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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Dear Cammie, Column 2

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie, back today to field some of your wonderful questions!  Let's get to it!

My lovely friend Molly wrote in:
"How do I prevent a sports injury when I am squirrel hunting? I limber up and keep fit but I am getting old and I will be nearly 8 soon..."
She added wishes for a tremendous day.  Isn't that kind of her?

Molly, first let me say that age is only a number!  Totally irrelevant!  My very active and fun (and fellow crazed river otter) big brother Zim is 13, and you've seen how fast and agile he is!

Having said that, I do have some advice!  Eat a healthy diet, see your veterinarian regularly, and make sure you get plenty of rest.

Me and Zimmie, getting some well-deserved rest

Mom loves that photo. Zim doesn't usually let me nap that close to him. He was there first, on the floor, then I snuck onto the bed. He had already thrown the quilt off of it for me. Isn't he sweet? Anyway...

Doing stretches first helps, too; Zim recommends a little yoga, if you're so inclined.  And we don't engage in zoomies or crazed river otter play until we've warmed up. Usually with a walk:

Prelude to active play - a walk!
Zim, Dad, and me

So do all of that before you go out hunting, and you'll be fit for squirrel chasing for many, many, MANY years to come!  I hope that helps!

While we're on the subject of age-related queries, my very special and handsome friend Goose wanted to know:
"Do you think a younger beautiful dog would ever find an older dog such as my self attractive? You know, worth taking a walk with, share a stick or stuffy, and gaze out on a beautiful sunset?"
I can only speak for myself here, Goosie.  If you were to refer to me as that "younger beautiful dog", then I would have to respond with a resounding YES!!!  Though I'm more into stuffy-type of sticks than the natural ones ... all the rest of that sounds absolutely wonderful.  Especially the part about being with you.

"I wonder if I can see all the way to Goose's house from up here?!?"

I hope that answers your question, Goosie -- and yours, Molly.  Please remember, my friends - you're as young as you feel!

And now, for my dear friend Nora B. Webster ... it's time for I'd Like A Puppy Hint #2:

"Oh!  Did I leave this picture up on your iPad?
Oh!  Look at that!  It's Bebe and Juarez's puppies!  

They look so adorable, don't they?  And look at how they've grown!"

Yes, Nora.  Strategically place pictures of adorable puppies around the house and on various computer-type devices.  Gaze longingly at them; your bipeds will follow suit - trust me.  And before you know it ... well, we can hope, right?

That's a wrap for today's edition of "Dear Cammie".  Thanks for reading, everyone! 


PS: Photo credit of Bebe's (Dancing Winds Polargold Legacy) and Juarez's (Champion D'Azul's El Presidente) puppies courtesy of my dear family back at Polargold Siberians and Finnish Lapphunds. Photo used with permission.


  1. Another great article!

    Wow, those puppies really are cute. I heard Mrs. Master saying something about "puppy fever" the other day.

    I'm going to start these tips RIGHT AWAY!


  2. that is some more great advice

    and can you stop with the puppy pictures? we can't have one and don't want one and mom just sighed and said 'awwww'

  3. EGGSsallant Advice Cammy. We hope GOOSE can read between the lines... There IS a Howl O Ween BALL coming up... Just sayin.

  4. EGGSsallant Advice Cammy. We hope GOOSE can read between the lines... There IS a Howl O Ween BALL coming up... Just sayin.

  5. Cammo that was brilliant....we loved your advice and yes age is just a number. Peeps for some odd reason has tears in her eyes and says you well cracked her up tonight. More please. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Cammie, you are one smart Sibe! We bet those puppy vibes are working!

  7. goodness, those photos of the pups sure make us miss puppy breath!!

  8. We are on our way to limber up
    Benny & Lily

  9. Thanks for answering all those questions!

    Monty and Harlow

  10. Great post, Camo! um...we hope you don't mind...but... we're not letting our mom see the parts about the puppies...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  11. You are a very wise one Cammie. I hope Goose gets the hint. Of course if he likes them even younger he knows I love a good stick!


  12. OMG are you getting a puppy!?!?!?! I hope I hope I hope!!! :)

  13. You are a natural at the advise Cam-a-roo. MOM says I'm blushing. I said I am not I am just all colorful in the face because of your new puppy. She is sweet sweet sweet.