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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dear Cammie, Column 4

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cam, back with another installment of my advice column!  Are you ready?!? Let's go!

The first question on the docket today comes from that tall, dark, and handsome Labradoggie Dexter!  He asked:
"...What is the most efficient way for a single chap to do yard patrol? Do you start on the perimeter and work your way in? Is it OK to pause and sniff or should you do a quick sweep for rodents and dropped foodables first?"
What a great question, Dex!  I had a lot of experience with Yard Patrol even before arriving at Ao4 Headquarters six months ago (where does the time go?!?), and Zim has helped me hone my skills since then.  It all boils down to this:  Snarf first, ask questions later!

"Oh!  What's in there?!?!"

I mean "pause and sniff later".

Oh, sure, there are nuances involved in the process, like feigning disinterest while Mom walks me around on lead checking for bunnies, cats, etc.   Once I gain her trust and she thinks there isn't anything in the yard, she unleashes me and I go for it!  I've found it's important to mix in some of the "pause and sniff" action that you mentioned after I do some snarfing.  That sends my mom into a quandary -- should she use that opportunity to hook my leash back up so I don't get into anything else or should she take a photo?  Fortunately for me, Mom's a photo-hound, so that generally works out in my favor.  It helps, too, to throw in a few cute poses, like so:


A cute pose insures that the photo-hound in my mom takes over, she snaps away, then I go on my merry way!  In the process she forgets all about things like the fact that I just MIGHT have something in my mouth in that shot.

I normally do perform a perimeter sweep first, then work toward the center like you mentioned, by the way.  I find it to be nice and efficient.  I hope that helps, Dexter!

Next up is a question from our new friends Kiki and Nala.  They wanted to know:
"How do we get the mom to turn the air conditioning back on so we can lay on our cold vents? It's so hot here! Panting and looking pathetic is not working."
Are you sure this won't work?

Me and Zim:  Double Sad Eyes Look!

We Sibes are known for our teamwork.  Gang up on her!  Work together!

If that doesn't do the trick, Zim and I have another plan:  we'll share our cool weather with you!  Our friends in Colorado have sent some to us, so we'll spread the love eastward!

"Do you think they have it yet, Zim?"
"Might take a day or two, Cam!"

You should have at least some cool mornings soon, my friends!  Please let me know when the cool gets there!

Lastly, once again for my dear friend Nora B. Webster, here's I'd Like A Puppy Hint #4:

"Oh, Mom!  Look at this one!"
"She's just lovely, isn't she?"

I think I'm breaking down her resistance.


PS: Photo credit of Bebe's (Dancing Winds Polargold Legacy) and Juarez's (Champion D'Azul's El Presidente) puppy courtesy of my dear family back at Polargold Siberians and Finnish Lapphunds. Photo used with permission.


  1. Yard patrol is VERY impawtant. I appreciate the expert tips!

  2. I think you sent that cold air in the wrong direction! It's freezing here in AZ!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Hi there Cammie, Love your advice column! You are so photogenic. I know your mom has you so used to the camera that it is no big deal. Stay warm, it is cool here today!
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  4. We agree nothing more important than getting the perimeter checked out for intruders. We think your advice was spot on Cam. It has been pretty mild over here but cooler weather is on the way. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Pawsome Q&A but not sure why my idiot keeps laughing>>>>>

  5. THOSE were HARD questions butt you really NAILED the answers!!!

  6. Well, that certainly clears things up. At least I know that I'm not the only one with a hovering human interrupting my train of thought during yard patrol. I've been starting in the middle and working my way out, but I'm going to try your method and see how it goes.


  7. You have patrol duty down pat Cammie! What would happen if you saw a kitty? We are pretty sure the puppy pics are gonna work real soon!

  8. you sure do give great advice!

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. You give some very good advice Cammie. Zim and you sure have that sad eyes look mastered.


  10. Great answers. We know mom the photo hound will always take over
    Benny & Lily

  11. Thank you Cammie and Zimmie for your great advice! We did get Mom to turn on the AC! We convinced her she was a little hot herself by lying really close to her with our warm furriness!That did the trick!

    You give great advice.We are learning SO MUCH.

    Kiki and Nala