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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Serene Scenery Sunday

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Mags and I were going to give you a quick garden tour for Serene Scenery Sunday, but there really isn't that much in bloom stage right now, except for some lilacs.  The third of our different varieties is in bloom right now - the Dwarf Korean Lilacs!

"The sun's in my eyes."
"Mine, too."

Rather than plastering you with lilac pix, we thought we'd show a handful of photos Mom took last Sunday. Without us. That part wasn't serene, but she did see a lot of cool wildlife! Ready to take a look?

Let's start with a couple Mallards in flight:

Mrs. and Mr. Mallard

Mallards remind us of our very dear and handsome friend Goose.

Mom also saw a myriad of Cedar Waxwings - here is a shot of two posing nicely:

Cedar Waxwings posing together.  Notice they aren't looking at the camera.  Go, birdies!

The tiniest bird she saw was an Eastern Phoebe:

Eastern Phoebe

They are one of our Summer birds; they're smaller than sparrows and eat bugs. Some of us get in trouble when we try to eat bugs, but apparently the rules are different for birdies.

Mom saw lots of Blue Winged Teals. This guy was bigger than everyone else and seemed to be the leader.

The leader of the pack.  Flock.  Whatever.

Mom has never seen a "V" like that on the back of a Blue Winged Teal's head like that! When they have their wings folded up in swimming mode, it's hard to see why they're called Blue Winged Teals - but when they take flight:

Mr. V, putting the "blue" in Blue Winged Teal!

Isn't that cool?

One of the most exciting birds Mom saw was an American Avocet:

American Avocet

Apparently, it's OK for him to eat bugs, too. This is only the second one Mom has seen; they really aren't "supposed" to be here. Power to the rule breakers!

As if that wasn't exciting enough, Mom also saw another bird she seldom sees - a Greater Yellowlegs:

Greater Yellowlegs

Didn't God do a marvelous camouflage job on him? ... except for the legs. They only migrate through our area, so again, Mom was very happy!

Mom saw tons of other things, to include a few flocks of Wild Turkeys and some deer! Here is a shot of a deer and a turkey together:

"Head for the hills!"
"Wait for me!"

If you'd like to see more shots of the different things Mom saw, she set up an album from that day at this link. I think that's it for Serene Scenery Sunday. Reporting from our post in front of the lilacs ...

"Hey ... that baby deer chasing the turkey gives me an idea ..."

Have a great Sunday, everyone!



  1. We like your Garden tour VERY much.... butt LOVE the RACING DEER pic.

  2. Those are very pretty birdies and Mr Deer's butt did make us laff
    You girlies look gorgeous wiv the lilac backdrop, Mum luffs lilacs butt we don't have room for one…too many bonsai she says!!!
    loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Those dwarf lilacs are really quite tall, you know.

  4. Wow! Your mom takes wonderfully, beautiful, brilliant, photos!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. love the photos of you both sitting by the lilacs, they look beautiful against your fur.

  6. We just love those birdies!! Mama and I saw lots of Wild Turkies on our road trip...but we don't have any around where we live!

  7. Our mom is partial to the cedar waxwings. She thinks they are just the prettiest birds ever! You girls look so pretty posing with your lilacs.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Such beautiful birdies...and you pups are pretty darned gorgeous also!

    Kiki and Nala

  9. Momma loves the pretty fringe on the Cedar Waxwings' wings!