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Friday, October 11, 2013

Dear Cammie, Column 5

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie, here with the fifth and last (for a while) installment of Dear Cammie!  I hope you've enjoyed my first attempts at an advice column.

My first question today comes from the lovely, fun-loving Airedale, Molly.  She wanted to know:
"How do I get my peeps to play tennis ball with me 24/7?"
This was a hard one for me!  I mean, I like toys as much as anypup, but I just like to play for a while, then kind of hang out with them.

"No... I'm still playing with it."

Not meaning to jump ahead to Nora's question, but I think I more need a puppy than a toy, don't you?  But I digress...

I think you're going to need your handsome brother Mitch's help with this one.  Let your peeps know what you and Mitch can do if they don't take a bit of an edge off your energy level with some tennis ball action!  To illustrate, I'll be you and Zim will be Mitch.  Like so:

"No worries!  We'll make our own entertainment!  Come on, Zim!  I mean Mitch!"
"Yeah!  Let's do crazed river otter races - I mean AireZoomies - past the dining room hutch!"

That might not get you the 24/7 tennis ball play you're looking for, but I'll bet it'll help!  Especially now that there's a bit of a chill in the air and it's making us all super spunky!  Hope that helps, Molly!

Next up is an email sent in by our sweet friend Dolly!  She wrote about how well she is treated - lots of walks, car rides, homemade treats, sweet talk, loving, brushing... but has a very interesting query!  She wrote, in part:
"Here's my problem: Mom gets these little furry mice at a place called Ikea. It must be a loooong walk cause she's gone all day just to bring these home. Then she does something called frog-stitching and puts catnip inside them. When she gives one to my sister Maui it's like that kitty knows a secret! She tosses it in the air, rolls over and over and races around the house with a huge smile on her cute little pussycat face. Once I sniffed this stuff but darned if I know what the secret is. Is there a dognip so all of us can be as happy as the kitties?"
Umm... wait a minute, Dolly.  Your sister is a CAT?!?  I'm sorry.  I mean ... no, wait.  A CAT!?!  Here is a shot of me and Zim from a couple mornings ago.

"Oh, look!  It's my turkey friends!"

I don't think I should explain why the photo above fits in here.

Anyway, on to your question!  Zim came in while I was researching the whole "catnip/dognip" thing and he suggested I check the Ao4 Digest archives.  Sure enough, my Davy addressed this very subject - with Zim's help - back in 2007!  I can't improve on his sage words, so please click here to find out everything we know on the subject!

About that "frog-stitching" thing, Dolly.  My mom does a lot of that, too!  (Frog-stitching is when quilters and other sew people go "rip it, rip it, rip it!"  Ha roowooroo!)  Does your mom ever use HBO words when she frog-stitches?  Just curious.  Anyway - I hope that answers your question about catnip and dognip!

Next up is half of that Frisbee-playing, snow-loving, gorgeous Golden Doodle duo, Fiona and Abby!  Fiona wanted to know:
"How can I keep my sister from nudging in on my quality with my Mom? I'll be doing my best job as a lap dog and Abby will walk on me and push me out of the way. Help!"
Hmm.  Don't you have an Equal Opportunity rule there?  We each get one-on-one time with our Mom every day.  For me and Zim, it's an extra walk, a ride, a really cool adventure, play time in the backyard, or toy time - just to name a few choices!  I think you should make your mom implement the rule, then choose lap time for your activity - just you and your mom, no Abby allowed.  Of course, then she gets time for something, too, so both of you win!  All of you, really, as your mom will get to spend even more time with you two!

Here's a shot of me and Zim that has nothing to do with anything at all:

My big brother Zim and me!

I hope that helps, Fi!

And now, only to help my dear friend Nora in her quest to get a mini-me of her own, here is Zim with I'd Like a Puppy Hint #5:

"Yeah, Cam.  That puppy you showed Mom yesterday was really cute, but check this one out!"
"She's all covered in mud and just looks like a TON of Siberian fun is packed inside of her!
Seriously, Cam.  I like this one best!"
"Zimmie!  Don't tell Mom -- that's the same sweet, innocent puppy I was looking at!"
"Wowzers!  The total Siberian package!  Oh... uh... hi, Mom. What's shakin'?  Nothing to see here!"

I suggested Zimmie find a different photo to show Mom ...

"Look!  This one's an Explorer Pup!  Think of the adventures we could go on, Mom!"

Remarkably, it's the same puppy!  She's multi-faceted!  I just know Mom will cave!  I just know it!  How are things going with Mr. and Mrs. Master, Nora?  Maybe if they see these posts it will help your cause, too!

Many thanks to all of you for reading my Dear Cammie columns - and for your questions and sweet comments!  I hope I've been of help!  Have a great weekend!!!


PS: Photo credit of Bebe's (Dancing Winds Polargold Legacy) and Juarez's (Champion D'Azul's El Presidente) puppy courtesy of my dear family back at Polargold Siberians and Finnish Lapphunds. Photo used with permission.


  1. We sure enjoyed reading this throughout the week, great job cammie!
    stella rose

  2. Oh no , not the last one Cammo. I have been reading then with great interest....well when I can concentrate with the servant laughing like a hyena. Brilliant job pal. We enjoyed them very much. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. you are great at this Cammie. :) though we have to admit your weird obsession with turkeys and puppies make us wonder about you MOL

  4. Ok Cammie...here's the new plan. If you know of anyone traveling through the kansas city area who happens to have a puppy, they should just drop it off.

    I mean, humans who work in rescue would OBVIOUSLY take in a stray puppy. They OBVIOUSLY wouldn't even have a choice in the matter!

    That puppy you've been looking at just seems perfect. You do have very good taste!


  5. We've enjoyed your columns this week Cammie even though we aren't dogs. We are curious about the mice stitched like a frog with catnip thing from Ikea though!

    Muddy puppies look like fun! Hope you get one!

  6. Hey Cammi & Zom...
    we're a little behind in reading blogs, but we surely have enjoyed your Dear cammi column... paws crossed it becomes a regular feature on the A04 blog!

    We agree, that pup is so darn cute!!!! We think woo need her, too. paws crossed it all works out!

    Jack & Moo


    That is all SUPER advice.

    Now about those two turkies... we think you should give them NAMES... like maybe.. LUNCH and SUPPER.

  8. How did you get to be so smart, Cammie? Your advice is incredible! If that puppy thing doesn't work on your mom soon I think my mom will be getting a sibe pup!

  9. great job Cammie! You can be in the paper
    Benny & Lily

  10. Hey Cammie that is all great information. I want to know if you are just trying to help out Nora or are you trying to get a puppy for yourself too?


  11. Cam-a-roo I just love love your advise. You are spot on, and such a help to many. I bet Zim is very proud of you. I sure hope that some day you get the chance to pass on your wisdom to lucky pup as Zim and my dear dear friend Dave have for you {wink wink}.

  12. You give great advice, Cammie, but I have to tell you that Mitch plays ball like a girl! shhhhhhhhhh - yup, he does! When mom tosses the ball at him, he stands there and watches it sail right over his head OR he MIGHT make a half-hearted attempt at trying to catch it. He's useless, Cammie!

    Love ya lots♥

  13. Hi Y'all,

    I love your Dear Cammie column.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog