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Friday, November 15, 2013

Photo Finish Friday: The Group Portraits

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim, here with Photo Finish Friday.  As I showed you Tuesday, Mom's been trying to get good group shots of my sisters and me.  Normally, Cam and I would be averse to the idea, and train Maggie to protest as well, but ... Mom's teaching Maggie to do that "sit" thing and treats are involved.  What can I say?  And if Maggie's getting treats, helpful siblings get treats, too!

OK, so then.  One of the very first things we taught the Mag-a-roo was that after you go outside and go potty, you come back in, race around the living room a bit, then stare at Mom (or Dad) until you get a treat.  Like so:

"What are you guys doing?"

It didn't take long at all for Maggie to know exactly where the treats are kept, and to go over there after we stare at Mom for a minute.

These are the faces of starving Siberians!

Is Maggie good, or what?  Oh, not because she's doing the "sit" thing - I couldn't care less about that!  I mean look at that SAD LOOK she's doing!!!  YIKES!  So young, but so skilled!  (For the record, I heard Dad say that's the look that melted his and Mom's hearts and made them choose her.)

Anyway, the girls' treats are kept on the counter; mine are in the magic cold box.  You know.  If anyone wanted to come over and give us each a little something.

Sometimes Mom takes the treats somewhere else and makes us pose for them.

"You want us by the front door?  Really?"
"Does she have treats, Zimmie?"
"What are we doing now, you guys?"

Like Cam has said, Maggie's a quick study and is great at following our lead. Here we all are, by the front door.

Please don't fault us for being cooperative; Mom had treats!

Apparently, there's good lighting there. Whatever.

Sometimes Mom likes to go up on the steps to get a different perspective:

Notice the girls are both sitting down.  Good girls!

Mom asked us to sit and smile.


I opted to smile and let the girls cover the "sit" part.  Of course I still got a treat, in case you were wondering.  Look at my FACE! How could she resist?!?  (Besides, when you're 13-1/2 and have stiff joints, you get a few perks around here.)

That's a wrap for Photo Finish Friday!  Which portrait do you like best?

Have a great weekend!

Play bows,


  1. We can't pick cos there are to many great ones, we like them all!!
    stella rose

  2. Mmm...Treats. Do you know what Mrs. Master thinks is a treat these days.


    Your mom needs to post the stinky goodness recipe again or something...maybe it will inspire her.

    Great family photo shoot everyone!


  3. I think my favorite is number four, but it's very hard to choose. They are all cute!! You must have great lightning in your house. My indoor pictures turn out horrible lol.

  4. Now to add the Santa Hats!!! LOL. Great photos.

  5. Those are brill and we can see the cute pose has been accomplished brilliantly by MT. Great teachers you are Zim and Cam. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow, what grreat pics of you guys!! I like the first one by the stairs the best. And that is sure a grreat smile you've got, Zim. It melted Cinderella's heart!

  7. We tried. We really, really did try. Nope. It's not possible. Can't pick one photo. They're all so doggone cute!
    Dolly, Maui and the Mom.

  8. I can't chose… they are all great. And I'm in love with Magpie.


  10. All those pictures were great! We see that little Miss Maggie doesn't have her tether on in those pictures.

    Millie & Walter

  11. We love all your portraits! You guys are all adorable!

  12. Hi

    Me and Nellie know all about that magic box. It is a place that tasty treats live and Me and Nellie love tasty treats.

  13. great pawtraits! we love them all! The angle on the last picture is really cool.

    oh, we'll all be over to help with the treats. Minnie is great at knocking things off the counter and Wriggley can open the fridge.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  14. Zim, I'd have to say the girls have you beat when it comes to sad eyes. Pathetic (and very cookie worthy).