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Monday, October 07, 2013

Dear Cammie, Column 1

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie - here with my first ever advice column!  Let's get right down to business, OK?  Today, I'll answer two queries.

My dear friends Millie and Walter wanted to know:
"How do we get our humans to give us more stuffy toys to destroy? Most of ours are held hostage because we try to tear them apart. Isn't that the point of a stuffy toy?"
Yes, yes, it is! I'm not quite sure why bipeds don't understand the joy of destuffing things and ripping them to shreds! I think their lives might be a bit less stressful if they enjoyed stuffies the way we do!  I have two ideas for you!

First, look at the positive aspect.  If your stuffies are held hostage because they might have ... oh, I don't know, spontaneously sprung a leak or something... then your bipeds should get you new ones!  Or since you have a very talented mom, perhaps she could make stuffies for you two!  Wouldn't that be super-special?!?  Let your mom know how much you appreciate her skills, give her the Sad Eyes Look, like so ...

Me, doing the Sad Eyes Look

... and I think you can win her over right there!

Secondly, hide the evidence.

"Toy?  What toy?"

I think you know where I'm coming from!  If they can't see it, they can't take it away!

I hope that helps!  Keep me posted, friends!

Next up, my beautiful fellow Sibe Nora B. Webster wanted to know:
"How do I get my humans to get me my very own puppy to raise and make into the very most perfect mini Nora?"
Oh, what a great question! The obvious thing is for you to point out to Mr. and Mrs. Master is that they're getting a mini them, so it's only fair that you should have a mini Nora of your very own! Seriously!

After pointing that out, remind your bipeds just how wonderful you've been with all the foster pups you've helped.  You trained them, you exercised them, you helped turn them into lovely, adoptable companions for terrific families!  But now ... it's just you!  How lonely.  What will you do while Mr. and Mrs. Master are tending to Mini Master?  You NEED a puppy!

You know, I've been lobbying for a puppy of my very own, too.  I had two litters back at Polargold Siberians and just LOVE puppies!  Perhaps if I share my process with you it will give you some additional ideas.   Mostly, I've been dropping a series of hints.  Today, I give you I'd Like A Puppy Hint #1:

"Oh, look at that!  My friend Bebe has given birth to a beautiful litter of puppies!"

Isn't it amazing that I was looking at that photo on my iPad just when my mom came in the room?  Remarkable timing!  That's how the process starts, Nora!  I'll share a hint each day this week; I truly hope it helps you (and me) with your quest to get a puppy!

Thank you for reading - and please tune in again tomorrow for another edition of Dear Cammie!


PS:  Photo credit of Bebe (Dancing Winds Polargold Legacy) and her and Juarez's (Champion D'Azul's El Presidente) puppies courtesy of my dear family back at Polargold Siberians and Finnish Lapphunds. Photo used with permission.


  1. Oh Cammie, this was a beautiful post. Can't wait to read more.
    Our question is....how is it that you are SOOOOO beautiful???

  2. Hi Cammie,

    Thanks for answering our question. You gave us some great advice on how to get more time with our stuffies.

    Millie & Walter

  3. LOL that was the best agony aunt column we have read in a long time Cammo. We think you should continue with Moan To Me Monday each week. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. you are so smart Cammie!!!!

    BTW - mom says if you guys can't get puppies, we have some kittens we could send you :)

  5. Oh Cammie you are so smart, we must think up a question for you!!
    stella rose

  6. Thank you for the great advice Cammie, you are so helpful! Now if mom would just repair our stuffies so we can have them back, we would be as happy as you!

    Kiki and Nala

  7. Oh boy, I just know we're going to learn ALL SORTS of things! Momma doesn't mind me operating on stuffies one bit, though. She calls me Dr. Casey! She only gets mad if there are little white fluffy things everywhere.

    PeeS: Nora, I know where you can find some totally pawesome boxer puppies to raise!

  8. I love you Dear Cammie column.

  9. Great advice column Cammie. :)

  10. Cammie,
    You are so clever. While I don't destuff my stuffies, that Sad Eyes look will come in handy for any number of things (like when I just KNOW there is food for me in the cold box).


  11. Hey Cammie! you have some great advice! Now I cringe at the thought of destuffing my stuffies, but I'll try the Sad Eyes look to get more anyway...shoot, a pup can't have too many stuffies, right? Good luck with the puppy campaign!


  12. Wow Cammie, that is great advice!! Jakey has made a note of the "destuffy" advice!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo

  13. You give the best advice, Cammie! We hope you get your puppy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Cammie:

    You are so so wise. Thank you for your wonderful advice!

    I can't wait to read the rest of your tips!


  15. Oh Cammie we sure learned some good ideas today. Thank YOU!
    Benny & Lily