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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Let's ALL Go!

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie.  I had an appointment with my veterinarian today.  Normally, that would mean just me and Mom heading out, but my vet hadn't met Maggie yet and asked if we could bring her.  Mom thought we could swing it, but then we had to borrow Dad's SUV (the carrier doesn't fit in Mom's car), and so Dad said he'd go, too, in case we needed help.  That sounded good - but then what about Zim?  I said, "Let's all go!" and so we did!

Zim called shotgun real fast, like he does:

"Let's get this party started!"

I sat in the back with Mom:

"I've got to learn to call 'shotgun' faster than him!"

Sorry the photo is so blurry.  Mom couldn't see what she was doing.

Maggie relaxed in the way back:


When we got there, just us girls went in; Dad and Zim waited in the car and did guy stuff.

Maggie kept everyone entertained while they did my exam.  Here she is with Beth:

"Boop!  Got your nose, Beth!"

"Oh, Maggie!"
"Lay some lovin' on me, Beth!"


After the students did their exam, Dr. B came in and did her exam - and met Maggie.  Mags was on her best behavior and charmed everyone there.  I did my best to show her how to be calm while at the Veterinary Health Center.

"See, Maggie?  They're all lovely people here and ..."
"Let's play, Cam!"

Maggie did her best to be a puppy.  I ❤ my puppy!

I've been fighting off a yeast infection in my ear and it hadn't cleared up yet.  Dr. B decided it would be a good idea to flush my ear out - and that even though I'm a very good girl, it would be best for everyone if they gave me a bit of a sedative beforehand.  That being said, we also thought it would be best if Maggie wasn't there.  I'm sure she would have been very helpful (she took care of some cotton swabs for one of my students earlier!), but she went and hung out with Dad and Zimmie.  We wouldn't want her to over-do!

Once that mickey they slipped me kicked in, they put some special drops in my ear a couple times to dissolve the yucky gunk (I'm pretty sure those are Mom's words, and not technical vet talk), then they started the flushing process.  Mom took pix along the way.

I snuggled into Beth, while Dr. B did the flushing.  The students observed.  They used a nice, warm solution (in the blue bowl) and a huge syringe with a rubbery tube attached:

Dr. B getting ready for the first wash

They let me lay on a very comfy foam mat, with a towel on in.  Beth had another towel covering my eyes, like one of those aroma therapy thingies at spas.  I think it was for a splash-guard, but a little lavender scent would have been a nice touch.

Here's some plunger action:


Dr. B gave my ear a few good flushes, then checked it out:

"Looking good in there!"

She cleaned me up real nice with the towel and some soft cotton balls:

Does my snooter look cute enough here?

Dr. B gave my ear a general look ...


... then checked me out with the otoscope:

"All clean!"

They got all the yuckies out!  We're trying a different medicine at home this time, then I'll go back for another look soon.  I love seeing everyone at the vet school, but I'd rather not have to go through this again!  Many thanks to Dr. B and Beth and my students for your wonderful care!

It was quite the exciting morning!



  1. Wooo you were so brave Cammie what a busy morning for you all!!!
    That maggie is so cute.
    stella rose

  2. it is a wonder they let Maggie out of the room. :) glad they got you all cleaned out Cammie and hopefully it will stay that way.

  3. Awesome that you all went together. I get those yeasts in my ear sometimes too and go back to the room of doom for a deep cleaning. Not my favorite thing. Maggie is looking very adorable. I think I hear momma SQUEEEE'ing!


  4. Woo are very brave Camo! Hope wooos ear is much better:)


  5. What a big day out! I hope your ear feels better now Cammie.

  6. What a day, you must all be so tired. I am glad they fixed your ear and I hope it stays fixed for you.

    Loveys Sasha

  7. Do you get to eat some yogurt too? I hear that helps.

    Poor Maggie couldn't even help. It sure looks like they could have used some extra paws in there!


  8. What a great way for Maggie to get to know the vet before much poking and prodding. Hope your ear gets better soon.

    Millie & Walter

  9. It's Maui here....Dolly's napping so I have to do meown typing. What you sibes need is a kitty kat like me. One of my jobs is to stick my lil head right into Dolly's ears and clean them up. Mom kinda pretends we're wild animals and let's us do what comes naturally. A kitty kat would keep all 6 ears clean and tidy!

  10. Bet those Cats wanted to take Maggie home! Our mommy would have! :) Cammie, we hope your ear is all better soon!

    Angel & Isabella

  11. Oh I hope your ear is all better. And good call and having Maggie hang outside with Zim. I bet he loved the company.

  12. Well first, mom can't stop squeeee-ing over Maggie.... we think she's quite a doll, too! Second, I get ear infections too, Camo, so I know how woo feel. But I think your vet does a super-duper ear flush - mine just dumps stuff in my ears till they "overflow" and rubs them alot to get the ear wash stuff in there. The medicine they gave me turned my ears bright gold color, I'm thinkin' maybe gold ears would look better on you than on me? (Maybe your new medicine won't turn your ears colors at all.)

    Paws crossed your ear clears up,

    Jack a-roo

  13. Oh my dawg, all that attention

  14. We just got a foster pug whose own shedding hair caused a plug in her ears. We're trying special drops for a few weeks before flushing them.

    Your dogs did very well. I'm impressed!

    If you've got time I hope you'll stop by and join our NaNo event. We need writers to help continue our round robin tail! :)

  15. OMD you too Cam. We had gunky ear too but the drops worked and I am OK now. Peeps blames on the overly mild weather we are having. Leaves are still on the trees here. Hope it works. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. You are such a charmer, Maggie! We just adore the photo of Maggie hanging onto your leash, Cammie. We hope your ear is 100% better soon!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. I hope your ear feels better!