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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mystery Night

Hello, everyone, it's me, Cammie!  Something very strange happened the other night while we were watching TV!  The photos we have aren't very good, due to the low lighting, but we had SUCH a mystery on our hands that I just HAVE to share with you!

As I said, we were all watching TV together, when Mom asked where Maggie had gone!  I was watching her, but she was umbilical corded, so I didn't think she'd wander off.  Perhaps I dozed off for a moment or two...


... but really!  How could one little puppy just up and disappear?

I searched everywhere, then saw something very odd!

"Her leash leads right to the ottoman, but I don't see her anywhere!"

I checked the other side!

"She should be over here, right?!?"

It was such a mystery!  Where could my little Maggie have gone?!!?

I had all but given up hope of finding her, when all-of-a-sudden, out from under the ottoman ...

"Umph.  Hi, Aunt CamCam!"

"Oh, my little Maggie!  You scared me!  I couldn't find you!"

Whew!  Mystery solved!  But it was mighty scary for a while there!

I hope you found Mystery Night as suspenseful as I did!



  1. Oh my goodness Maggie! You scared me! Thank Goodness Aunt Cam was there to help find you!! :-)

  2. Pawsome mystery night there. LOL brings a whole new meaning to follow my lead. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi Cammie, I understand your concern! Hunter loves to crawl under things-especially the bureau in our family room. He used to get under a sofa table but he got too big.
    I bet before you know it, Maggie won't fit under the ottoman. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  4. I am so glad you found her. I was just about to head over to put my police skills to work for you.

  5. It won't be long before Maggie won't be able to fit under there, Cammie, and you won't have to worry anymore!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. What a great hidey spot. Too bad she will eventually get too big to fit under there.


  7. We are so glad you found her Cammie, and we don't find it unusual at all! Kiki STILL hides under the mom's bed every night! And she barely fits!

    Kiki and Nala

  8. Oh my goodness. Sure glad you were able to be a great detective and find her. :)

  9. your mystery had us on the edge of our seats, Camo! glad you got it solved. yeah, Zim is gonna hafta teach Maggie his hiding techniques - it won't be long before she needs them. hee hee!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie