't get much more serene than that, does it?  Or adorable.  (Yes, that's Zim's bed, but we are all happy to let our pack-mates take turns with our beds.)

Our new little sister is fitting in just great.  It only takes her a couple times to see something before she has it all figured out!  When we go for our walks, for instance, everypup gets hooked up in the house, then we go into the garage, make sure we're all hooked up right, then we open the garage door.  It's one of those big safety issues.  Anyway, here's a shot of us at the start of a walk:

IMG_4251zdc Zim, Dave, and Cam
"Make sure she's hooked up right before Mom zaps the door open, Dave!"
"Yeah ... she's good to go, Zim!"

"Oooooh, what's that noisy thing up there?"

It's like with the garage door opener.  She showed no fear of it, but was curious!  Once Mom explained to her what it was, she was good to go.  She's real cool about stuff like that!

Anyway, Dad has walked the redheads to the Kansas Ocean a few times on their early morning road march - but yesterday afternoon, they got to go again with Mom!  Here are a few photos from that outing:

IMG_4283zc Zim and Cam
"Ahhh!  Feel that wonderful ocean breeze!"

Zim said Cammie was real good about not pulling toward his duck friends and didn't bark at them or anything, so he's hoping he can teach her how to make friends with other species.  Mom is of the opinion, based on the look on Camo's face, that while Zim would like to have the ducks over for dinner, Cam would like to have them for dinner.  That doesn't sound too serene, though, if you're a duck -- or Zim -- so let's move on!

Here are a few shots of the redheads on the way home:

IMG_4289cz Cam and Zim
"Thanks for not scaring my duck friends away, Cam!"

IMG_4290cz Cam and Zim
"How come every time I start pulling, Mom stops walking?"
"She's quirky like that, Camo.  Maybe she's tired or something."

IMG_4291cz Cam and Zim
"Hi, Mom!  Are you coming?"

Mom really likes the sky in those two pix!  Speaking of which, here's a sunset shot we took on one of our evening patrols this week:

IMG_4245s 11 APR 13 sunset

And now ... here's something that made Mom's FaceBook friends all gushy the other day.  Can you guess who this is?

IMG_4258dc Dave and Cam

OK... let's pan out!

IMG_4259dc Dave and Cam
Me and Camo

What can I say?  Holding paws with her makes me feel all kinds of serene!

I hope you enjoyed my post.  Remember there is serenity and beauty all around you!



  1. Wow Dave it is all settling down fabulously at your pad. Have to say unlike Zim we'd want the ducks for dinner too. I am drooling at the thought. Have a serene Sunday and take it easy.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I don't think I can say it enough...Cammie is so lucky to be part of the AO4.


  3. Oh she is sure right where she belongs. And she could not have two better brothers in the whole world. Hey Dave if ya ever need a break holding her paw just let me know. I can fill in when ya need me to. You won't have to ask me twice.

  4. that was very serene..... (ok, except maybe for the ducks - MOL)

  5. Awwwwwww you boys are gonna be like PUTTY in Camo's Paws... SOON. Just sayin guys. Just sayin.

  6. I'm so glad she's fitting in so well with you all!

  7. What a beautiful addition to your pack
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hmmm...it seems suspicious that your mom has two Labs AHEM Sibes that are so alike in the family. HOLDING PAWS!?!

    Well, I guess whatever floats your boat.


  9. OH what beautiful pictures. You all look so good with blue skys as your back drop.

  10. So sweet! I'm so glad Cammie is fitting in so well! And, I'm sure she is absolutely SERENE with her new wonderful home!

    Khady Lynn

  11. We love the picture of you and Camo touching paws, Dave! We are feeling serene on a Monday morning!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  12. You guys are so sweet. I think Mom would get gushy too!


  13. Oh you boys had better watch out cos that Cammie is going to have you all wrapped around her paws!!!
    stella rose

  14. Aww, I'm glad to see that pretty Camo is fitting in so well! She looks like the pawfect sister for you two -- looking at ducks with Zim and holding paws with Dave! Awww. And she sure is pretty. :)